How to Pay for NNU Registration using Paystack [Step by Step]

If you are here, it simply means you want to know how to pay for NNU registration or you are already stocked with it that you seem not to understand the beginning from the end.

Alright, I wouldn’t waste much of your time. I will assume you already know what NNU is, but for the avoidance of doubt. I will briefly talk about it and how you can benefit from this program, in case you are just storming this name and yet to read an in-depth article on it.

I always like to say this before I continue, the NNU income program is not a Ponzi scheme or any form of get-rich-quick scheme. So in case you already have that mentality in you, you’ve got to get rid of it and sit your ass to do some basic work.

It will only require 2-3 hours of your time (depending on your target for the month) and you will keep smiling to the bank. But one good thing is that you don’t need to be too techy to know how it works or even earn from it.

So let’s get started already.

NNU income program is a Multi New site that pays you just for reading news on their website and also for posting this news on your facebook wall. You also earn by being an affiliate on the platform where you get paid when people register on the platform with your link.

So now you have known the basis for this let’s dive into the real gist which is how to pay on NNU using Paystack.

Once you are ready to become a member, the next phase is to log in to their official site to register. This requires a sum of N1600 which is a lifetime registration fee. You are not charged again after this one-time fee.

On the official site, you are required to fill out your details and then proceed to make your payment.

This is where the problem comes.


There are two methods to make your payment on the NNU income program

Through Paystack. (this is recommednded) and

Through the use of coupon codes: When using coupons codes, You get the codes through NNU COUPON CODE DISTRIBUTOR. With this option, you don’t pay online. You pay into the acount number of your NNU coupon code distributor.

Since that is not the bone of contention and focus of this blog post, we will get directly into using paystack for your payment.

How to Pay using Paystack

On the page, you are meant to fill your detail, just before you click on “Make a payment”…There are two options like I said earlier.

Choose paystack and make sure you have ticked to agree to the terms and condition of the website.

Proceed to pay.

It will bring out a dashboard where you will put your card details…Put your ATM card details and proceed…

A safe token will be send to your phone to confirm it is you that is making the payment.

You will have to put this code back to the pop-up that demands for this code for confirmation purpose (that is to say, you will get your phone number that is attched to your account with you).

That’s all and you will be required to login to your dashboard.

BOOM! You can start earning immediately.

Warning: Make sure you keep your login details in a safe place to avoid stories that touch the heart.

Now you can go ahead and pay into the nnu income program using Paystack as recommended. Have questions? Drop them on the comment section.

Mathias Amodu :2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A Web and SEO Specialist, Blogger, Student, Son, A business Man
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