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How To Become Better With Professional Essay Writing Service In 10 Minutes

Essay writing is one of the tasks students dread the most. But they can't escape it. A good quality paper tells the grader that you are a hardworking student and attracts higher mark.

Most students seek writing service help to ensure they turn in the quality of paper that will attract better marks. But, apart from getting better marks by using professional essay providers, they can also become a better essay writer in the process, and here is how.

Find the best professional writing service
To get quality papers and improve your writing skills, the first thing to do is to find the best essay provider. There are tons of writing services online claiming to be the best. So making a wrong choice means you may likely fall into the wrong hands that will misguide you.
Check reviews and ask questions about the writing company before hiring. You may luckily come across other students who have used them in the past, and thus have few things to say about them. You will be able to make an informed decision with their help.

Pay attention to the writing sty
You can become better by copying a professional writer. When you receive an essay, take time to observe the writing style and quality before submitting. Consider the structuring of the paper and the perspective of the writer. You can learn few things that will help you to improve.
You can even try to rewrite some parts in your own words and do some comparison. Take note of the outline and how each point was laid out. Check how the introduction, body, and conclusion were crafted out. Note the difference between the professional's copy and yours, and make the necessary corrections. One of the secrets of improving as a writer is to write consistently.

Write and seek help to edit the paper
Apart from writing, another challenging task is editing. You need to proofread and eliminate errors from your paper, otherwise, all your effort and time spent would be in vain. Nothing displeases a grader than seeing mistakes.
Professionals that do writing jobs can help to edit your paper. Most of them proofread manually and also use premium online proofreading tools, which would be costly for you to manage.
Compare the final edit provided by the professional to what you wrote. Take note of the mistakes that were corrected and how your essay was re-structured.

Opportunity to interact and ask questions
There are professionals who are ready to assist you to become a better writer. They are friendly and can interact with you. You can seize the opportunity to ask questions relating to essay writing. Find out the secrets that make their work to stand out. Your relationship can grow to the extent that you will be able to write and ask the professional writer rate your paper.
Finding the right professional writing service provider is one of the most important things to consider. There are myriads of writing service providers with many who cannot provide the needed quality but claiming to be the best. You can follow these tips to learn how to benefit from these professionals and become a better writer too.
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Blogging For Business 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Blog To Money Making Machine.

Blogging For Business 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Blog To Money Making Machine.

Nigerian Blogger Laila Ikeji On June 30, 2016, took a bold step of abandoning her over N5million per annum bank job to become a full time entertainment blogger; risking everything to take a gamble on her passion.

She traded her lucrative job to pursue what was still at that time, just a hobby she was passionate about, but today, the decision has become one of her best turning points. 

In a chat with Vanguard Saturday Woman, she says she has no regrets a year after taking this huge leap of faith as she now has all the time to focus on her family and continue to grow her blog even bigger.

What you can see here is that she turned her blog into a Business which is yielding her great income, and when I mean income I don’t mean chicken change; here I am talking of making Billions Monthly from vast sources.

Why Is Blogging Important In 2018?

Blogging is damn cool, only if you’re doing it the right way, every blogger or any blog is bound to face Daily problem as far as blogging is concerned, not only in Nigeria but every part of the world, bloggers face series of challenges.

But you know the most important thing here is that in every blogging challenge you face there must surely be solutions for you to overcome your blogging challenges.

You should know that Blogging is an online journal or diary with a minimal following. Today, it has grown into a platform used by millions, everyone from individuals to businesses. The simplicity of a blog makes it easy for anyone to launch a blog and become a self-proclaimed “expert.” But how is it important in the business world?

Important Of Blogging For Business In 2018
ü  Improve Your Website’s SEO (search engine optimization)
ü  Increase Traffic to Your Website via inbound links
ü  Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in a Particular Field
ü  Driving Revenues (Money) From The Blog, Which You Help Take Care Of All Bills

How Turn Your Blog Into A Fast Money Making Machine

The goal of every blogger today is to turn his or her blog into a job that can be paying up their Daily and Monthly bills.

