5 Verified Tips for a Profitable Sale of an Apartment Without Doing any Serious Repairs

You are not able to do any repairs before selling the apartment, and you are worried that you won’t be able to sell it without investing in major repairs and losing at the same time in price? Read this article and you will know the answers.
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5 verified tips for a profitable sale of an apartment without doing any serious repairs

Work on the first impression
Get rid of any minor flaws, like a loose skirting board, the peeled off corner of the wallpaper, or a cracked whitewash. You can even do it yourself, quickly and often inexpensively.
Thorough cleaning before showing the apartment to a potential buyer is a must. If there are uneven surfaces, it is better not to show it in bright light. At the same time, remember that bright, especially sunlight makes the apartment visually more attractive, so that washed windows and good lighting can become your secret weapon.

Do not clutter the apartment
Let the buyer see how much useful stuff can be put there. In the winter season, use warm shaggy rugs, carpets, and capes in the interior design. This will add comfort.
In summer, make sure to ventilate the room.

Check the bathroom and kitchen
There should be no puddles and no leaks. Pay attention to the seams of tile coatings and joints of surfaces.
The old bathroom equipment should be painted and the new one should be washed. Check all the faucets, mixers and sinks. Replace the gaskets where necessary and clean the pipes.
Do the same with the electrical equipment.
5 verified tips for a profitable sale of an apartment without doing any serious repairs

Noise insulation
Good sound insulation is not a cheap thing. Therefore, if you live close to a noisy place, like a construction, or a market, schedule the demonstration for after lunch, preferably - on weekends.
If there are problems with loud neighbors, ask them to be quiet for the time of the demonstration.

Getting rid of odors
A bad smell can outweigh all the advantages of the apartment. So, no kitchen or toilet smells should be felt at the time of the show.
Ventilate the apartment and use a little of light air freshener.

Finally, arrange with the local cleaning lady about cleaning of the hall. Trust me, if you follow these simple rules, you will succeed in selling the apartment profitably even without any repairs.

5 verified tips for a profitable sale of an apartment without doing any serious repairs

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