Whogohost: How to Transfer WordPress From wordpress.com Site to Self Hosted Site

WordPress.com is a blogging platform that is owned and hosted online by Automattic. It is run on WordPress, an open source piece of software used by bloggers..


You will need to follow the steps below to transfer a WordPress.com hosted site to your own self-hosted WordPress site.

Install WordPress on your hosting account

You can automatically install wordpress on your hosting account using Softaculous in your hosting account. Otherwise, you will need to download it and manually install it on your hosting account.

Export the files of your WordPress site

  1. Log in to your WordPress.com dashboard.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Tools > Export.
  3. Download the XML (WXR) file to your local computer.

Import the files of your WordPress site into your hosting account

  1. Log in to the WordPress dashboard installed on your hosting account via http://domainname.com/wp-admin (replace domain name with the domain you have on WhoGoHost)
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu, click Tools> Import>WordPress.
  3. In the browse box, navigate to the export file that was downloaded to your local computer.
  4. Click the Upload & Import File button.

Once all the files have been imported, refresh your wordpress site to view the newly imported contents.

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