But the thing here is that it’s not easy to make money from blogging if you’re are not doing the right thing on your blog to make money then forget about making money from blogging.

This is common among Newbie Bloggers; they just jump into blogging with the wrong Mindset, which is the rush of making money like Top Nigerian Bloggers like Linda Ikeji & Her Sister Laila Ikeji.

If you’re here reading this article and your mindset for venturing into blogging is to make money in 1 Week of your venturing into the blogging career, I bet you, you won’t last a month on that your blog.

I think you should have this in mind, most successful and rich bloggers you are hearing of today did not start so perfect, just like the case of Linda Ikeji, she said in an interview with that she started her blog like play and for fun.

She never had any mindset of making money from that blog till the opportunity came her way.

She just did what she knew how to do best and so doing her hard work and hustles started paying bills for her and lots more.

When I started blogging in my own case in 2015, that was after High School I made several big mistakes in blogging and then I learnt from my mistakes, that is why today, I am perfect in doing the blogging stuff, though I am not a full time blogger, but even if I am not blogging or did not blog for 2 Days, I can still boast of 3K Unique visitors on my Blog, simply because I learnt from all my mistakes.

This does not mean that you should make the mistakes, but you can learn from other people’s mistakes to make yours a success.

Before I go in to the main topic, everything you need to know about turning your blog into a money making machine.
If you know that your blog is still on, I am sorry to say this, you can never make it in Blogging until you purchase a custom domain name for your blog which you can get at cheap rates on Webhosting, Bluehost, Domainking, and Namecheap websites

Blogging For Business: How To Your Blog Into A Business

Apart from few that take their blog for hobby, most bloggers prefer to take their blog for business, simply because if the target of making money, it mostly for the Google Adsense Publishers and other monetization companies like Adsense.
The BIG Question Here:
 Is How Do I Turn My Blog Into A Business In 2018
This is really an interesting question because that what bloggers today demand for.
If you want to turn your blog into a Business in 2018, then the ball is at your custody.

There are just so many ways of turning your blog into a Business, which in this blog post I will be sharing with you some.

ü Create Your Brand-:

If you really think you want to make money from blogging, then the answer here is selling something on your platform, it can be almost anything digital.

A lot of Woo Commerce blog today are making bastard money on a daily basis from their daily sales.

The fact here is that having a brand that you have no limitations to, you can make as much dollars if you wish. That’s the most interesting stuff.

What am I Trying To Say In Essence?

Having a brand for your blog, or may be having product to sale online is just an option for you to make cool cash from your blog. Just like here in Nigeria, I met a blogger who just added Woo Commerce to his blog and today he is making his money daily from his sale which is on High Demand in his blogging industry.

ü Start Solving Problems-:

This is where the whole thing comes in.
What was the main reason why you got into the Blogging industry?

Till you answer this question, you will never make a dime from your blog.

Though I have seen people who just blog for hobby, may be once in 2 Months, May be apart from Hobby Bloggers.

I can boldly tell you that if your blog Is not helping people solve problems in one way or the order, then forget money, you’re just passing time.

Till your blog start solving problems in one or two ways you will never make a dime from your blogging life.

How Do You Solve Problems Using Your Blog?

ü Creating and Marketing The right Products
ü Writing problem solving articles on your blog
ü Teaching people how to do almost anything, there are many problems out there, all you need to do is to discover them and find a solution to them by creating a Tutorial Video, or Tutorial Posts.

How Do I Make Money From My Blog For Business In 2018

This is where those who want to take their blog for business in 2018 would or might have centered their questions on.

Now you’re now solving problems using your blog, the next thing here is to start making money from the blog.

Here every Nitty Gritty things you need to know about making money online from your blog in 2018 has be unleashed, so you can read it to the fullest.

Now coming to Google Adsense!

Most of you might be interested in the monetizing of your blog with Google Adsense, since it’s what most Online Publishers around the world, uses to make more money from their platforms.

Adsense have always been strict in accepting new Bloggers into their partnership program, ever since the Blogging Industry started increasing in 2011.

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But that’s not the case; all you need to do is to tweak the process in getting your blog Google Adsense Approvals in 2018.


