How to Choose a Niche to Blog On

How to Choose a Niche to Blog On

In blogging, a niche is a specific and clearly laid out area of focus. It is that through which a blog can be categorized based on the nature of its content, products and services.

The most popular niches in the blogosphere today include Technology, News, Entertainment, E-commerce, Health and Lifestyle. Interestingly, niching in blogging is not confined to the aforementioned as there is no limit to what kind of content a blog must contain. Almost everything goes.

You could come up with any niche so long as you are able to compile content at a targeted audience who would find it relevant.

I guess you now understand what a blog niche is, lets proceed to answering the big question, How to choose a niche to blog on?

Without first deciding with specifics what your new blog is going to be about is failing before you even begin.
One of the reasons many who venture into blogging fail even before they make a dime out of it is because they jumped into blogging and started up with a niche with the mindset that the particular niche is where all the gold is.

When they do not generate any income from it they switch to the next possible niche until they become frustrated and ultimately quit.

For you to avoid threading on such a path, it highly essential you decide what niche would be perfect for you.
To do so, you need to answer this question with all sincerity.

What are you passionate about?

Usually there could be a long list of what you are passionate about. Write them out and later on the course of this article you would get to narrow your passions to just one or two.

Understanding your passion is the first step to discovering what niche you can easily fit in and successfully blog on. Your passion defines your ability. 

The bio of some bloggers have got phrases like this "I am passionate ......" or "I love to .....". These bloggers defined their passion and if you look closely they work inline with what their passion is.

Blogging about your passion makes you flexible. Not only would you enjoy what you do, you would also derive joy from and find fulfillment in it knowing fully well that you are doing exactly what you love to do.

To get a clear understanding of what your passion is, I crave your indulgence into answering more questions as outlined below.

  1. What are your hobbies?
  2. How do you spend your freetime?
  3. What is that topic you could go on and on about?
  4. What do you enjoy reading, teaching and learning about?
  5. What type of classes do you enjoy attending in school?
  6. If there is one thing you could do without caring about a salary, what would it be?
After you have answered those questions, I am sure the compilations of your passions which you wrote when I first asked what you are passionate about earlier on have been narrowed down to just one or at most two.

I am quite optimistic you have discovered what truly is your passion and I'd like to say you are good to go on the issue of choosing a niche to blog on.