Buy and Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria - BuyAfrica

Buy and Sell Bitcoin In Nigeria - BuyAfrica

The latest craze that is sweeping the world is cryptocurrency, and no one wants to miss a piece of this action. Some of the famous people in the western world have used celebrity, money and their social media following to either endorse or invest in cryptocurrency. No one wants to be left behind.

How to Buy Bitcoin on Buyafrica

Step 1: Sign inI If you already have a BuyCoins account, you can sign in with your details. If you don't have an account, click the link that says "Create An Account".


Step 2: Select the Buy Coins option Once you're signed in, click on the "Buy Coins" icon on the dashboard, or click on the menu icon then select the option that says "Buy & Sell Coins".

Step 3: Select the cryptocurrency and the amount you wish to buy From the menu, select the cryptocurrency you want, the amount you wish to buy and click 'Review Details'. You need to have Naira Token (NGNT) to be able to buy cryptocurrency.


Step 4: Make Payment Review the details of your transaction to confirm your transaction. After reviewing the details, click on "Buy".

You're done!
Your order will be processed and your wallet credited as soon as it is completed.

It is the same thought Bitkoin Africa had when it developed BuyCoins. It is an instant cryptocurrency exchange that is in Nigeria. The Nigerians are also hungry to get on the new train of cryptocurrency.

Let's read on and find out a little more about the new platform Launched by Bitkoin Africa.

A Little About BuyCoins

Over the past few months, there have been several variants of cryptocurrencies that have emerged and have risen in popularity; this is just beyond the famously known Bitcoin. Coins like Ethereum and even Litecoin have increased in popularity over a few months. Some of the currencies have even seen more than 10,000% popularity rise in just under one year.

So when we put these three coins together, that is Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum, we can emphatically say they have a market capitalization that is over $200 billion. This is the GDP’ s that some small countries in the world have.

With the sudden popularity in the cryptocurrency market, Timi’s Bitkoin Africa sow it fit to launch BuyCoins. More people need to also get into the action of what the ever-growing market has to offer.

BuyCoins is a multi-currency platform that allows Nigerians to sell and buy cryptocurrency very easily in just under a minute. The platform supports Ethereum, Bitcoin cash, and Litecoin; let’s not forget Bitcoin.

How the New BuyCoins Actually Work
As it is a multi-currency exchange platform, as an investor, you are able to start trading in a straightforward manner. So, Nigerians will first need to buy Bitcoin; then from here, you can easily transfer it to a foreign exchange. This is just before you are able to trade or buy the other coins.

With this new platform, transactions have been made instant and very seamless, to ensure you experience a smooth operation as you trade. However, the platform is still in beta mode, and it is only made accessible via a single waitlist developed by the company.

If you would like to move up the waitlist in order to get the amazing benefits the platform has to offer, the users will need to sign up and refer people. The more people you refer to the platform the quicker you move up the list. For trading to take place smoothly there need to be investors to trade, thus, the need to refer as many people as possible.

What Is Our Take on The New BuyCoins Investment Platform?
As we know any new investment that presents itself comes with its fair share of risks and restrictions. But for this particular platform, it seems like an excellent option to put your money. Bitkoin Africa has been around growing individual’s investments, and for the company to launch another product creates a lot of confidence in us as we have seen what it can offer.

So if you are a Nigerian and you’re hungry to get on this cryptocurrency wave then sign up and refer as many people to the platform so that you can get trading.