Start Rendering & Selling Service-:

This is one of the coolest of them all, for turning your blog into a business.

You can create or design an ad on your blog simply stating what kind of service you render, you can also use Mail List Builders like Mailmunch, Sumo and lots of them to achieve this on your blog.

I think I have talked much for you to learn how to turn your blog into Business.

So it’s up to over there at your end to know which one suits you better.

Let me also add this, those who are running a woo commerce blog have 85% Probability of heating it hard in Blogging due to the high demand of information’s, most especially For Educational Bloggers In Nigeria, you can crush this by adding or embedding of woo commerce to your blog.

Feel Free To Make Use Of The Comment Blog To Ask Me All Your Vlog Questions and I will answer your questions as soon as I get a notification on my mail inbox.

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My name is David Chisomeje a Passionate Writer From Nigeria, I am also a Vlogger at Lifestylenaija TV

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Best Way to Move your WordPress Site from HTTP to HTTPS

Every website owner would always want his/her website to be secured at all times and also to be a beneficiary of high search engine rankings and all there is to benefit from SEO. 


Recently google changed its policies and announced that they would be working more proactively with secured websites with HTTPS and SSL certificates and this meansthat  these websites will have a lot to benefit from google and other search engines in terms of Organic searches and rankings. This  new policies are all new strategies mapped out by google in order to keep the web more secured.

What is  HTTPS AND SSL      

HTTPS which means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is a mechanism which allows  a browser or a software to securely connect to a website. HTTP is a highly recommended because it helps to keep your browsing and logging in  details safe and perfectly secured from unauthorized users. 
SSl certificates on the other hand stands for Secure Socket Layer and its main function is to enable or provide a secure communication between a web browser and web server. It helps to protects users when they are performing certain online transactions which involves the use of passwords, bank card numbers, usernames etc. It however works like an email encryption which secures your email login details and its contents.

Why you should migrate to HTTPS

Migrating to HTTPS is very crucial especially for content producers who place much importance to there different contents online;


The main reason why every website owner should migrate to HTTPS is because of the high level of security it has to offer. The HTTPS/SSL helps your site to run on an SSL/TLS connection which encrypts your website login details, especially in cases where the blog/website is multi-authored. Running a HTTPS/SSL enabled site is the best way to keep your site away from hackers and from any other unauthorized user from having access to your site login details.


Running a website through a HTTPS  provides a better connection than when you are doing so on a HTTP. The HTTPS has enabled protocols such as the  HTTP/2 which enables site owners to view there site speed and also be able to optimize it for better performance. And since one of the criteria's for a site to be ranked high on search engines is perfomance, that also means you also get to rank higher on this search engines for your specific keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With google's new policies, which places more of HTTPS enabled sites higher than the HTTP ones, that means if you are running a HTTPS optimized site, you get to rank higher on search engine results for your specific keywords which also drives your organic traffic upwards.

Google Chrome's restriction

Earlier this year, Google released a new version of chrome, (chrome 56) and this version of chrome tags every HTTP site that is involved in password and credit card transaction as illegal. But it has no restriction for  HTTPS sites.

How to easily move from HTTP to HTTPS

Back up your site

Before you start moving to a HTTPS always make  sure to back up your site, this is recommended in case if any thing should go wrong.
Also read:  why you will fail as a blogger

Get a suitable SSL and install it:

Getting SSL Certificates can be really easy and cheap now a day. There are many SSL certificate providers present in the market, But I would like to suggest You SSL2BUY for buying an SSL certificate. SSL2BUY is an authorized reseller of leading CAs.

SSL2BUY claims to provide cheapest SSL certificates than certificate authorities and also provide 24*7 tech support, fast issuance times at free of cost.

Add the HTTPS to the admin section of your site 

Go to your WordPress dashboard, look for the wp-config.php in the root folder and paste this code in there
  1. define('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);
After pasting this code, click on update.

Test the SSL Certificate

After updating the file, you will now have to test whether it worked correctly,all you have to do is go back to your WordPress login page and add HTTPS in front of your URL. If it logged in, then you got it right, but if does not then retry the steps and be more careful.

