Can I purchase a domain from Godaddy and host it in Hostgator?

Can I purchase a domain from Godaddy and host it in Hostgator?

Yes, you can purchase a domain from GoDaddy (or any Domain Registrar) and then host it on HostGator (or elsewhere) if you wish.

I have two points of advice for you however;

  1. There are better Domain Registrars than GoDaddy and better hosts than HostGator.
  2. It is easier to purchase your domain and your hosting from the same provider.

GoDaddy is certainly one of the most popular Domain Registrars, along with NameCheap, but I would recommend starting elsewhere.

Lesser known Domain Registrars like WPX Hosting can provide benefits that the bigger-name companies do not - such as free WHOIS Privacy.

WPX’s Domain Privacy cannot be found for free anywhere else online and is certainly a huge benefit for starting off a new site.

While HostGator may be a better choice for hosting than the likes of GoDaddy or Bluehost, they are not leagues ahead. HostGator are still an EIG company just like Bluehost, though they only suck slightly less to be frank.

HostGator’s service is still quite lacklustre when compared with other, non-EIG companies and their customer support is also reportedly poor - a common symptom of EIG ownership.

Choosing an independent hosting company is a far better option and will save you more money and stress in the long-run. Companies like WPX Hosting, SiteGround, Temok, and WordPress(dot)com will be able to offer a more reliable service with value for money.

Being able to purchase your domain and your hosting from one place is ideal! While GoDaddy might be the tempting choice here, their poor hosting and terrible customer relations (selling personal info) spoil that possibility.

As I mentioned above, WPX Hosting serve as both a Domain Registrar (with free WHOIS Privacy) and one of the best web hosting providers online. In terms of service they are comparable with WP Engine but provide more (free) services for a lower asking price.

Customer reviews will really help cross off any poorer hosting providers and should steer you in the right direction.

Hope that helped!