How To Create A 30 Second Ringtone From A Song On Your iPhone

How To Create A 30 Second Ringtone From A Song On Your iPhone

ven if the iPhone is home to lots of quality and fun sounds that can be used as ringtones, the truth is that they are the same for all iPhone owners, so you will only be following the crowd. To customize your device in a way that will stand out, you can just make a song your ringtone on your iOS device. In this article, we explore a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a 30-second ringtone from a song on your iPhone.

Unlike buying ringtones in the iTunes Store, they will cost you nothing. However, the process is not so straightforward and uncomplicated because Apple has no built-in method for setting your existing songs as ringtones. You have to use iTunes on your PC to make it happen.

How Can I Use A 30-Second Part Of A Song As My Ringtone?
It all starts on your PC, where you will use iTunes to select a 30-second portion of a song and export that song clip in a file format that your iPhone will recognize as a ringtone. Just:

1. Launch iTunes on your PC. Ensure you are running the most recent version of iTunes, especially if you do not use it all the time, to make sure it syncs correctly with your device.

2. From the iTunes music library, search for a song that you wish to turn into a ringtone and click to choose it.

3. Play the tune and make up your mind on the 30-second snippet of the track that you want to make into a ringtone. It could be any part of the song. Jot down the start and stop time to be sure.

4. Right-click the song and select “Song Info” from the drop-down menu.5. Under “Song Info,” tap “Options.”

6. In the start and stop boxes, enter the time you need the ringtone to start and stop and make sure the boxes are ticked. Tap OK when you are done.

7. Tap “File,” and select “Convert”, then Convert to “AAC Version.” After some time, the new version of the song will be visible in the music library, beneath the presently selected original version of the song.

8. Choose the new AAC version of the track and copy it to a location on your PC. You can just drag it to your desktop or a different folder.

9. In iTunes, the freshly created AAC version is not required, therefore you can get it rid of tapping “Delete.”

10. The original track is still set to play for just 30 seconds, so that can be fixed too. Right-tap the song and select “Song Info.” On the Options tab, clear the checkmarks for start and stop. Tap OK to save your changes.

11. Now, find the ringtone file you copied out of iTunes.

12. On a computer, tap “View,” and then check “File name extensions” in the ribbon. For Mac owners, tap “Finder” and then select “Preferences.” In Preferences, tick “Show all filename extensions.”

13. Tap the song and then, after some time, tap it again for you to edit the filename. Tap the filename extension and change it from M4A to M4R and click Enter. If asked, confirm your changes.

There you have it – a comprehensive tutorial on how to create a 30 second ringtone from a song on your iPhone. If you have any questions as regards this tutorial, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.