Mp3 Tags Editor With Voice Tag for WordPress Sites

Mp3 Tags Editor With Voice Tag is quite a wonderful component that enable you add some credit of your site in a voice format to your published songs on your music site and it serve as a form of promoting your site the more.

when uploading this scrip to your cpanel you need to be a bit technically incline and also be should understand a little of PHP code


Mp3 Tags Editor With Voice Tag for WordPress Sites

  • After Downloading the file from paystack kindly save it in your computer and it should be were you can remember.
  • Then Login to your Cpanel and if you can’t remember your login details kindly check your for Hosting Information you will find your username and password there.


  • Now you will taken to the main C panel page were you will fine different components that allows you control your website from the back end just click on File Manager.

  • Now after clicking on the file manager an automated new window will be generated and there you will be able to access your website files.

  • Click on “Public_html” which is listed on that particular website you want to add the mp3 tagger to. This is because most people might have multiple website in one hosting account.


  • Now move your move to the top and click on Upload and then you will be taken to a new page we you will need to access your computer and locate the file.

  • Kindly wait until this .zip file upload successfully and after that kindly click on “Go back to home/naijakit/public_html ” your might be different but it should look similar.

  • Now you need to click on the file once just to make sure it is highlighted, please don’t try to open the file yet.

  • After highlighting move your cursor up and click on extract. And follow the prompt message and click Extract File (s).

  • Now open the new folder Mp3 and locate the Index.php file and click edit above just change the URLs to your own website URL.


  • For you to be able to access this page or for you to start using it visit and then proceed.


  • This script as mentioned above is different and is guaranteed to work for all sites.
  • Make sure you are using a Namecheap hosting plan for this to avoid long story.
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