Update your website Address

Go to your setting>general and then change the site address from the current HTTP to HTTPS , then click update when you are done.

Change links in your templates and implement the 301 redirects in .htaccess

After applying all the above mentioned procedures, you will now have to change all the links in your contents, but certain plugins like Velvet can help you with this procedures.
After changing your content links what you now have to do is to redirect your site visitors from the HTTP site to the new HTTPS by setting up a redirect link and to do so, make sure to have an enabled .htacess, and then paste this code to a root directory on your dashboard.
  1. <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
  2. RewriteEngine On
  3. RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
  4. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
  5. </IfModule>

Run a final Site Test

When you are done implementing all the above steps, make sure to run a final test to make sure everything worked out correctly. To do this, logout from your dashboard and type in your site URL with the HTTPS in front of it , if it opens  to your website then it was successful but if it did not then you missed a step or made a mistake. 
After all setup has been achieved and your site is now on HTTPS, your files and data should be more secured and you should then be enjoying the benefits of a HTTPS site.

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Receive Google Adsense Payment Without Having a Domiciliary Bank Account

Google Adsense according to Wikipedia is a program run by Google that allows publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience.

Over the years Google Adsense has been one of the major source of earning some bloggers in the community at large and legit to partner with too. Google Adsense has a first threshold which is $100 before you can receive your first payment and here in Nigeria this process has been the major head ache to most bloggers and webmasters. last week we got a complain from one of our visitors who had issues recieving his Google Adsense Payment Without Having a Domincilary Bank Account and not until we gave him a solution to that and today we will give you steps on how to get yours too with you local bank account either savings, current etc.

it is very important to have your bank contact number and also you should have the mutual relationship too with them in-case of any urgent assistance. Now lets go straight to the point with the steps below.

Now i will like to give you a specific bank that has been tasted and confirmed but to my knowledge this bank is fully supported and can assist you better on issues regarding adsense payment.

Visit your bank and get the details of the following:


  • Intermediary bank name if any

  • Intermediary SWIFT-BIC 
Or i will advice you call them to help you with all the necessary requirement to your mail box
  • +234 700 48266 6328


Step 1
First you need to navigate to and sign in to your account.

Step 2
In the left navigation panel, click Settings.

Step 3
Click Payments.

Step 4
Click Add payment method.

Step 5
Choose the radio button for “Wire transfer to bank account” and click Continue.

Step 6
Enter your bank account information and click Confirm and continue.

Now Add your SWIFT-BIC Codes that allow you to withdraw Google Adsense

The SWIFT Code is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC) and it’s used to uniquely identify banks and financial institutions globally – it says who and where they are.These codes are used when transferring money between banks, in particular for international wire transfers or SEPA payments. Banks also use these codes to exchanging messages.

Then if you have contacted your bank which is GTBank you should receive something like this below

Good day
sequel to our conversation kindly find the FT instruction below--
  • IBAN NUMBER: GB47MIDL40051568446992
  • GTB’S ACCT NUMBER: 90110014350330 (With GTBANK London)
  • FOR FINAL CREDIT OF: ................................ (Beneficiary’s Name)
  • BENEFICIARY’S A/C NO: ................................ (With GTBank)
  • ANY OTHER DETAIL: ..........................................................

Now after filling the necessary information then you can then wait for your payment to be delivered. 

You can increase the threshold of the amount you will like to receive from $100 and above.
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Buy and Sale Online with is an online Nigerian platform aimed at connecting buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods and all you have to do to get good fairly used phones on is to visit the website, input your location and you’ll see some fairly used phones for sale then contact the seller and buy it.

Most times shopping for a used phone on, you need to play to major key eole: the price and the condition. Both of these requirements will be met if you look for your new phone on Jiji. Used Mobile phones on Jiji are represented in all price ranges and can be conveniently sorted by brand and other characteristics. You shouldn't try  miss out on the greatest shopping experience with Jiji!

Recently we publish an account Baby Bow Ties on which you can buy at a cheaper rate online safe and happy.

