Create Web Sites like NNU, Wakanda, using WordPress

Create Web Sites like NNU, Wakanda, using WordPress

Are you looking for how to create web sites like NNU Forum, Giftaworld, Wakanda, blog9ja, or any other online income program? What if I tell you how you can create these set of Affiliate income program site on your own? This is a step by step guide, with every detail you will follow to set it your dream income program

If you do not know how to develop a complex website or any programming language, it is impossible to create such platforms. However, I took a lot of time to study some of these online news pay income platforms and discovered how a beginner like you can do it,

So this post is for beginners into web development or if you want to learn how to set up an income reward program,

First of all, you are going to learn how to Register your website at very affordable or almost free, install the necessary software then configure your website without touching any code, oh yes you won’t have to worry about knowing how to write any programming language

Choose A Good Domain Name

Get a good domain name, this will form the basis of your brand, I suggest you register your domain name using Namecheap domain services, it’s pretty cheap, reliable and affordable with less than 500 Naira you can get your unique brand name.com for one year.

Click Here to Get Free Coupons from Name Cheap and register your website

Setup a good web hosting account:

Your hosting account is your web store, using a reliable web hosting service provider is crucial to your success rate, because if you choose the wrong web hosting company, just imagine after you are done with all the hard work, the configuration BAM! Your site goes down or the website cannot carry the traffic, what will you do?

Websites like NNU, Newspay forum, and other online income programs are traffic-intensive, as an expert, I am recommending the NameCheap steller plus hosting account, with just 7k you can get unlimited web hosting space for a whole year. this is one of the best web hosting deal you can get out there, plus its fast, reliable and secure

After you have successfully registered your domain with (my recommended hosting,) let us dive into the setup procedures without hiding any information on how you can set up your news income program just like the big guys you admire

Steps to Setup NNU or Newspay Kind of Income Program using WordPress

Before know I use to imagine the possibility of creating websites like NNU or Wakanda using WordPress, I searched virtually everywhere online for a script or software which might be useful to create such news reward platform or any other online get paid to read news websites in Nigeria

Most times I come almost close to finding it however, the softwares I see are amateur scripts developed by some upcoming web designers, building a complex product like NNu require experience and security to prevent hacking your WordPress website

But as I search endlessly on Google for web scripts with those features, I came across amazing WordPress plugins that will fit into the need, so I decided to try them, guess what?  It worked after I finished the websites I was so impressed and happy

List of WordPress Plugins to Setup An Income Program Like NNU

WordPress self-hosted: if you are a Namecheap customer, log in to your web site control panel click on click on softacolous, select WordPress, and install.  WordPress is the platform you are using to build your NNU. Newspay Clone website

Woocommerce WordPress plugin: you need this plugin for payment processing, and user signup account, it’s an eCommerce WordPress plugin,

How to install Woocommerce inside WordPress

Login to your website WordPress admin panel, you can navigate to your admin panel by visiting yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/ input your site username and password to login to your dashboard

Click on Plugins then select “ Add new”  from the drop-down list, When the new page displays, in the search bar type in ” WooCommerce”, this is exactly how you are going to install other plugins

Click on install, Congratulations, you have installed WooCommece plugin, please remember to repeat the same method when you are about to install other plugins I listed below

myCred WordPress Plugin

 In order for your site members to be rewarded and get paid when they read your blog news, comment, or make a post, you need a plugin that will monitor and reward their actions, this is the role of myCred.

It will require you to set up your site currency name, configure the actions you want it to check like daily login credit, sponsored post, comment credit, and social media sharing credit

Here is myCred Official Documentation  incase you wish to tweak the plugin to your taste

Paystack Woocommerce plugin

Paystack WooCommerce Plugin is a payment gateway to allow you accept payment on your website directly into your bank account, it is important because you can't tell your members to transfer their money to your account you know your members believe making payment directly on the website is better because the payments will do directly to the company account lol (which is you anyways)

Install Jetpack WordPress plugin: This will help you to secure your website from hackers and spammers, its great tool Jetpack can also crease your organic traffic

Having successfully installed all these listed plugins it’s time to get a good theme, except you want to create a clone website, that’s a lookalike website, I will recommend you buy a premium theme, it will save you a lot of headaches & stress

After you install the theme take your time to set it up by reading the documentation.  create your site menu such example ‘about us‘, how it works  and buy a coupon page, Here are some themes I choose because they are among the fastest SEO friendly WordPress theme out there, there are many other themes you can use too but I recommend these ones

Best WordPress theme to create affiliate Reward income program

  • Newspaper (Recommended)
  • Divi Theme
  • Astra Theme
  • JNews WordPress Theme

You can also find out what theme some of those income websites are using by pasting their site URL in the link below, it will reveal the theme and all the plugins used by such site ( though badass Developers knows how to hide this lol)

Scan WordPress Sites

Configuring your Online income program

Since you are using woo-commerce, login to your WordPress account, create a product package with a name such as “Startup Membership “enter the amount, ensure you set the product as a single product and select a virtual product, upload one product image,

Copy the product link, go back to your WordPress under appearance select menu, click on customs link and past the link inside the URL then give it a name such as “register” or “join now”

One more final thing, please create a page named My earnings, this is where your members will see all their earned cash, you can also install a form plugin crate a form for withdrawal so that members can request for money.

Premium Plugins Used for WordPress Income Program

Ultimate Membership Pro: this will help check cheating members, prevent people from seeing the withdrawal page, you might even remove Woocommerce and Membership Pro registration form as your signup link, it also has coupon feature so you can generate coupons to sale

Ultimate Affiliate Pro: This plugin will enable you to activate a referral system so that other members can quickly grab their affiliate links and share with their friends, it’s a must-have if you wish to grow very quickly

 One size fits it all WordPress Reward plugin

SUMO Reward Points System

With this plugin, you can be able to avoid using, Mycred, Membership pro, Affiliate pro. Because it has all these features, to be honest, with this plugin all you need is to install your Woocomerce and this, you are good to go some of the features includes

Site membership reward such SUMO Reward Points System as allow members to make money by reading your blog post, rewards for comments, daily login reward, post reward, social media share reward

It also has affiliate and referral reward system: it can be customizing to delay crediting affiliate until payment is confirmed

It also has withdrawal request form and minimum withdrawal threshold; from inside admin you can see where to download to excel the


All the steps I outlined are easy to implement, maybe if you do not understand fully how to install these plugins or How to use WordPress here is a post I made on how you can set up e-commerce website using WordPress it contains a lot of details on using WordPress

You should also use Google AdSense to monetize your income program when you create web sites like NNU, Wakanda, Gifttal World, you should not base all your revenue from membership signup,

Getting Adsense approval these days is indeed very hard but I have a 5x Times proven trick to getting your Adsense account approved within 3 days,

I am pretty sure by now, you can kick off your projects creating websites like NNU Forum or even create your concept if you need assistance I will try to help free of charge, just ask me anything using the comment form. Trust me this is the fastest way to create web sites like NNU except you need already made script