How to get Mp3 Tags for your WordPress website (Upload to your Cpanel)

The Mp3 Tags for your WordPress is simply defined as a component on it own or a script on it own which can not be activated through the WordPress dashboard expect through your Cpanel and this script allows you to easily upload songs from another website using just the download link to your own website without having any issues of restriction and it take just not more than 30 seconds to upload using the Mp3 Tag

Mp3 Tag Upload Page

To Download the Get Mp3 Tags for your WordPress is not really the problem this day because most script are having some issues either with the installation processes. Having a music website in Nigeria is profiting because of the rate at which people venture into the music industry is becoming alarming and for you as a webmaster to benefit from thus you need to have a platform that promotes this people songs. So the Mp3 Tags for your WordPress website is actually created to assist you upload songs fast and easily without going through much effort.


Today we will be using as a sample which we have worked on few month’s back




The online mp3 tag editor php script is available for download at an affordable price N2000
Get your Mp3 Tag Here


Having issues during Installation of Mp3 Tag.

Kindly note that not all free mp3 php script will work for you and that I’d why we have worked on our script which is bug free so kindly note that we give full assurance that this script will work for your music website


How to get Mp3 Tags for your WordPress website (Upload to your Cpanel)

  • After Downloading the file from paystack kindly save it in your computer and it should be were you can remember.
  • Then Login to your Cpanel and if you can’t remember your login details kindly check your for Hosting Information you will find your username and password there.


  • Now you will taken to the main C panel page were you will fine different components that allows you control your website from the back end just click on File Manager.

  • Now after clicking on the file manager an automated new window will be generated and there you will be able to access your website files.

  • Click on “Public_html” which is listed on that particular website you want to add the mp3 tagger to. This is because most people might have multiple website in one hosting account.


  • Now move your move to the top and click on Upload and then you will be taken to a new page we you will need to access your computer and locate the file.

  • Kindly wait until this .zip file upload successfully and after that kindly click on “Go back to home/naijakit/public_html ” your might be different but it should look similar.

  • Now you need to click on the file once just to make sure it is highlighted, please don’t try to open the file yet.

  • After highlighting move your cursor up and click on extract. And follow the prompt message and click Extract File (s).

  • Now open the new folder Mp3 and locate the Index.php file and click edit above just change the URLs to your own website URL.


  • For you to be able to access this page or for you to start using it visit and then proceed.


  • This script as mentioned above is different and is guaranteed to work for all sites.
  • Make sure you are using a Namecheap hosting plan for this to avoid long story.
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