Top Business Skill to Master in 2020

Top Business Skill to Master in 2020

Some years back, I had to lodge in a hotel along Allen Avenue, Ikeja. I went out at night and witnessed first-hand, direct-marketing in an interesting industry. These ladies were all over the place touching and pulling you as you passed. ‘’Brother how far?’’, they beckon to their potential customers. They strategically target the area because of the demographic of the environment. They believe many of their potential consumers converge there owing to the many hotels, bars, lounges that litter the area. It was nothing but targeted marketing and they understood it was central to their venture.

Let’s face it! If you are in business, then you are first in the business of marketing. You can have a great product but with poor marketing, you will get zero sales. And quite frankly, you can have a poor product but with great marketing you may be able to sell. The problem with the latter is that you may not have repeat customers.

Fortunately, there hasn’t been a better time to market. In those days, you needed a big advertising budget to compete with big brands and the only viable sources of advertisement used to be Television and the Print Media. Even though brands spend so much on these platforms, the ads are far from targeted. These days, with some few thousands of naira, you can get your products and services in front of a targeted audience.

This is why I really think one of the most important marketing skills you can learn is Paid Facebook/Instagram Advertising. Why? Pretty obvious.
Firstly, there really isn’t any other platform that can promise you targeted traffic like Facebook Ads. Imagine using physical fliers to market your make-up products. So you drop them everywhere and anywhere. The problem? Make-up products are used (at least mostly) by young women. But your fliers are given to men and women alike, both young and old. That is not efficient advertising.

With Facebook Ads however, you can target only females and choose specific age-range of those that will see your Ads. You can also target by location. You can target by interests. For the make-up products for example, I will target females between 25 and 45 years; those interested in beauty, fashion, make-up, and online shopping. I will also choose locations that are more likely to buy.

It’s like selling water and Facebook giving you an audience of thirsty people in a desert. Your chances of making successful sales have increased exponentially.
But that is not all. Imagine someone coming to your shop to make enquiries about your product. It means you have successfully caught his attention but for whatever reason, he didn’t buy or subscribe to your services. The truth is most people don’t make a purchase at first contact with your product or services. They will require repeated exposure to your product to finally make a purchase. But how do you maintain such contact with them? Where can you find them?
With Facebook ad, you can always retarget people that watched your videos or visited your website and show your ads to them again. You may have visited a website in the past and their adverts start following you everywhere online like the village people. That’s called retargeting. Tell me which other platform gives you such flexibility and wealth of options in closing a sale.

What about lookalike audience? So you have a made lots of sales and sales are beginning to drop. You can tell Facebook to create a lookalike audience similar to those that have bought from you and then target them.
But what’s the cost of all these? Compared to other advertising platforms, Facebook Ads are ridiculously cheap. With an advertising budget of as low as N1000/day, you can start getting results. This is exactly how I got a product for N1800 in Lagos and sold several of it for N9500 in the same Lagos and several other states.

So what can you do? You can hire someone like me to run your FB ads or you can learn the skill yourself. Trust me! The latter is much better.

Commit to learning this singular skill and it can change your financial fortune in 2020.

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