Buy and Sale Online with Jiji.com

Buy and Sale Online with Jiji.com

Jiji.ng is an online Nigerian platform aimed at connecting buyers and sellers to buy and sell goods and all you have to do to get good fairly used phones on Jiji.ng is to visit the website, input your location and you’ll see some fairly used phones for sale then contact the seller and buy it.

Most times shopping for a used phone on jiji.ng, you need to play to major key eole: the price and the condition. Both of these requirements will be met if you look for your new phone on Jiji. Used Mobile phones on Jiji are represented in all price ranges and can be conveniently sorted by brand and other characteristics. You shouldn't try  miss out on the greatest shopping experience with Jiji!

Recently we publish an account Baby Bow Ties on Jiji.ng which you can buy at a cheaper rate online safe and happy.

Jiji one of the Nigeria best online shopping website and grown too large to an extent that many people from different part of the country can't wait to get their phone, cars, house utensil, clothing and many more from them.
Here are other products that you can get from this platform at an affordable price.

  • Candles 
  • Power banks: 
  • Memory cards
  • Apple stuff: 
  • Earphones: 
  • Decoders: 
  • Car trackers: 
  • Hair extensions: 
  • Watches: 
  • Cameras: 
  • Solar energy products. 
  • Printers: 
  • Scanners: 
  • Beehives: 
  • Vacuum cleaners: 
  • CCTV cables: 
  • CCTV cameras: 
  • Projectors:
  • Phone solar panels: 
  • Clothes: 
  • Shoes: 
  • Fashion bags: 
  • Fabrics: 
  • Beds: 
  • Underwear: 
  • Lawn mowing machines
  • Computer Accessories
  • Cookers: 
  • Motor parts: 
  • Tricycle parts: 
  • Generators: 
  • Motorcycle parts: 
  • Electronic home appliances
  • Car batteries: 
  • Car stereos: 
  • Electrical equipment
  • Clinical equipment: 
  • Musical instruments
  • Building materials
  • Women’s make-up kits 
  • Sports kits: 
  • Laboratory equipment: 
  • Toys: