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How to Link BVN to Your United Bank for Africa (UBA)

UBA customers can nowLink Bank Verification Number BVN data by just dialling some simple USSD code as explained below. As you are all aware now linking your BVN data is compulsory now to use your bank account because you can’t be able to withdraw money or transact without BVN. So United Bank For Africa customers can now link up there BVN details easily without stressing yourself to go to there nearest branch. These makes them follow steps of GTbank and Firstbank in linking there BVN offline.

About Bank Verification Number BVN

The BVN is a unique number given to all bank customers in Nigeria who had their finger prints and pictures taken at bank branches around the country. Each customer’s biometric and personal data is attached to all bank accounts he or she operates whether personal or corporate. Individual customers have single BVNs no matter the number of accounts they operate in as many banks as they desire. Consequently customers are able to register for BVN in any of the banks in which they have accounts. Once they get their numbers, they are required to send them to all the banks in which they operate accounts.

How to Link BVN to UBA Account

Simply dial *919*6# on the phone number you open your UBA Account with and enter your BVN number when prompted. you can also visit there online platform to Link your BVN.
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