Blogging For Business 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Blog To Money Making Machine.

Blogging For Business 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Blog To Money Making Machine.

Blogging For Business 2018: Everything You Need To Know About Turning Your Blog To Money Making Machine.

Nigerian Blogger Laila Ikeji On June 30, 2016, took a bold step of abandoning her over N5million per annum bank job to become a full time entertainment blogger; risking everything to take a gamble on her passion.

She traded her lucrative job to pursue what was still at that time, just a hobby she was passionate about, but today, the decision has become one of her best turning points. 

In a chat with Vanguard Saturday Woman, she says she has no regrets a year after taking this huge leap of faith as she now has all the time to focus on her family and continue to grow her blog even bigger.

What you can see here is that she turned her blog into a Business which is yielding her great income, and when I mean income I don’t mean chicken change; here I am talking of making Billions Monthly from vast sources.

Why Is Blogging Important In 2018?

Blogging is damn cool, only if you’re doing it the right way, every blogger or any blog is bound to face Daily problem as far as blogging is concerned, not only in Nigeria but every part of the world, bloggers face series of challenges.

But you know the most important thing here is that in every blogging challenge you face there must surely be solutions for you to overcome your blogging challenges.

You should know that Blogging is an online journal or diary with a minimal following. Today, it has grown into a platform used by millions, everyone from individuals to businesses. The simplicity of a blog makes it easy for anyone to launch a blog and become a self-proclaimed “expert.” But how is it important in the business world?

Important Of Blogging For Business In 2018
ü  Improve Your Website’s SEO (search engine optimization)
ü  Increase Traffic to Your Website via inbound links
ü  Enforce Your Brand as an Expert in a Particular Field
ü  Driving Revenues (Money) From The Blog, Which You Help Take Care Of All Bills

How Turn Your Blog Into A Fast Money Making Machine

The goal of every blogger today is to turn his or her blog into a job that can be paying up their Daily and Monthly bills.

But the thing here is that it’s not easy to make money from blogging if you’re are not doing the right thing on your blog to make money then forget about making money from blogging.

This is common among Newbie Bloggers; they just jump into blogging with the wrong Mindset, which is the rush of making money like Top Nigerian Bloggers like Linda Ikeji & Her Sister Laila Ikeji.

If you’re here reading this article and your mindset for venturing into blogging is to make money in 1 Week of your venturing into the blogging career, I bet you, you won’t last a month on that your blog.

I think you should have this in mind, most successful and rich bloggers you are hearing of today did not start so perfect, just like the case of Linda Ikeji, she said in an interview with Naija.ng that she started her blog like play and for fun.

She never had any mindset of making money from that blog till the opportunity came her way.

She just did what she knew how to do best and so doing her hard work and hustles started paying bills for her and lots more.

When I started blogging in my own case in 2015, that was after High School I made several big mistakes in blogging and then I learnt from my mistakes, that is why today, I am perfect in doing the blogging stuff, though I am not a full time blogger, but even if I am not blogging or did not blog for 2 Days, I can still boast of 3K Unique visitors on my Blog, simply because I learnt from all my mistakes.

This does not mean that you should make the mistakes, but you can learn from other people’s mistakes to make yours a success.

Before I go in to the main topic, everything you need to know about turning your blog into a money making machine.
If you know that your blog is still on .BlogSpot.com.ng, I am sorry to say this, you can never make it in Blogging until you purchase a custom domain name for your blog which you can get at cheap rates on Webhosting, Bluehost, Domainking, and Namecheap websites

Blogging For Business: How To Your Blog Into A Business

Apart from few that take their blog for hobby, most bloggers prefer to take their blog for business, simply because if the target of making money, it mostly for the Google Adsense Publishers and other monetization companies like Adsense.
The BIG Question Here:
 Is How Do I Turn My Blog Into A Business In 2018
This is really an interesting question because that what bloggers today demand for.
If you want to turn your blog into a Business in 2018, then the ball is at your custody.

There are just so many ways of turning your blog into a Business, which in this blog post I will be sharing with you some.

ü Create Your Brand-:

If you really think you want to make money from blogging, then the answer here is selling something on your platform, it can be almost anything digital.

A lot of Woo Commerce blog today are making bastard money on a daily basis from their daily sales.

The fact here is that having a brand that you have no limitations to, you can make as much dollars if you wish. That’s the most interesting stuff.

What am I Trying To Say In Essence?

Having a brand for your blog, or may be having product to sale online is just an option for you to make cool cash from your blog. Just like here in Nigeria, I met a blogger who just added Woo Commerce to his blog and today he is making his money daily from his sale which is on High Demand in his blogging industry.

ü Start Solving Problems-:

This is where the whole thing comes in.
What was the main reason why you got into the Blogging industry?

Till you answer this question, you will never make a dime from your blog.

Though I have seen people who just blog for hobby, may be once in 2 Months, May be apart from Hobby Bloggers.

I can boldly tell you that if your blog Is not helping people solve problems in one way or the order, then forget money, you’re just passing time.

Till your blog start solving problems in one or two ways you will never make a dime from your blogging life.

How Do You Solve Problems Using Your Blog?

ü Creating and Marketing The right Products
ü Writing problem solving articles on your blog
ü Teaching people how to do almost anything, there are many problems out there, all you need to do is to discover them and find a solution to them by creating a Tutorial Video, or Tutorial Posts.

How Do I Make Money From My Blog For Business In 2018

This is where those who want to take their blog for business in 2018 would or might have centered their questions on.

Now you’re now solving problems using your blog, the next thing here is to start making money from the blog.

Here every Nitty Gritty things you need to know about making money online from your blog in 2018 has be unleashed, so you can read it to the fullest.

Now coming to Google Adsense!

Most of you might be interested in the monetizing of your blog with Google Adsense, since it’s what most Online Publishers around the world, uses to make more money from their platforms.

Adsense have always been strict in accepting new Bloggers into their partnership program, ever since the Blogging Industry started increasing in 2011.

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But that’s not the case; all you need to do is to tweak the process in getting your blog Google Adsense Approvals in 2018.


Start Rendering & Selling Service-:

This is one of the coolest of them all, for turning your blog into a business.

You can create or design an ad on your blog simply stating what kind of service you render, you can also use Mail List Builders like Mailmunch, Sumo and lots of them to achieve this on your blog.

I think I have talked much for you to learn how to turn your blog into Business.

So it’s up to over there at your end to know which one suits you better.

Let me also add this, those who are running a woo commerce blog have 85% Probability of heating it hard in Blogging due to the high demand of information’s, most especially For Educational Bloggers In Nigeria, you can crush this by adding or embedding of woo commerce to your blog.

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