How to Check Airtel Data Plan

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Airtel Data Plan is divided into so many segments that allows users to acquire according to their pocket and also the airtel data plan is cheap and affordable for everyone in Nigeria. The Airtel network comes along with lot of surprises most especially when you buy a new sim card and also there are some bonuses attached during your first recharge.


Airtel data plan is not design for selected users alone but on this platform you can buy data according to what you have in your account balance. With Airtel introducing the 4g network today, we can now browse from any location in Nigeria with a fast speed network. Working on your PC with less cost of data has been maximized with the help of Airtel network because when you buy data in large or bulk you can easily use it for your modem when you prefer surfing the internet with your Laptop in the office or even at home.
The Airtel night plan is another interesting aspect of airtel  I love because of how bulky and cheap their data plan is you can as well get that when you daily *321#. Talking about Airtel 4g network which is the trending topic of today well I must advice you get a 4g sim card for yourself if you haven’t because it is more faster than any.

How to Activate Airtel Data Plan

On your android or any phone of your choice follow this steps.
  • First dail *141#.
  • Then follow the prompted message from the the network by entering 1
  • Now you will be given a number from 1- 5 select your preferred plan
  • If you want to go for daily or weekly then you should see a data bundle listed like the one below
Talking about data for browsing the internet in Nigeria Airtel has been the best and they are know are the smartphone network with the newly introduced 4g Network. The Airtel Network is everywhere in Nigeria unlike other network that when you migrate to some location it becomes more difficult to browse with your current data.

How to Check Airtel Data

To check your data plan on your Airtel sim you just need to follow the steps below.
  • First pick any device that your Airtel sim is inserted inside.
  • Then dail *141# and wait for some time an prompt reply will be issued with you.
  • Just insert a number 6 which you wait for a little while and then you will be given a message.
  • After performing this steps above you will given a reply that state that an SMS will be sent to you shortly so just wait.
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That’s all you need to do I hope it help. Most times you might also want to subscribe for other plans and you find it more difficult to do that well you can always reach the Airtel customer care representative for assistance. You don’t need to worry about what type of the day you are trying to reach them because they are always available to assist you and also make you feel comfortable.

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