Decoded: Worst 4 Myths People Have about Android App Development

android app development
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So, you want to develop a mobile app? Looking forward to Android or iOS app development? In the past few years, while serving as an Android and iPhone app development company, we have come in touch with various startups and established businesses who do not consider Android as their first choice for app development. And guess what, the reason behind is some completely nonsensical myths.

android app development
To ensure that you do not overlook the benefits of developing an Android mobile app, here I’m revealing some of the most popular myths associated with Android platform:-

4 Common Android App development Myths You Should Know About

  1. Developing an Android app requires more Efforts
    This is one of the most prevailing myths related to the Android platform. It’s true that the Android mobile platform is highly defragmented, i.e. thousands of different devices are running on Android. But, not all the devices and OS versions are required to be targeted at a time.
    Most of the operating system versions are outdated and are hardly considered in the app market. So, do extensive market research and determine what all OS versions and devices you need to focus upon. Such details will empower you to take a better decision and target the right audience without extending the development time and efforts.
  2. Android development is Expensive
    The cost to build a mobile app depends on various factors, like project complexity, expertise and knowledge of the hired iOS or Android app development company, technologies considered, etc. Announcing Android development to be a costly affair without taking all such factors into account is another myth people believe in.
    Android platform provides ample free and open-source frameworks and tools, implying Android application development can be cost-effective if pre-planned wisely,
    So, what are you waiting for? Discuss your business needs with your app partners and introduce a well-optimized and cost-saving development plan.
  3. Android apps are meant for B2C industry, not B2B
    This is another misconception business leaders have about Android application development. Android platform is equally profitable for both B2C and B2B industries. It’s just that B2C has a wider market, which eventually results in higher revenue generation. But, if you compare both the industries, you will find out that though B2C app development is less expensive, B2B apps renders higher results. This clearly implies that investing in mobile app development for your B2B business is an equally profitable opportunity.
  4. Android app development delivers no ROI
    There’s no denying to the fact that Apple is the champion at generating higher revenue from app development. But, this does not mean Android does not bring anything significant as ROI. Android does not demand using a credit card or smartphone and most of the Android applications are available for free. But still, Android app generated over $21 billion revenue from Play Store and $20 billion from third-party sites in 2017. And it has been expected that these numbers will reach to $42 billion for Play Store and $36 billion for third-party sites by the year 2021. These numbers clearly define that building an Android mobile app is not a hopeless case. Investing in Android application development is also a profitable deal.
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So, now as we have debunked these Android app development myths, what’s your plan? Are you ready to turn toward Android? Or still, want to stick with iOS? If the answer is in favor of Android, take no time to hire the right Android app development company and start with the development process.

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