Blogging A Thing Of Passion And Not Just A Money Making Platform.

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Hey I didn’t just wake up out of the blues to formulate that topic above , a trend led to it.

Few days back I was contacted by someone that wants to blog or would I say create a blog and needed my assistance , I asked the person if he had idea on the subject matter blogging and he said he’d pay me to do the whole work , cool I said and I charged him. But something got me asking and behold I asked sir what would you want to blog about and how would you want your blog to look like , give me a blueprint let me know what theme to use. Know what he said.

I want the blog to look anyhow you preferred it to look but I’d blog so many things , I’d blog like Linda, Bella, specsng, and ogbonge , I just want to blog everything I want to make money just money. Worst of all he wanted to include music to it. Well long story shot I designed a well responsive blog for him put the meta description to general niche. Well that’s to that client what of you are you just into blogging for the money or for both money and passion.

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Looking at the picture above you’d see I combined the image of passion and money together you know why because they work hand in hand.

Should I Blog For Money Or Passion Or Even Both.

The whole aspect of blogging is passion sharing what you love and care about t the directed set of people that love those things too. And that’s when you talk about

Niche: this is a topic or a subject matter of what you’d be updating readers with on your blog , so for you to have a niche you got to be passionate about something or more less learn to be passionate. Then when it comes to people that love what you love we talk of sharing your articles to

Forums: a community of people of similar interest online , for instance if your a mom blogger blogging mom tips you could join some mom’s forum online.

Guest Post: Writing guest post to related blog like what am doing currently this is part of sharing your stuff to people that follows that blog.

Hey don’t skip fast I’ve not forgotten about the money aspect , now after having the passion you now try and monetize your blog , accept sponsored post with affordable rates , use affiliate and sell ebooks, your asking forms of monetization right. We have

AdSense: this is an advertising platform by google that accepts adverts and pays publisher that’s blog owners for showing ads on their site , like some of the ads on this site there are others that also pay well like , exoclick, propeller ads and a host of other.

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In conclusion I hope I’ve balanced the scale between passion and money making in blogging you can check out more tips on the link in my bio below.

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man

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