How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook


Facebook does not only retain the position of the biggest and largest social network but also one of the means of generating traffic to site/blogs. Apart from search engines Facebook remains the second best place to look out for traffic to your blogs and site. The game is so simple and easy, it just depends on how smart you are to utilize Facebook and derive huge traffic to your blog. In this article we can look out to some ways through which you can know How to Get More Likes, Comments and Shares on Facebook that will consequently help you get traffic for your blog.


There are many tricks and tips online through which you can explore and derive traffic to your site but believe me if you keep using tricks, then suddenly you may lose the opportunity to maintain a long lasting traffic to your site.

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I believe you already know that a site/blog that doesn’t have much traffic is same as a business that commence operation without patronizers and you know for certain that this particular business without patronizers will eventually fall or comes to an end because the amount of patronizing you get determines your perpetual succession, same applies with blog, no traffic no succession in blogging.



Facebook Group

Do not underestimate the power of group in Facebook even though some fellows have actually turns it in to a spamming world, posting and distributing unnecessary articles in unnecessary areas, here is how to create and maintain a good Facebook group platform;

  1. Go to your Facebook account and create a Facebook group according to your niche (specialist area)
  2. Add only people that has interest in what you are blogging, for instance you are blogging about medicines or health, make sure only people that has much interest in health article you are adding and make it an open group suitable for discussing matured topics, never allow someone to keep spamming and posting irrelevant links that will eventually make your member s to start leaving
  3. Don’t only post article that are on your website, create something that will require controversial group discussion and it has to beneficial to all the members.
  4. Make sure you block anyone you found spamming

With the above guide, it is sure way you can maximize traffic to your blog without any problem

Facebook Page

Facebook page is also one of the way to get massive traffic to your site but to do so, you actually need to have more likes on the page in question, so in this method you actually need those that have interest in your niche to like your page in other to get returns on your traffic, the only biggest suggestion I will give about Facebook page is to promote your content to targeted users and you have build a sure way to get traffic back to your blog.

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When you post an article, promote it to targeted users and you will have all the likes need on your page.


Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to get huge and fast traffic is by using Facebook advertising program that will promote your content to targeted users quickly. You can decide how much to spend on Facebook ads and the amount of traffic you want to get back to your site, so actually this program is for the quick rich scheme bloggers.


Tagging friend with much friends

If need to get shares and likes easily, you have to get someone in your account who in turns have so many friends that possess interest on what you are blogging and a sure way to get more likes is by tagging him in your post or updates.

Commenting on related pages

To get likes and shares you also need to like pages that have same area of interest as yours, you just need to comment on those pages giving advice or suggestion that will improve or help your audience and by also referencing back to your site.

Contributing to pages and Group

Contributing to some pages and group will actually help you get more likes and shares back to your site which in turn yields massive traffic back to your blog; it will help explore your brand to another fresh audience.

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