Simplify Customer Support Management with a Call Centre Software

Simplify Customer Support Management with a Call Centre Software

Acing customer support management is increasingly becoming important for the brands who care about their customers and their brand reputation. One of the basic requirements to deliver delightful customer support and service experience is to be there for your customers - whenever and wherever they need your help. This calls for measures to be taken in this direction and it all starts with having the right call centre software for your business.

Using Call Center Software for Customer Support

Multi-channel Presence
Customers can come from anywhere. So, you need to be there where the customers are. An omnichannel call center software allows you to be present on multiple communications platforms such as voice, email, chat, WhatsApp and social media platforms. To make this even more effective one can always integrate their call centre software with ticketing software. What this essentially means is that a ticket will be created for every interaction. Thus, ensuring that your customer support executives do not miss out on any interaction.

Automated Operations
Customers are calling, tweeting, emailing you but what about your agents? Are they able to cope with this ever-increasing demand for excellent customer service experience? Well, the right call center software provider will understand your pain areas and delivers a solution to automate your contact centre operations. An auto-dialer, for instance, eliminates the need to manually dial each number. Similarly, with click to call functionality the agent can simply click on a number to place a call. All these automation improve agent efficiency and frees up their time to focus on high priority cases.

Customer - Agent Mapping
Making the caller wait for long, frequently transferring their calls creates a bad customer experience. If prolonged, this can aggravate the problem and make matters worse. Rather connect your customers to the right agent based on their skill level to ensure the customer query is resolved faster and with right resolution. This will significantly reduce their average hold time and have two-fold benefits - happy customers and less agent effort.

Have Contextual Conversations
If the customer support executives have complete information about the customers like their interaction history, any open tickets, pending order deliveries, etc. the executives are in a much better position to handle the customer. Having a unified agent desktop allows the agents to view the holistic journey of the customer since their first interaction. All of these capabilities does away with the need for the customer to repeat their complaint details again and again. And, since the agents have all the relevant customer details at their disposal, they can offer the most effective solution.

Statistical and Live Monitoring
Being in the know, allows you to be prepared and deliver exceptional customer support. The live monitoring option for the supervisor - which allows her/him to listen in on a live call or graphical dashboards of all the relevant call center metrics give the complete picture of operations. At the same time, the managers can also view the agent performance stats and make real-time strategic decisions to manage the customer support process and optimize it further.  For example, if the manager sees that many customers are waiting in the queue, she/he can allocate the resources aka the agents, in real-time to deal with peak traffic.

It's no secret that excelling at customer support is an important part of a brand’s success. This holds even more true in the emerging markets such as Africa and particularly, Nigeria. Brands are increasingly looking for cost-effective geographies to setup their operations. And Nigeria with its abundance of English speaking human capital is a lucarative site that has the potential to boost its BPO industry. Call center software providers in Nigeria have to grab this opportunity with both hands to make Nigeria the go-to destination for customer service and customer support outsourcing. Hopefully, the above-mentioned capabilities and features of a call centre software will help you to make the right choice for your business.