How to sell and Make Money on Jumia.com.ng In Nigeria

How to sell and Make Money on Jumia.com.ng In Nigeria

Jumia has, in recent years, played a pivotal role in Africa's economy. And with a large part of the population shifting to online purchase, Jumia market is gradually transforming into a household name. Today, I am going to show you a step by step guide to sell on Jumia market and how to become a Jumia seller. At the same time, you can also click to learn about Jumia dropshipping website.

As a vendor, the Jumia platform gives you an opportunity to market and boost your brand to millions of people, not only in Nigeria but also in most countries across Africa.

A Brief on Jumia Market
● Jumia entered business in 2012 and presently serves 14 African countries

● The company owns around 15% of products that sell on its website. Entrepreneurs selling on the platform own the rest of the items.

● In 2013, Jumia won the World Online Retail Award

● In 2015, it registered $234 million in revenue, representing a 265% growth from the previous year

● As of 2016, Jumia has contributed to 90% of African GDP, serves millions of customers, and boasts 126 operations across Africa.

● As of 2017, Jumia ranks 47th among the smartest companies as listed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Plus, it's the only African company to feature among the top 50 in the MIT list.

Things To Consider Before Knowing How To Sell On Jumia
Jumia, like most e-commerce platforms, has certain conditions that ought to be met before you can start selling. Below, we discuss the must-haves for selling on Jumia platform:

You Should Have Brand New Products

Jumia doesn’t accept the sale of used or refurbished products, meaning you can only list new products. Plus, ensure that the products you plan to sell don’t feature in Jumia’s list of banned and restricted brands. You can click here to get a complete list.

You Should be an Authorized Seller of a Brand

In the case of branded products, ensure you’re an authorized seller of that particular brand. Authorization comes in various forms, including licenses and trademarks. Jumia does this to protect both the seller and the brand owner.

Apt Pricing

Jumia offers premium quality products at affordable prices, which is a welcome move for end-users. So, if you’re planning to sell costly high-end products, Jumia might not be the right place for you.

You Should Have At Least 5 Items To Sell

Jumia puts a minimum limit to the number of items you can upload. Currently, you can’t upload less than 5 products.

You Need a Bank Account

Jumia pays directly into your bank account. So, you should consider opening one before starting to sell.

Benefits of Selling on Jumia Market
How do you stand to benefit by selling on the Jumia marketplace? Below are four reasons to keep you motivated:

Free Vendor Training

The Jumia University offers free vendor training. Training sessions include the option of offline training. Here, you get to learn more about the Jumia Seller Center. Plus, you get to know how to list your products and have comprehensive knowledge regarding order packaging and shipping.

The sessions offer advice and tips on how to boost your sales volume and create most appealing, professional content for your products. You also learn everything regarding account statement. All these for free!

Brand Trust

Jumia company has years of experience and excellent service; hence people trust it. Therefore, rather than buying from unknown online stores, most choose to buy their items on Jumia.

The company offers you the opportunity to use its trusted brand name as a label for your products. As a result, you get to share in its popularity.

More Reach

In Nigeria alone, 4 million visitors flock the Jumia platform every month searching for items to buy. Plus, you need to remember that its presence is felt across many other African countries. So, it’s your big chance to advertise your products to millions of buyers every month.

No Maximum Upload Limit

At Jumia, you can list as many items as you want, since there’s no maximum limit. Plus, the platform takes care of maintenance fee, listing fee, and other unprecedented expenses.


Jumia makes selling pretty simple. The only things you need to do is complete the registration process, complete a dedicated training session (for new sellers), list your products, and you're all set.

What Can You Sell on Jumia Market?
In Jumia, there are extensive categories of products you can sell. Below is a list of items that sell on Jumia:

● Electronics (television, projectors, cameras, sound systems, etc.)

● Phone & Tablets (mobile phones, tablets, and accessories)

● Computing (laptops, printers, scanners, software, networking services, etc.)

● Health & Beauty (hair care, fragrances, makeups, etc.)

● Home & Office (cookware, appliances, furniture, bedding, etc.)

● Grocery (laundry, cooking, toiletries, beverages, etc.)

● Fashion (wearables, jewelry, watches, etc.)

● Baby Products (toys, apparel, diapering, etc.)

● Automobile (car & motorcycle accessories, safety equipment, etc.)

● Sporting Goods (sport & fitness, cycling, camping, etc.)

● Gaming (play station, video games, etc.)

● Other Categories ( livestock, musical, gardening, movies, etc.)

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What You Can't Sell on Jumia
● Tobacco & Cigarettes

● Medical Items

● Media Publications

● Weapons

● Pirated Publications

● Seditious Materials

● Obscene Images

● Adult Toys

● Vulgar Words

● Fireworks & Explosives

● Plants & Animals

What Are The Conditions Required To Sell on Jumia?
As a seller you need to:

● Be at least 18 years of age, or selling under the supervision of a legal guardian or parent

● Take responsibility for all activities regarding password and account.

● Ensure business transparency and maintain high-quality products and standards. Remember, Jumia does routine quality checks for verification.

