Top 7 Reasons why Social media Strategies fail to Perform and to Fix them

Top 7 Reasons why Social media Strategies fail to Perform and to Fix them

In the current tech dominated era, standard old-fashioned marketing techniques do not work that well. Social media is as important as oxygen for any brand owner but most sellers have a presence on the common channels. Is it enough for a good count of customers coming your way and making purchases? The answer to this question is no. The brand success depends a lot on how well you have planned the marketing strategy and whether it has been implemented properly or not.


Here are 7 reasons due to which social media marketing strategies reach a dead end.

 1.Target audience not catered properly

How are you presenting your services and products on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels? Are they acting as answers to the user queries? This is an important angle that you have to explore.
Every audience category has a particular set of expectations. Younger people normally get attracted to crispy social media content. They consider products desired in this tone even if the requirements do not match their needs.

2. Poorly written content is as dangerous as poison

How important do you think is the quality of content made available to the readers? Do they only purchase a product after reading it briefly? This is not the case. Digital purchasing is based on the standard of content that a brand produces. If someone is spending money, he or she would go through the provided information and judge its standard at the same time.

  • A common problem with most brands is that they do simply copy content from another online source and reuse it. Plagiarism is an offensive act and can bring down a brand forever. Hence, if you have to look what brands do, they use a plagiarism checker tool. What is the purpose of this tool and does it actually help? This online application checks the ratio of duplicate sentences in your content.

  • A quality plagiarism checker tool is capable of identifying the duplication from the descriptions of the YouTube videos, Facebook profiles and other similar platforms on the internet. Thus, the biggest negative aspect of producing already written content is that people stop trusting you. There are plenty of plagiarism finder tools available on the internet but It’s hard to find an authentic and trusted plagiarism checker tool for quality work, AI based plagiarism removers are considered as most authentic tools.

3. Not clearly defined social media milestones

A well-prepared social media plan has properly defined milestones and goals. For instance, if you want your Instagram followers to reach 20 thousand in one month, mark that as a goal. In addition to that, keep tracking it so that you know whether things are progressing as expected or not.
  • Having properly defined targets is a clear sign that the social media marketing strategy has been planned properly. Usually marketing campaigns fail when targets are not tracked in a timely manner.


4. Use of self-praising tone

Do not make claims of how good you are and let the customers decide that. A lot of brands make claims on their social media channels of how reliable they can be. This approach can convince the customers to have a look at other options. In a nutshell, let them decide how good or bad you are.

5. A call to action feedback to check progress is not used

Testing a social media strategy is important if you do not want to experience the sudden shock of failing. This is done by having a call to action feature so that you can see what the customers are thinking. For instance, if you have submitted a new tweet about launching a new product line, get the feedback by using statements like “what do you think about it?” or “how can it be improved?”.

6. Social media content has to be modified between platforms

There are different social media channels that people to promote products and attract buyers. However, the presentation of content is not the same in all cases. For instance, a Facebook post is more about the right blend of text descriptions and images. Twitter on the other hand does not have lengthy text descriptions. Usually, one-line details are used along with related snapshots.

7. Business goals are not set with a realistic approach

Having the most idealistic social media marketing plan does not mean that you would actually be able to accomplish it. The goals need to be logical and in accordance with scalability of your brand and product line.

Fixing social media strategy problems

Knowing about social media strategy problems just gives you an insight of where you are going wrong. To prevent these mistakes, you have to think with a practical methodology.

1. Comparative analysis with other brands

If any of your competitors is performing better than you, his social media strategy may be designed in a better way. Perform a gap analysis and see what is lacking in your area. If required, redesign your strategy to make it more result oriented.

2. Follow changing product trends

The demand and supple rates of products vary from time to time. However, a lot of brands do not alter their social media strategies according to these alterations. For instance, if the demand rate of your core product is on the lower side, promote discounted rated through social media posts.

3. Focus on top quality content provision

It is impossible for any product to grow if it is not promoted through quality social media content. This means properly paraphrased information has to be provided without any hiccups. Consumers these days are quite smart and go through the written content properly. If they feel that any social media post or share offers redundant content, the related brand is not considered.