How to Advertise on Facebook in Nigeria: Steps with Screenshots

You wanna boost your posts or pages on Facebook to reach more audience? am sure you should be searching for how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria.

There’s no doubt Facebook is the largest social media where you can create and manage you own profile with so many funs to catch.

The growth of Facebook social media has also lead to the growth of many businesses both online and offline in Nigeria and worldwide.

Facebook isn’t just a place for chat and relating with friends but a place for promoting your business to reach potential audienceas well.

Did you have a business Facebook page you would want to boost to get more likes? have you gotten a sale page you would won’t to promote on Facebook in Nigeria to get more sales? in this article, i will show you how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria with ease. but before then let’s see how to pay for Facebook Adverts.

How to Pay for Facebook adverts in Nigeria

We cannot continue to the steps on how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria without knowing how to pay for Facebook Adverts.

Making Payment for Facebook Ads is the major reason why many Nigerian can’t advertise on Facebook today because of currency difference and Card rejection. Your cards are always declined each time you try to make payment to Facebook in Nigeria and as a result, you are unable to start advertisement on Facebook even when you know the importance.

GTB Naira master or VISA Cardwith some other Nigeria bank card has been confirmed to be working with online transactions such as running Facebook ads, and AdWords but if your card is rejected let me show you how to make your own card for every online transactions before we continue on how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria.

With the below steps, you will Learn how to make a virtual Master or VISA credit Card for making transactions online. With this cards you can pay all foreign online stores without card issues.

How to Create Visa or Master Card for Facebook Ads payment

Download and install Getbarter(You can download that from Google playstore), You can access the official website from but i will be going with the app for some reasons i stated here during my Getbarter Review.

After launching your Getbarter app you will see this on your screen.

Create a new account if you are new and login to your account. From your account dashboard click on Wallet and Fund your wallet with at least $10 to enable you Create new Card.

After that Click on Cards, and Select the option to Add new Card

You will see the popup asking you which type of card you need.

You can select VISA or Master Card. After that, enter your name and the amount you want to fund in your Card

your card will be created while the money will be deducted from your wallet to your card. Now your card is ready. you can start transactions.

Click on the Card, and it will show you the backside which includes your Cvv number.

Now that your card has been created let’s further to how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria which is the main theme of this article.

how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria.

Let’s do it in a more easy way. Login your Facebook account and Create new Facebook page if you haven’t gotten one before. after that download and install Facebook Ads Manager. You can do the advertising from your normal Facebook account but let’s use ads manager for more conveniences.

After installing and opening your Ads manager, you will be prompted to login your Facebook account. Login with your details and you will be directed to your ads manager Dashboard.

From your ads Manager Click on the menu Icon and you will see the whole menu of the app.

From the menu select Billing and a new page will show up as below

Click on Payment methods and select Visa or Master Card and you will be taken to a new page to save your Card details.

Enter your Card Details (The card you Created earlier with Getbarter.Co)

To see your Billing ZiP code, Login your Getbarter account from the official website (not using app this time) Click on settings from your Dashboard and scroll down to the end section of the page. fill in your Billing address and select the option to use the Billing address you filled in. Now the same Zip Code you used there is what Facebook requested for

Incase you don’t know what to fill in in your Address you can get some USA cities here their address and their Zip code You can use any of them.

Now you will have to fill in the same zip Code you used on Getbarter in your Facebook payment section.

After that save your Card settings. Behold Your payment has been set. Now Facebook will be charging you from this card.

Having set your payment details, select the Create Campaign option from your menu to create your first Ads.

When you select create campaign here’s what you will see

What did you want to promote? It’s left for you to select from the options and create your Ads.

After creating your Ads Facebook will review ads: If ads meet with their policies, they will notify you that your Ads has been approved

now they will start charging you from your Card while they serve your Ads to the audience.

Wrapping up:how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria

Having learnt how to advertise on Facebook in Nigeria it may also please you to know that as soon as the funds in your Card runs low, your ads may likely stop.

You will have to go back to Getbarter and fund your Card again then continue creating More ads as desired.

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