000webhost.com Review 2018 | Best Free Web Hosting Service Provider

000webhost.com Review 2018 | Best Free Web Hosting Service Provider

Have you been looking for a free web hosting company that can be reliable for your business? Then you need to read 000webhost.com review.

Gone are those days where guys will blog on free platforms like blogger, wapka and the rest. Now with the technology of change in the aspect of seriousness and business purpose blogging, it’s required to distinguish between serious and business conscious blogs/website from the other way round.

Because of this, we all got to make use of premium CMS in our blogging career. The fact is that while many people intend to move to a paid CMS, the amount or rate involve in purchasing web hosting package like shared hosting is drastically too much beyond our reach or maybe too expensive to pay for.

It’s important to start seeing results; I mean huge results that can pay your bills before opting in for paid stuffs in some cases like web hosting. This I’m not trying to be bias to people who are still managing in BlogSpot blog or WordPress.

The plan to start a blog could be good but it cannot be easy to start with premium platform when you have no solid background. Therefore, a lot of people always opt in for blogger.com to make their blogging career a reality since they cannot afford web hosting bills.

Now that common excuse is no longer a limitation for people who know already. They are a now lots of web hosting service providers who makes hosting completely free for life. The big problem is most of these free web hosting companies aren’t reliable as we expected. This is the reason we research, test and recommend what works best for us and point out reasons why it will be good for you too to use it.

Now introducing;
000Webhost.com Review 2018 | Benefits and Features

000webhost.com is a leading, old and remain the first ever standard free webhosting service providers on the internet for over the years. Their service has ever been the best for a period of time now and they haven had any serious competitor who could attest to defeating their service since establishment. They don’t just offer free webhosting but also offer premium webhosting which is even cheaper and affordable comparing its benefits, features and comparisons to other webhosting providers who are even known as master in the business. What makes it more benefiting is the fact that the free account offer premium services including customer support, cPanel with PHP, MySQL etc.

Services offered by 000Webhost.com

This company has both paid and free service. The big question is what makes them to focus more on the free service a? A lot of people think there’s a scam about this company. But in hidden, a lot of people forget to understand that the only thing to do in order to capture a client is to first of all offer value before introducing paid stuffs.
000 Web host understands that lot of clients are also seeing the premium hosting service but will like opt in for the free one in order to test and see if it’s cool enough to really pay for.

000webhost free webhosting for life vs Premium Hosting

Just as we have said in the previous section, a lot of people will likely opt in for free than premium in order to test and see how the free works. But notwithstanding, lots of differences are stated here to differentiate the two tier of services offered.
You will agree with me that after carefully reading this, you will likely opt in for the premium hosting whereas the free webhosting service is still recommendable.

Pros of Free Hosting with 000Webhost.com

  • 1GB Diskspace Free
  • 10GB Bandwidth
  • Up – to 2 Website
  • Free Admin cPanel

Cons of Free web hosting with 000Webhost

  • Custom Ads not allowed
  • No free domain Hosting
  • No WordPress hosting
  • Your site will go to sleep at least 1hr/day
  • Now WordPress Auto installer
  • No MySQL Databases
  • No Backups
  • No Web files Manager etc.
  • Pros of 000Webhost Premium Web Hosting

  1. Flexible pricing discount ($3.49/Mo)
  2. Unlimited Diskspace Free
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Website
  5. Free Admin cPanel
  6. Free SSL Certificate
  7. Weekly Data Backups
  8. 99% Uptime guarantee
  9. Live chat support
  10.  30 Days money back guarantee
  11.  Free .com domain
  12.  No donwtime  etc

Cons of 000webhost.com Premium web hosting

  1. Too expensive when if without discount ($8.84/Mo)
  2. Backups should have been daily

Why is 000Webhost.com recommended?

This company has been a leading webhosting company to offer free webhosting since 11 years ago. Lots of free reviews have been made about this company and its services. You can host your small business domains and files with them till you finally raise the money that can pay your bills before you opt in for the paid plan.

Many peoples especially free dudes believes that 000Web Host is a scam by asking some few question like how do they make their own money since the service is free, how long is the free plan going to last and so on.
This isn’t our business. In as far as we are enjoying a premium service from them that should have been paid for all for free, why then border about how they make their money when we aren’t paying? This could cause you to personally be misled by their service mandate.

Mind you, asking of their source of earnings, take not that they also offer premium hosting which has even more advantages than the free plan which can be accessed here.

It’s absolutely free for life if you choose to go with free plan until you are tired.

Do you want to go advance way in blogging; I encourage you to stick to the premium plan instead.

Why should you buy from them?
A lot of webhosting in the world don’t offer kind of services offered by 000webhost.com.

This service may include;

  • Free .com domain registration
  • Website builder
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Addon domains
  • Domain Privacy
  • Cloudflare DDOS Protection
  • Antivirus Scanner
  • RvSiteBuilder Pro
  • Unlimited Emails

Wrapping Up
If you are ever looking for a free web hosting service provider, I will recommend you go for 000webhost.com since they have more authority in the business and better known from all other free web hosting service provider. Else you may want to purchase a premium hosting for your business, in comparisons to best web hosting companies in the world including Bluehost who have been old in the business, Namecheap, Siteground, Hostgator or A2Webhost, 000Webhost seems to have better features than them. So why not opt in to their premium plan right here?

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