Jiji one of the Nigeria best online shopping website and grown too large to an extent that many people from different part of the country can't wait to get their phone, cars, house utensil, clothing and many more from them.
Here are other products that you can get from this platform at an affordable price.

  • Candles 
  • Power banks: 
  • Memory cards
  • Apple stuff: 
  • Earphones: 
  • Decoders: 
  • Car trackers: 
  • Hair extensions: 
  • Watches: 
  • Cameras: 
  • Solar energy products. 
  • Printers: 
  • Scanners: 
  • Beehives: 
  • Vacuum cleaners: 
  • CCTV cables: 
  • CCTV cameras: 
  • Projectors:
  • Phone solar panels: 
  • Clothes: 
  • Shoes: 
  • Fashion bags: 
  • Fabrics: 
  • Beds: 
  • Underwear: 
  • Lawn mowing machines
  • Computer Accessories
  • Cookers: 
  • Motor parts: 
  • Tricycle parts: 
  • Generators: 
  • Motorcycle parts: 
  • Electronic home appliances
  • Car batteries: 
  • Car stereos: 
  • Electrical equipment
  • Clinical equipment: 
  • Musical instruments
  • Building materials
  • Women’s make-up kits 
  • Sports kits: 
  • Laboratory equipment: 
  • Toys: 
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How to Create a Free Blog 2018

First Why you should create a blog and join the blogging community So below, I’m going to outline exactly what you need to do to get started and set up your own personal blog.


Let's base on Blogger  I mean  blogspot – Definitely the next best thing to WordPress

Step 1.
Navigate to using your web browser of choice.

Step 2.
Sign in using your Google Account to get started.

Step 3.
If you do not have a Google Account, click “Get Started” to create one.

Step 4.
Enter a “Display Name” to be used to sign your blog posts and click “Continue”.

Step 5.
Click “Create Your Blog Now

Step 6.
Select a “Blog title” and an available URL for your blog. You can check if the URL you are considering is available by clicking "Check Availability"(if it is unavailable try adding more letters and don't use things like hyphens,under scores, colons etc).

Step 7.
Enter the word verification and click continue.

Step 8.
Choose a starter template, which will act as the basic design/layout of your blog.

Step 9.
Click “Start Blogging”

Step 10.
You can create new blog posts, edit posts, and edit pages from under the “Posting” tab.

Step 11.
The title of your post goes in the text box next to “Title”.

Step 12.
The body of your post will get entered into the “Compose” text editor, where you will also be able to access basic text editor  functions such as font size, text color, the ability to insert links.

Step 13.
You can also use the “Edit HTML” tab to insert your post in HTML format, if you prefer.

Step 14.
The “Post Options” section located underneath the “Compose” text editor will allow you to enable reader comments, HTML settings, and post the time and date.

Step 15
You can now either select “Save Now” to save your post, “Preview” to preview your post before publishing to your blog, or “Publish Post” to publish your post directly to your newly created blog.

Step 16
If you wish to change the design of your blog from the starter template you selected when initially creating your blog, you can do so under the “Design” tab.

Step 17
From within the “Design Tab” you will be able to edit Page Elements, HTML, and change your template with Temple Designer.

Step 18
If you want to adjust other settings such as who is able to view, contribute to, or comment on your blog etc, click the “Settings” tab.

Step 19
You can adjust publishing, comments, archiving, permissions, and all other settings from within the sub-tabs located under the main “Settings” tab.

Step 20
You can add new authors that are able to contribute to and edit your blog by clicking the “Settings” tab> “Permissions” sub-tab, and selecting “Add Authors”.

I bet you already knew all of that, but it’s nice to be reminded.

Tip 1
Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news.

Tip 2
You become a better person and a better writer.

Tip 3
The best reason? You can make money doing it!

The Steps Covered In This Blogging Guide

The 5 Easy Steps to Starting a Blog:

- Choose your preferred blogging platform
- Choose web hosting for your blog
- Setting up a blog on your own domain
- Designing your blog (the fun bit!)
- Useful resources for blogging

 comment if you need help thanks

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