Three Most Powerful SEO strategies

Three Most Powerful SEO strategies

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The subject deals with the process of optimizing a website for improved rankings and better search presence on search engines.

Three Most Powerful SEO strategies

 It is a technique whose necessity can never be over-emphasized as it forms the very basis by which websites, business and organizations get the desired audience which in turn helps them generate income SEO Training” and “SEO Companies.

SEO helps in:

  1. Developing and designing a site to rank well in search engine results
  2. Improving the volume and quality of traffic to a website from search engines.
  3. Marketing with the knowledge of how search algorithms works.
Many times, when the topic SEO is mentioned, the mind of the people drift off quickly to keywords, link building, meta tags e.t.c but I'd like to say that there is an outlook on SEO that is been ignored by many webmasters and bloggers.

I am not saying the usual SEO strategies are baseless. As a matter of fact, they still stand strong, stronger and more complicated than ever before.
But it would interest you to know that there are methods of SEO which has got nothing to do with keywords and the norms in search engine optimization.

It is that which makes some blogs rank better than others despite the owner or the designer of the latter been a professional in Search Engine Optimization.

Have you ever wondered why the blogs of some pro bloggers rank still rank higher than the blogs of newbies?

Have you ever wondered why there are regular blogs which always appear on Google's first page?

Why do other blogs fail to outrank these blogs?

The answers to the above questions are in the three powerful SEO strategy.

1. Trust

Trust is at the very core of Google's major changes and updates in the past several years. There is so much at stake in dealing online and users work only with sites they trust.

Google wants to keep poor-quality, untrustworthy, sites out of search results, and keep high-quality, legit sites.

If your site is found to be spammy and somehow useless for the keyword you are ranking for, Google would remove your site from its first page.

2. Authority

If your site is irrelevant or unpopular in the niche it is categorized under then you would find it hard to rank high on Google search engine.

Authority is your site's overall strength online and when it is weak, your site is considered useless.

How can you build authority?

You can easily build the overall strength of your site by making your blog's social media channels very active, interacting with influencers in your niche, getting backlinks e.t.c

3. Relevance

Ever seen a site rank on Google's first page for sometime and all of a sudden it disappears from the 1st page and moves as far as the 6th or 7th page?

I have seen loads of cases like that.

This is due to the sites irrelevance for the search query. 
When Google finds a site irrelevant for a user's search query it takes out the site from the ranking spot.

Sites with contextual relevance are rewarded with higher rankings by Google.

SEO is no longer about keywords, link building, meta tags and the other norms but also about Trust, Authority and Relevance.


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