3 Types of Content Ideas That Can Be Created as Slideshows

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Slideshows are often underrated as a medium for content. In actual fact they are extremely versatile, and can either be published as a slideshow, or as a video with an accompanying audio track.

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In fact there are several types of content that would be perfect as slideshows, and exploring them may give you some ideas:





  • Lists

    It isn’t difficult to see how slideshows are the perfect medium for lists such as a Top 5, 5 Best of, 5 Tips, and so on. Each slide should be dedicated towards a single list item, the bulk of its real estate will ideally use a visual to convey the information possibly accompanied by a few bullet points.

  • Try to keep the number of items on the list relatively low somewhere in the region of 5 to 10. Lists that are too long generally don’t pack as much of a punch, and in a slideshow you don’t want people to lose focus midway through.
  • Guides

    Slideshows can be an effective way to create guides, provided each step can be shown using visuals. Once again it is best if each slide consist of a single step so that the bulk of it can be used for the visual. Additionally the number of steps should be limited to a relatively small number.

  • In video form, slideshows can take advantage of its audio capabilities to create more effective guides by adding a voice over. The voice over can bear the weight of most of the explanation, rather than having to rely on succinctly conveying it with text.
  • Stories

    When it comes to stories, slideshows can be used to present them in a unique way. In most cases the best option is to compile photos based on the structure of the story, and then use other elements such as text or even a voiceover to provide additional context as needed.

  • Make no mistake stories are an incredibly diverse type of content in their own right, and can cover everything from case studies to marketing videos that use visual storytelling. In short the sky is the limit when it comes to this type of content.

Based on the 3 types of content ideas listed above, you should be able to come up with several topics of your own that you can explore further. All you need is the software to create the slideshow preferably one that has audiovisual capabilities such as Movavi Slideshow Maker (https://www.movavi.com/photo-to-dvd-slideshow/).

After you’ve created your slideshow you can publish it in any way you see fit. While creating and exporting it as a video is the easiest way to publish it online on social media or other platforms there are platforms such as SlideShare that more directly support slideshows.

At the end of the day you should be able to see the benefit of exploring the potential of slideshows. Simply put youll end up with an easy yet highly effective way to create a diverse range of content.

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