How to Subscribe GOtv with Android Phone

How to Subscribe GOtv with Android Phone

In the recent year, app has become the most efficient ways to apply or get things done, which would have warranted you going to an office, wasting time and all that. But using the right app for your task makes things 10X faster than ever imagined.


1. Mobile Banking App

Speaking of App, we can use our Mobile Banking App to subscribe for GOtv with Android Phone, or even other payments the Bank supports. Of course, all Bank Apps supports the use of it to pay for your Paid-TV channels, its credibly part of their services as they make money from every Payment.

Before taking a bold step to first used My Banking App “GTBank” to pay for my DStv I was thinking and wondering whether My DStv would receive my payment as fast as possible. And to my greatest surprise when I received a notification that the payment was successful, immediately I got a notification again from QuickTeller that I have subscribed for the Paid-TV “DStv” – this was happening within the space of seconds after making the payment with Android Phone.

Not more than 5mins to see my DStv started showing with no error.

So in case you want to use your Internet Banking App to do this here is a general step to follow. But note that the navigation of your App may differ – this depends on your Phone and Bank you use. For instance, I either use Fingureprintor password to login my “First Bank Mobile App” read the update here.  But once logged in, all other navigation may appear the same with a non-fingerprint enabled phone.

  1. Download your Mobile Banking App – Click here to download your Bank’s latest App.
  2. Install and sign up or login to start using the App. Some banks request that before you start using the App you have to apply through the bank and they will generate a pin and password for your first-time login. Then you can change from there. Also, you MUST have an ATM card to use the app (some banks).
  3. Now you have logged into your account, navigate to the “Menu” that is where you select what task to carry out, whether transfer fund, recharge/top-up, pay bill, etc…
  4. If you don’t see a direct button like “Pay Bill” then you may see “Other Payments”, or “Cable Tv” – just make sure to navigate well you will understand better.
  5. After selecting the services you want, you will be asked to select the Cable Tv company you want to subscribe to. Make sure selecting the right one, because you will be seeing other Cable Tv companies.
  6. Then you have to select the account to debit from (when you have more than one bank account), then you will also be required to input your decoder serial number or Smart Card number or other unique number identifying your account with them (the Cable TV companies).
  7. You will see the amount you can change it in case you want to subscribe for more months or years.
  8. Then enter your Mobile banking App Pin to complete and authorize this transaction.
  9. Click Submit, or Pay, or Subscribe, as the case may be at your end.

2. Download Other Apps For Bill Payments

This is also another wonderful option to use, I also make use of them. I use Zoto app and Quickteller App most especially for my Bill payment. We have provided you with the link below to download any of these apps.

How to Use those Apps:

Once you have downloaded the app, as a first time user you need to sign up using the instructions which prompt up.  Now, After the registration, you have to go to your email address to verify the registration. Also, they do Mobile phone verification – a code is sent to you to authenticate that you are the person registering this account.

Once all that is done, navigate to the “Menu” bar, and select which service you want to carry out. Also, select the Cable Tv and the Plan you want to subscribe, then enter your credit card information, and your decoder serial number or Smart card number (all depends on which your Cable Tv requires for identifying you). Then, you may proceed to make your payment.

At this point there is a redirection to the bank you linked, which further authenticates and send you an OTP (that is One-Time-Pin), to complete your transaction.

Few mins after the completion of the payment, you get debited, and your subscriptions start working. Please note that all this process points to the reason for this page which “to Subscribe GOtv with Android Phone“.