● Maintain price parity for your products, both in Jumia and other platforms. For instance, you shouldn’t sell a product at a lower price on another platform than the price listed on Jumia.

● Grant Jumia access to your products, branding materials, and trademarks for promotional purposes.

● Invest in, or carry campaigns to promote your product.

● Complete the registration process and obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN)

● Ensure no product is out of stock. Maintain zero percent Out Of Stock Rate

● Maintain a quality Return Rate of less than 2%

● Have a customer product rating of not less than 3 stars

● Maintain a Ready-to-Ship policy within 24 hours

● Ensure the product comes with a warranty where applicable

Note: You can visit the Seller Center for a comprehensive list of seller’s Terms & Conditions

Jumia Seller Fees
Jumia doesn’t charge sellers looking to build their business on the platform, not unless the seller gets to make a sale. Here, Jumia earns from sellers as per the Revenue Share agreement.

The platform decides on the revenue share. For instance, if the Revenue Share is 85:15, for a product that sells for $80 and incurring a shipping cost of $20, Jumia pays you $85 and keeps $15. Plus, Jumia charges a Return-to-Vendor fee, which depends on the size of the product. For a small item, you’ll incur a fee equivalent to ₦ 150. Medium items attract a fee of ₦ 300.

The turnover share varies depending on the product category. Click here for a comprehensive Jumia commission structure.

How To Create A Jumia Store From Scratch 2018
As a new seller, you undergo a 3-step process before you can start selling. You complete registration, undergo training, then list your products ready to start selling.


To sell on Jumia, you have to register as a vendor, a process that takes around 5 minutes. Visit the Jumia website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. On the bottom left corner, click on “Sell on Jumia.”


You’ll be taken to the page below. Click on “Start selling now.”

start selling on jumia.png

You’ll be taken to the registration form where you’ll fill in details regarding your company information and your products before accepting Jumia’s Terms & conditions.

The “COMPANY INFORMATION” section requires details on:

● Company Location, e.g. Nigeria, Ghana, etc.

● Your First & Last Name

● Mobile Phone Number

● Email (Used for verification and email activation)

● Preferred Jumia Store Name

● Business Entity (Individual or registered company)

● Address

● City

● Postal Code

● Whether or not you agree to let Jumia stock your product

On “PRODUCT INFORMATION” section, the following fields are required:

● Main Product Category, e.g. Automobiles, Electronics, etc. Here, Jumia provides a link to the commission structure of each product category.

● Whether or not you’re selling on other websites

● The number of products you plan to list on Jumia

Once done, agree to the terms and conditions by ticking on the box, then on “Register Now.”

register now jumia.png

Click on the link send to your email. You’ll be directed to the Jumia “Seller Center” where you’ll set up the password to your account. Once done, you need to confirm your store. Here, you’ll fill in details on:

● Personal Information

● Business Information

● Bank Account

Training Session

The email sent to you comes with a link to the “Vendor Hub” page. Go back to click on it and complete on it to complete the training session. The training is done online or offline. Jumia provides a link to YouTube video for online training. Plus, you’ll get more tutorials on your “Vendor Hub” page. You’ll have to make a booking for offline training done every weekday.

seller center jumia.png

You can access the same on the Seller Center platform by clicking on “Get Started Here” as shown above.

Product Listing & Content Creation

Product listing is done on the Seller Center platform. The process varies depending on whether or not a particular product already exists on the Jumia platform.

For a product that already exists on Jumia:

Use the Sell Yours Feature. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: On the search bar, enter the exact product you want to upload, then click on “SELL YOURS.”

sell yours jumia.png

Step 2: Click on “More Product Details” tab and change the product line to the name of your store.

more product details.png

Step 3: Click on “Product Pricing” tab and insert

● Seller SKU

● Quantity

● Price Per Item

Once done, click on “Submit and Finish.”

submit and finish.png

Note: For this part, don’t upload images

For a product that doesn’t exist on Jumia platform:

In creating new offers, you’ll need to have the following information:

● Product Name

● Detailed description and specification for the product

● High-quality pictures of the product

● Price

● Available stock

Need help with content creation for a particular product? Well, you can have content created through Jumia’s Production Services. What you do is sign in, select a content provider, and you’ll be ready to go live within 3 days. Of course, you’ll have to pay a small fee for the service.

Alternatively, you can do it for free using the “Sell Yours Here” feature. By duplicating an already existing content on the same product, you can get yours created in less than 30 seconds.

So far, your work will be done. Let Jumia handle the rest as you sit back, relax, and earn some revenues.

You Can Start Purchasing From Chinabrands
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● Variety

Given the sheer number of supplier on the platform, you are exposed to possibly the largest volume of items that you could ever get from local supplier. You also have additional categories of home decor and electronic toys available to your customers both of which are extremely popular during summer time.

● Quality

As stated earlier Chinabrands never make a mistake when it comes to quality. Suppliers are all reviewed and quality assurance guaranteed. You are even allowed to receive a testing sample, in this case, the sample items to determine for yourself the degree of quality.

● Automation

Suppliers at Chinabrands will be able to offer you fully automated order fulfillment services ensuring you spend less time on processes and more on customer satisfaction.

● Huge inventory

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