JumbleBox Review: Is Jumblebox Uk Legit or Scam

JumbleBox Review: Is Jumblebox Uk Legit or Scam

Note JumbleBox is a Scam we only wrote this due to the referral bonus when we discovered lately we decided to update this article please stay away from this platforms thanks

On this article, we’ll be discussing about Jumblebox review and everything you need to know about this income program. We’ll be discussing here about this Program if its scam free and free to invest. Just calm down and read every single bit of this article word for word.


NOTE: Please we strongly advice you to read this article from the start to the finish before investing your money 💰 so as to enjoy this income as its still fresh and new.

What is JumbleBox?

This is a platform that helps users or members earn when they watch videos (advertisement). JumbleBox shows users adverts to watch and pays them to watching them. This site also permits businesses to display their adverts. Below is a direct claim from the company’s website:

Our offer is impossible to resist. Which is why we are growing at an unprecedented rate. For every 10 people who read this, a whooping 9 go on to subscribe or publish an advertisement. Isn’t that great?

We can grow together. If your friends haven’t heard about us yet, we offer higher rates for every user you invite to this Program. It’s super easy to invite people and you’ll find out it’s fun being the person who shares the great news about JumbleBox with others. Awesome.

How Does JumbleBox Work

This Income Program is quite easy to understand. JumbleBox enables users to earn money through watching short adverts from different companies, published on Instagram. There is a direct partnership between JumbleBox and Instagram (Which permits them to host the adverts on Instagram).

To start watching adverts on Program, you have to choose a Subscription Plan (this will be discussed later) because it will determine how much you earn. In a day, you have to watch two (2) adverts.

For example, if you subscribe to the first subscription plan, and you watch the two adverts for that day, you are getting $1.

JumbleBox pays you in Bitcoin which means you have to have a Bitcoin wallet for you to get your earning. This is very easy to understand. Just keep on reading the article closely to get more important information.

Is Jumblebox Uk Legit or Scam

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JumbleBox Subscription Plans

First Sign up here 

There are seven (7) Subscription Plans that members are expected to choose from. Below are the plans

1.) Starter Plan

• Subscription Fee: $10 (about £7.98 )
• Daily Earning: $1 (£0.79)
• Expiry date: Lifetime

This means once you register for this plan, you are getting $1 daily when you watch the adverts. This means that the subscription will not have to be renewed. So you stand to earn $30 monthly if you are subscribed to this plan.

2.) Basic Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $20
  • Daily earning: $2
  • Just like the first subscription plan. But here you get $2 when you watch the videos for the day.

3.) Max Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $50
  • Daily Earning: $5
  • This is where it starts getting serious. In a month, if you watch all videos for that month, you are getting the sun of $150. This is a lot of money right? But don’t forget that the money will be in Bitcoin.

4.) Pro Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $100
  • Daily Earning: $10
  • This plan is bigger than the above three (3) as you can see. Here you are getting $300 in a month.

5.) Gold Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $200
  • Daily Earning: $20

6.) Platinum Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $500
  • Daily Earning: $50

7.) Enterprise Plan

  • Subscription Fee: $1,000
  • Daily Earning: $100
  • Note: You can get the above daily earnings only of you watch the videos for the day. A withdrawal will be automatically processed after you watch the videos.

Jumblebox Contact

Please take note that Below is their contact information.

Make use of them when you need them.

Jumblebox Hotlines
US: +1-279-222-0040,
Europe: +44-772-741-5380,

Support Tickets

75 Keppochhill Drive, Glasgow, G21 1HX, UK
983 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA,

Social handles
Facebook: https://facebook.com/jumblebox
Messenger: https://m.me/jumblebox
Website: https://jumblebox.uk