How Google Defines a High-Quality Page With an Example


  • They must have a high level of Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T).
  • A satisfying amount of high-quality content (More than 2000+ words, unofficial my words)
  • Satisfactory website information and/or information about who is responsible for the website.
  • Positive website reputation (reviews) for a website
  • Takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill.
  • Information pages should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive.


  • Parenting article about strollers
High-Quality Characteristics:
  • A satisfying amount of high-quality MC
  • Very positive reputation (website)
  • Specifically, high E-A-T and positive reputation for this specific blog and author
PQ Rating:
  • This is a blog post on a newspaper that has won a variety of awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize, George Polk Award, Peabody Award, etc. The author of this blog post has become known as an expert on parenting issues. She is a regular contributor to this and other media websites.
About Author 2018 NIRA Award winner for Youth Development, A web Specialist, Blogger, Student and a Business Man
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