3 Powerful Strategies for Grabbing Attention in the Marketplace

3 Powerful Strategies for Grabbing Attention in the Marketplace

Thought Leadership is like rap music. Every artist has an industry shelf life.

Once that time is up, the market gets sick of hearing and seeing you, no matter how much of a banger your hits used to be.

It's nothing personal, just that the human mind has a propensity to create a blindspot where it has experienced the same thing many times and become accustomed to it.

The antidote is what the fields of Psychology and NLP refer to as a PATTERN INTERRUPT. You'll understand how to use this to refocus the attention of the marketplace on your personal brand as you read along.

A few rap artistes have used pattern interrupts to remain dominant or at least relevant. They understood that the key was reinvention.

Artistes like Jay Z, Snoop Dogg, Diddy and Eminem can still put out songs today that hit the charts because they’ve evolved their approach as the times changed.

Jay Z for instance, made millions from rapping about the drug game. He did well with that angle but knew it wouldn’t last forever so he switched it up to the aspirational black businessman persona.

50 Cent made millions rapping about the gangster life and shooting up his rivals, but after that angle did its time, he started making songs about love interests... and then he had a lightbulb moment.

Instead of rapping about the street life, why not make movies about it? He made his own hit TV series - POWER. Same story, different medium.

There’s nothing wrong with consistency, but everything wrong with stagnancy.

How does this affect you and how can you use this principle to your advantage?

Your message can stay the same, but you can share a new personal experience that adds new light to what you’ve been sharing all along.

How did the birth of your new child change your approach, and how has that approach made your business bigger?

Did you make a trip that gave you new paradigms? Share the stories and lessons?

Almost every industry these days is perception-based. Humans are visual creatures and a new look and/or style can switch up how the market sees you.

To some, you’ll almost be like a new person entirely. Can you do something new to your hair (cut, dye, dreadlocks, etc) or switch up your attire and/or accessories in a way that forces them to notice the difference... and then listen to your message?

Please note that the new look needs to be reinforced and burned into their minds over time, so stick with it once you’ve decided on a look.

By this, I don’t necessarily mean geography though it’s a part of it. I also (and more specifically) mean the people you’re seen to be surrounded by.

Don’t think that the Youtube Interview between Jay Z and Warren Buffet just occurred by happenstance.

These guys are super-intentional about even what might appear to be minutiae. By doing so, Jay Z has made himself visible and acceptable to Warren Buffett’s circle and admirers, maybe not in a music sense, but in the world of business/investing.

As a Nigerian Consultant, do you want to have more entertainers as clients? You need to be SEEN with them... OFTEN.

Get an interview, get pictures for social media. Do it enough times for the marketplace to get the new brand association.

These are just 3 strategies but if you pay attention to this train of thought, you might extract more through keen observation.

Don’t think that rap/hip hop artistes do these things randomly. There are top consultants on the payroll of their record labels who are charged with making these branding decisions on behalf of the artistes.

Did you get ideas for what to do with your brand in 2020? Share with me in the comments.

Credit John Obidi