PDF is a file type that is used by most tech-savvy professionals worldwide. It was developed by Adobe to fulfil the portability needs of a document. But, it turned out to be so good that now it is now one of the most widely used file types everywhere for work-related purposes.
Just like other document file types, pdf files can contain images, text but unlike most, it can also include embedded fonts, videos, hyperlinks, interactive buttons and more.

How to Recover Deleted PDF Files

Why PDF Files are so popular?
There are several key features in it that make it so popular. The first one being its universal format for all platforms, e.g., if you were to create a .doc file on windows and then open it on Mac, it may not work properly. This is not the case with pdf. They can be viewed in the same format on any device.
Another reason being that pdf files can’t be tampered with very easily. You can’t just simply edit a pdf file. You need separate pdf editing software for that. And every single edit you make, leaves a footprint that can be traced back to you.
For all those reasons, pdf is the preferred file format for fulfilling the needs of various professionals. That's why you can see so many ebooks, brochures, product manuals, in-office memos in pdf file format.
Being widely used, loss/damage of pdf files is an issue. Documents that are usually created and shared in this file format are important and kept for a very long time, which can cause the file to get corrupted or mistakenly deleted. When it happens, this can cause a frenzy for file owners.

What can be the Reasons of Losing PDF Files? 
There can be many reasons behind the corruption and/or damage of pdf files. Most of the time it is because of simple mistakes such as accidental deletion, formatting whether intentionally or unintentionally. In these cases, the only solution that remains is to try and recover them with a good data recovery software made particularly for this purpose.
There are instances in which pdf files can become inaccessible due to many reasons such as:

  1. While viewing or creating a pdf file, if you turned off your system abruptly, that can lead to file corruption. Always use a UPS.
  2. If the operating system that you are using or your system storage unit gets working issues that can lead to damage to the files stored.
  3. Using incompatible programs to open or make changes in the file can also make them inaccessible for further usage.
  4. Virus/Malware infections, which are the major reasons behind data corruption everywhere, can also be behind this. Use a good security software for this.
  5. Sharing/Uploading/Downloading etc. can also cause issues in the file if the process gets interrupted.

To recover the lost files and/or to extract data from inaccessible files, there are various software that could serve your purpose. But, you must be careful while selecting the software which best suits your needs. Wrong or Inadequate tools can cause more damage and make your file permanently damaged. Recovery of data is a difficult process and should not be taken casually. The first attempt to recover data is usually the one which has the highest chances of success.
For your help, we have covered in brief some of the best software which are suited for recovery purposes and how to best recover your lost pdf files by using them.

How to Recover Lost PDF Files?
For the purpose of data recovery on your own, you need a software that not only helps you in recovering your deleted files but also lets you select which file types you want to recover.
 Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software is one such software which is available free for personal usage. There are 3 simple steps to using it:

  1. Select the file types which you want to recover
  2. Scan in the desired location with your preferred scan type
  3. Select the files to be recovered and set the preferred location to save the recovered data.

However, you can also avail Stellar Data Recovery service to recover your pdf files, MS office document, excel sheets etc. They are recovering data since 1993 from all kind of data loss situations. They have served more than 2+ Million customers worldwide and the services available for both corporates and individuals. For more details you can visit their official website www.stellarinfo.co.in

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