Technology Trends Small Businesses Should Watch Out This 2020

Technology Trends Small Businesses Should Watch Out This 2020

Every day we see businesses emerging left and right. Everyone wants to run their own business and make a living out of it, after all, it’s better to become your own boss. Therefore, this 2020, we are to see more small businesses being put up.

In 2019, about 90% of company owners are small or medium-sized businesses in the US. This only tells us that small businesses are definitely the backbone of the world’s economy. However, running a business is not easy, and there’s a lot to take in. Some businesses even fall out of the earth’s surface on its first year, while others might be lucky to at least survive for five years.
However, you don’t like to be one of those businesses that only last a few years. Your goal is to grow your business, expand it as long as you can cater to your customers. But how are you to do so? It’s easy. The only thing small business owners must do is to follow the trend.
Keeping up on what’s new will give businesses more opportunities to grow. As trends are often due to the demands of many when business owners follow it, they go along where their customers are, and there is a possibility that they can gain more.
Now you are aware that following trends can keep your business alive, here are some trends you need to look after this 2020. Go along with some of it that your business needs and you’re sure to see great results.

Mobile-friendly Website is a Thing
In 2019, mobile users have increased to the extent of surpassing desktop and PC users. Having knowledge about this only means that you must design a website that can cater to mobile users.
Having a website that can manage to run on a mobile will increase your websites traffic and also push your website on to the first page or on top of search engine.
Aside from websites being mobile-friendly, businesses must be ready to accept payments from mobile devices, as some customers prefer paying using their phones on scanners. More and more mobile users also opt for mobile wallets like Apple Pay or PayPal.

Automated Software for easy Workflow
Automated software platforms have already emerged and became noticed a lot in the past year. The demand for these tools will still be on the rise as it provides an easy, efficient, and convenient way to take care of a business.
These software platforms are helpful as it provides quick answers to customers’ inquiry (customer service), manages a business’s finances, and even take care of automated marketing strategies.
Since these software platforms are integrated with AI, they track the behavior of users. This information can be used by small businesses to manage a successful marketing strategy.

Social Media will still be Important in Marketing
As early as now, you must know that social media will still be one of the platforms used to market a brand. Businesses will not see any potential drop in the use of it. As most people engage in the use of mobile phones, it is only likely that social media will still be on the rise.
However, there have been also a lot of businesses engaging in this form of marketing strategy, and the market to get noticed is quite difficult. Small businesses must find a way to engage users by providing them with unique content, a community they can interact in, and a safe place for them to do their online shopping.
Social media is a great tool for small business owners, but the only way to use these platforms is to find a unique way to reach out to your customers.

Like Content, Reviews are King
You may think your product or service is great, but at the end of the day it’s not what you think that matters. What counts is how can you satisfy or provide your customers’ need.
Trying to provide what your customers need will work best for your business as when they are satisfied, you’ll be able to receive positive reviews from them. These reviews matter as people rely on such when it comes to decision making.
A business with good reviews is more likely to receive more customers and generate more income. Comparing this to a company with a whole lot of negative reviews. However, not all the time you can please everyone. That’s why, despite getting positive reviews, you might encounter some negative ones.
It is best to remember to deal with the problem of the customer than to just delete the review. Businesses who deal with their customers' complain will more likely receive a positive review as they know how to provide a great service to their customers.

Chatbots and Voice Search are the Norm
AI technology has brought a whole new lot of changes to the business world, and one of which is the use of chatbots. These tools are great to take some human tasks and make the workload easy. Aside from that, it provides a 24/7 customer service that’s professional and human-like. Chatbots are slowly changing the face of customer service and the shopping behavior of people. Since it’s easy to deal with them, people prefer to communicate with chatbots.
Voice search is quickly on the rise as smart speakers are. This year it has been predicted that people conducting research using voice search will rise to 50%. Hence, business owners must integrate voice search into their website or mobile app.

Remote Workers on the Rise
Technology has done a lot of wonders in the life of people. It helped businesses grow and find more customers. It helped people make life easier than ever. Now, it has also made employment at reach.
Small businesses, especially those who run online, are able to hire employees across the globe, giving them more people with better skills. The normal 9-5 job on an office is slowly being changed with more flexible working hours from a more convenient location.
Business owners need to grab this opportunity to hire workers across the globe to give them satisfying and outstanding results.

Cloud computing and 5G Technology
This 2020, if you won’t be investing in the latest technology, you might find yourself struggling as you’ll be left behind of your competitors. The use of cloud computing has already been seen in last year, but as the developers further perfect their software, more businesses will rely on it. So should small businesses.
Aside from the continual progress and usage of cloud computing, people will see the rise of 5G technology. Earlier last year 5G has already been introduced to the public, and some countries have already had their hands in this technology. Even telecommunication companies like Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Cisco Systems, and more have already incorporated the technology in their system.
5G provides a fast internet connection, where users can download faster, experience quicker video streaming, and will be able to support technologies such as internet of things, virtual reality, and augmented reality.
Investing in these technologies may cost a little, but it will allow small or medium-size businesses to further grow and compete with other companies.

Now we have entered a new year, it is also time for technology to spread its wings further, and take a big step into the future. These changes and advancement may seem intimidating at first, but it will help small businesses on their journey to expand or grow.
Small businesses must listen carefully to what the trends are or what people want. They must stay in touch with what is happening in the digital world as it brings bigger chances for the business to grow and generate more income.

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