Start your online store  earning $20,000 per month

Start your online store earning $20,000 per month

Start your own awesome online store with clean & friendly user interface nice layout and earn $20,000 per month or more.

Coolgeekgadgets.com is a fantastic online shop selling different kinds of geek stuff. It's setup with amazon affiliate program and works with other affiliate products as well. You get paid affiliate commission every time visitors make purchase through the website.

Premium Domain Valued $762 - Fully developed and optimized for passive income through affiliate and display ads. This makes it very simple for managing the website even for a NEWBIE.

And why affiliate marketing instead of dropshipping?

Check out these benefits of Affiliate Marketing

1. Low investment costs:
One of the major advantages of affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to accumulate capital for months or years to start up your business. You only have to set up your website, find relevant affiliate programs.

Then, find the most suitable products that are relevant to your market. And, you’re done.

2. Low technical expertise:
It is not necessary to have a technology-based background to be able to become an affiliate. You just need to brush up on the basic technical knowledge and you’re good to go with Affiliate marketing.

3. Virtual establishment:
There is no need to invest a lot of capital for establishing a store. Affiliate marketing does not need any physical set up and you can earn money right from your home.

4. No hassle of shipping and packing:
You are not responsible for packing and shipping the products. As an affiliate, you’re only responsible for marketing the product and earning an income from every sale made using your link.

5. No client handling:
An affiliate’s responsibility is to market the product and initiate the sale. Handling the customer service issues is not required.
And would you like to see examples of a VERY successful Amazon affiliate sites similar to coolgeekgadgets.com?
Well these WEIRD affiliate sites are the GREAT examples earning $20,000-$30,000 per month

1) awesomestufftobuy.com
2) odditymall.com
3) coolthings.com
4) dudeiwantthat.com
5) theawesomer.com
6) technabob.com
7) thisiswhyimbroke.com

As not only are they a SUPER affiliate but they do it in a very unusual way.
Usually the secret to affiliate marketing is to pick great products that really solve your audiences problems so they bite your hand off to buy.
With these sites, they specialize in showing their audience products that are so outlandish 90% of them will never get bought....
...yet they still make an reported $20,000+ a month from Amazon as an affiliate alone.

What can the new owner do to develop this business?
Add more content feeds to target different niches.
Build up the brand using social media.
Drive traffic through Facebook, Google & Instagram ads.

Experiment with different monetization methods.
Add unique content to the site to get more organic traffic from Google.

Why Am I selling This Business?
I have recently been involved in an offline business which is giving me enough revenue and moreover I have been actively involved in bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that needs my time and attention. I am no longer able to handle this business. Hence I want to get rid of it and want someone else to takeover the business.

If you are interested in acquiring the business , just DM me and we can have a conversation where I will be revealing more about the business and its potential.

What does the sale include?
1) 1 year Domain and Web Hosting account
2) Fully guidance in marketing this website to keep generating revenue.
3) Fantastic Design. Custom, fully functional site structure. Easy to navigate and configure.
4) Full Ownership of all the files contains graphics, content and database of the site.
5) Free after-sale support for any problem