How to Become rich in Nigeria with Jamalife.

How to Become rich in Nigeria with Jamalife.

It's an NGO and multilevel marketing networking organisation (MLM). It is a legit entity registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). It's main goal is to eradicate poverty from the country.

Instead of dealing with physical products like health supplements and skin creams, Jamalife focuses on offering services. Town Hall meetings are organised all over the country to teach trade skills to members and benefactors of Jamalife's philanthropic duties. These lectures empower low income earners to make more money and live better lives.

With just N2,000, you get registered as a Jamalife helpers Global member at stage 1. A group has been created to help you get from stage 1 to 8. You'll be earning financial and material rewards each step of the way.

All you need is the dedicated effort by Jamalife Super Team members to see you succeed, belief that you can make it, and hard work to make it happen. We would be looking at some of
the benefits of being an active Jamalife member.


Here are some of the benefits of being a Jamalife member.

● You get a trade and skill acquisition program worth over N200,000 for just 2k.

● Food security through agricultural projects and similar programs.

● An online mall made available to you with goods and services at reduced price.

● Holiday trips and tours funded by the company. Add flight and hotel bookings at a reduced cost for those that travel frequently.

● Material incentives as you move from one level to another. Some of them include generators, high grade laptops and phones, cars like Hyundai's SUV and a Range Rover.

● Financial Empowerment schemes such as health care packages, retirement funds, real-estateand more. All of which can be inherited by whoever you choose.
Now, the only disadvantage you'll have with Jamalife is not having the N2,000 registration fee to get all the  benefits listed above.

Start making an extra income with jamalife now.