How to Send Cash On The VFD Bank App

How to Send Cash On The VFD Bank App

The send cash feature of the VFD Bank Mobil App allows customers to send and withdraw cash without an ATM card on designated ATMs enabled for cardless transactions i.e. pay code withdrawals functionality.

Vbank transaction

Below are the steps to send cash on the VFD Bank Mobil App.

  • Select send cash payment option
  • Select account
  • Select the amount to send **minimum amount is NGN1,000**
  • Set withdrawal 4-digit PIN
  • Confirm payment by clicking on ‘confirm payment with PIN’
  • Enter account 4-digit PIN

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  • View VFD withdrawal pay code
  • Receive SMS with token and 4 digit PIN valid for 24 hours
  • **Optional** To confirm the payment with the receiver, click on the share icon (top right icon on the app screen)
  • Select channel i.e. text message, email or WhatsApp