There is much fake Address available that do not work and people waste their time on a fake method like How to create Clickbank account 100% Working method or how to create a Clickbank account in Pakistan/ India/Bangladesh/Nigeria or in other blocked countries. but don’t worry you are at the right place I will share the complete method to make Clickbank account and it will work for you. This Article is for those who have the following issue or if they live in the country where Clickbank does not allow to create an account.

How-to-Create-a-Clickbank-Affiliate-Marketing-Account in Blocked Countries 2019

Now they are simple steps you will learn to know How-to-Create-a-Clickbank-Affiliate-Marketing-Account and you can not get any kind of issues.This is for all those who are facing trouble while making a Clickbank account. Let’s Start

  1. First of All, Install BROWSEC VPN Extension in Google Chrome. (as per video)
  2. Open BROWSEC VPN Extension.
  3. Click on “Protect”.
  4. Select Country “UK”.
  5. Click on Button. The connection will Establish.
  6. Open Clickbank in New Tab. After VPN is Connected.
  7. Now Open New Tab Search And get a fake address generator from google
  8. Open CLICKBANK website in new tab and Click on signup.

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • First Name: Your First Name
  • Last Name: Your Last Name
  • Street address: Enter Fake Address that you have Search for City Name.
  • Apt/Suit/ Other: Leave Empty.
  • Enter Zip Code: Enter zip Code against Fake Address you have Search.
  • Select State: a Select stat that you have to Write down in Notepad. For Example, here we Note down State= “England”.
  • Enter City: enter City that you have to find in Fake Address Generator.
  • Enter Phone Number: Enter Phone Number against Fake Address Generator
  • Enter Email: Enter your Real Email.

Click Next. Now you have to Enter Billing Information.
Payee Name: Enter Your Real Name.
Enter Bank Name: Now go to your payoneer account and make global account for UK. if you dont have Payoneer account you can make it easily Watch This.
Bank Country: Enter Bank Country. For Example, Uk.
Now click R I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Click Next. Now you have to enter Account Credentials.
Nick Name: Enter your nickname or Name. and must Remember this Nickname, this will be used when you want to sign in.
Password: Enter Password You Want.
Click on Create Account. Will be Redirect to the Sign in page.
Now enter your Nick Name and Password.
Congrats now you have successfully Create ClickBank Account.
Note: When your account is created then you can change your country and address to whatever you want.

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