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Mp3 tag for WordPress site is one of the best plugin so far that enable you upload song with just one click that enables you not to spend much time on just a single song. mp3 tag editor script for WordPress has much advantage than using an automatic method of music upload from your WordPress dashboard always know that this script saves time and energy.  The mp3 tag editor for your WordPress site has a default image for every song uploaded and if you still want to retain that same image for a specific image then you need to go and change the script image first before uploading. we have many online mp3 tag editor php script to download but not all are bug free and you should also understand the harm it will cause to your site when it contain bugs. Getting the online mp3 tag editor with voice mixer is cool but not all artist are happy with that so most times i advice people to use the WordPress mp3 tagger script without mp3 voice tag there are other online mp3 tagger that could serve as a good aid to your work but it wont upload your songs to your database. Our php mp3 tag editor script is virus fee

Take for instance if you want to upload 100 songs in a day and this can take up to several hour’s but with the mp3 tag you can just get the download link from any of the website and then use it on your mp3 tag panel and within 30’s your music is uploaded. The mp3 tag editor for WordPress is becoming one of the best thing to use when creating a music websites.



  1. One Click Upload
  2. Insert Custom Banner for your Blog
  3. Allow you to easily Insert Artiste’s Name, Track Name, Album, Producer



How to Upload a Music with Mp3 Tag for WordPress site

1. First navigate to your mp3 Tag page. For example

2. Then you need to have the download link of that particular song you want to upload to your own WordPress site.

3. Now you need to fill those boxes with the correct details of your song

Mp3 Tag WordPress

  • Artiste’s Name
  • Track Name
  • Album
  • Producer

4. Then click on the Upload button below and then you will be give a new Mp3 URL that you will use for your site.


5. Just copy the link down to your article for publishing.



How to Install the Mp3 Editor Tag Script for WordPress site

1. First you need to Login to cPanel using your username and password.

2. Then Below Files, just quickly click File Manager.

3. Now Select Web Root and Show Hidden Files, then click Go.

4. Click to open the folder to which you’d like to upload files “public_html”

5. Click Upload from the top toolbar.

6. Click Browse (some web browsers will have Choose File instead).



Please note

  • This script is “bug free” and we urge every user to use foreign host and we officially recommend Namecheap
  • This script is not having voice tag just like more music at
  • We urge you don’t use a local host for this script