Create a Money Making Blog in Nigeria

Create a Money Making Blog in Nigeria 11
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Mathias Amodu

Founder at Zealmat Limited
2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man
Create a Money Making Blog in Nigeria 11
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A blog is simply defined as a mini website or weblog that is updated daily for personal usage or for passing information to the society on the web. Just like your news website, your inspirational website, your tech website and many more.
Blogging has been one of the major source of income for so many young men and women in Nigeria and not only that so many people have fetch a lot out of blogging just like Linda Ikeji and many others blogging can be so interesting that you leave education most at time just to face it alone. In blogging you don’t need to have a full qualification like master’s or PhD all you need is the ideology and passion and with this two things patients come in even if you have not make a single naira in a month. creating a Money Making Blog in Nigeria is not that easy but with time you will get there.

As at 2015 blogging was mainly all about AdSense making machine and the rest but today we don’t look at that source alone you can make money from different source like affiliate, Sponsored article, placing of banner, backlink this are just the few out of all the ways but as soon as you come into the blogosphere you will understand what it take to earn and how long you need to stay before you can earn money from your blog.

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To create a blog you don’t need to bother your self thinking how do I pay for hosting and domain name? First before you think of blogging you should know the pro and cons of this business it is not something you come into without spending at least a little.

When creating a blog you have to have some things to set as your aim and objectives and also the reasons why you want to blog. Let’s quickly see some few hint listed below.

Determine your Niche
First what do you love most? Is it technology, fashion, football, games, business, love writing poem, now let me explain this to you that if you have any of this listed ability or skill in your then be rest assure that you can make a huge about of money with what you love very well.  Before you select your niche you first of all test yourself and see of you can continue with that which you love not coming to copy from other peoples content because it will put you into a big problem if caught.

My Schedules

Now talking about your schedule’s is one of he important aspect I love more when am referring a young man or woman to start a blog. Now take an example if you are a student in the university and you want to start a blog which kind of blog will you create I mean the niche? Now talking about blogging in Nigeria 80% of youths love the entertainment niche just like the way so many people put there own one but if you look at this people most are graduate’s and have enough time to publish article daily but you as a university student what do you think will happen to your blog if you don’t update it daily it will loss it value because consistency is the key.

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Your Budget

When creating a blog first you need to think what and what you need to get to build a standard blog. For you to build a standard blog you need a domain name, hosting account, and a good theme with some plugins too. Now if you want this for free then you might end up being confused and will go into what you don’t like so you get them original and start up your blog.

Asking yourself how do I make money from blog is one question I will love to answer when ever am opportune to because it is the first thing that you need to focus on immediately you create your blog. As stated above there are many ways to make money from your blog and for you to do this you most be passionate about what you do.

Google AdSense:

This network is owned by google and allows you earn money from your blog as soon as your ad get click and also it compared with your visitors and how long the stay on tour site and may more but so far this is one of the best company so far without any fraud case.

Sponsored Article: with this you can make up to a thousand dollar’s in a week it all depends on how you want to charge those company for a single article on ye site but always remember that most company prefer PayPal as their payment. Method. For you to get  such offer you need to have a contact page on your site so as to enable visitors contact you easily.

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Placing Advert banner: this method is very cool but always do this when you have enough space on your site. You can place it at the right bar or below and above your article.

How to create a blog.

Step 1
First you need a hosting account from a reliable Web host Domainking.

Step 2
Then search for your preferred domain name and the include a hosting plan i will advice you choose soldier plan.

Step 3
Then proceed to checkout and then make payment also used your card to make payment don’t use bank deposit.

Step 4
Now all details will be sent to your mail box which include your Cpanel details.

Step 5
Now just use that Cpanel details to install WordPress to your hosting account.

Step 6
Now you login to your WordPress dashboard using your username and password to start customizing, fixing and publishing on your new site.

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2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man

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