8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

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Kane Williamson is the SEO Manager at UK Dissertation Crown a private firm. She lives in London and has expertise in SEO, Web Analytics, and research writings and has helped many of clients to successfully promote their online business. You can contact him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

A myth is known as a widely held but false belief or an idea. In the world of blogging, there are many blogging myths. Here I am going to reveal some myths!
8 Myths About Blogging You Should Stop Believing Now!

  1. Myth #1 If You Build It Reader Will Come
There is a myth that they will come if you build it. No, it’s not true, they won’t because it’s only a Building minor blogging part. Thousands or millions of blogs are published every day and if you want to get your work seen then the right way is to develop a real strategy to make your content get seen.

  1. Myth #2 300-700 per Posts Are Best
There is a myth that has grown too much that a blog containing 300-700 is the best. No, it’s not true because the audience wants to see helpful and interesting content, they don’t consider a number of words or they don’t have any issues with that. Their main focus is on the quality of material written on the blog.

  1. Myth #3 Blogging - All about Writing
It can be a yes but a no too. Blogging is actually not about writing. It is a way you provide interesting material which catches eyes of the audience. So it’s just not about writing. It’s about content that is helpful, entertaining and according to recent issues.

  1. Myth #4 Bloggers try to avoid Sharing Blogs of There Competitor’s
It’s usual and natural to feel unsecured by someone who has a better blog than you or a  big audience than you but it can be helpful if you share the blog with your competitor's posts .it shows your followers that you want to help them, even if it’s going on someone else blog than yours.

  1. Myth #5 If Blogger Get One Influencer to Share My Post I’ll Be Golden
Many bloggers think that It is great when your posts go famous or someone with millions of followers uses them. It helps in boosting traffic but keep in mind that this kind of traffic is for short time period only because if your blog is not designed attractively so it is too hard for the reader to search the answers relating to his question.

  1. Myth #6 Blog Daily
Many people think that by increasing there a number of posts can make there blog successful but it’s a wring thinking. The blogs with most followers are the one who has material based on extraordinary skills and valuable content, great research and analysis. So do not work to increase to blog post count. Try to produce valuable content. 

  1. Myth #7 Having Stylish Fonts Is More Important Than Quality of Material
Yes, this true that colours and style catch the eye but do remember in blogging your readers are looking for content with quality so be sure your content provide easily readable and full of quality content. Do remember in blogging appearance is secondary. In the busy lives of people, they don’t want to spend extra time in understanding the font.

  1. Myth#8 Blogging Is an Easy Way to Earn Cash
Well, nowadays money is everything. Lots of bloggers start blogging with a thought that it is an easy way to earn cash but it is not true it is not an easy way. Even people start posting, they see that there is no income coming so they quit. An important thing to keep in mind is It isn’t going to be easy without hard work and requires a lot of dedication.

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Metricool: Social Media Tool Specialized In Analytics

social media tool specialized in analytics, planning & reporting for your website or blog this platform enables you to track activities and how your website function.

Metricool is a social media tool specialized in analytics, scheduling and reporting.

Facebook Ads Features Are

Consolidating Info: it help you with all your ads performance records and also put them in one place for easy view.

Saves time : Now when you are being given a business opportunity and which you site record is required in the process all you need to do is to just click on one button and get your record for to your clients.

Comparing campaigns:with a well configure and arranged table you can view your ads metrics.

Visit the site to enjoy this features

On this platform you can monitor your instagram growth stat. Metricool stands out over other similar analytics and tracking tools for its ability to offer data in one fell swoop, all at once.

Features on your instagram account are...

  • Number of followers and following on Instagram
  • Gained followers.
  • Gained followers per day.
  • Gained followers per post.
  • Average posts per day and week.

Visit the site to enjoy this features

On this platform we have lot features on this platform like

  • Facebook ads statistics the performance of your ads in one report
  • Twitter analytics
  • Facebook analytics tool
  • Web and blog statistics
  • Instagram statistics
  • Social media report
  • Scheduling instagram posts

Try them and enjoy your social media accounts and website 
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Social Media: The Best Solution For Paid Marketing

Facebook is a great place for paid advertising - and a great deal. It lets you target your audience, and it also provides a whole range of ways to advertise, from promoted posts to "like" campaigns, to regular ads. And it optimizes your ads for best performance. I like that.

Will it work for you? If your audience is on Facebook, it's definitely worth a try.

I haven't had much luck with Twitter. I've heard that their ads are kind of expensive for the results they get, but your mileage may vary. Twitter is great for sending people to blog posts and also to Facebook. You can really build an audience on Twitter, but reaching them through all that noise can be a challenge. I also purchased ads on Fiverr from people with BIG numbers of followers on Twitter, and got extremely marginal results. I was doing better just posting promo posts myself. I tend to get quite a few clicks on my links - but no sales.

I also recommend LinkedIn, though I prefer networking and publishing articles to using paid advertising. From what I've seen, the ads are costly and the results leave a lot to be desired. Again, you may get different results, so if your target audience is on LinkedIn, it might be worth a try.

Social networks are great channels for advertising indeed. They have user friendly platforms and advertising campaigns there are easy to manage. It's also easy to target your audience in precise way. Since I am not a specialist in this area I'll try to summurize some information from different sources.

"There are certainly benefits to being active on Twitter, especially for large businesses." (source: platowebdesign.com/articles/benefits-of-twitter-for-business/)
- engaging of customer via twitter
- promoting your products, which will drive traffic to your website
- improve your reputation on the Internet
- building links to your article/product/website

"Facebook Ads can be an effective channel for selling or advertising your products, services, business." (source: webexperti.com/facebook-ads-campaigns/)
- targeting your audience
- tracking your campaign
- defining your budget in general - for all campaigns in Facebook, as well as per day
- defining the period of your campaign (start and end day)

"There are many reasons Pinterest is a great opportunity for businesses. It will help you introduce your business and blog to a whole new audience. One pin can lead to 10 pins, which can lead to another 10 pins, and so on."

And here are some interesting facts from the same source:

  1. Pinterest is the fourth largest traffic source in the world
  2. 79% of all users are women – meaning that 21% are men!
  3. Pinterest generates 400% more revenue per click than Twitter an 27% more than Facebook
  4. It is the fastes growing website in history
  5. Pinterest is 80% more viral and 3x more effective than Twitter

As you see the features of the different social networks overlap. Which social network is the most suitable for you depends on your business.
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How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog using Namecheap

Namecheap hosting is the  best hosting I have ever set my ears on reasons are because it has much efficiency and durability to handle any type of websites like music, gaming, video or any site that takes much files.
namecheap wordpress

Recently I discovered that namecheap customer service is very fast and easy to reach with different sections of customer care staff to attend to your issues. So today I will show you how to create a wordrpess website on namecheap.

Namecheap support the following

  • Domain Name Search
  • Transfer
  • New TLDs
  • Personal Domain
  • Marketplace
  • Whois
  • PremiumDNS
  • FreeDNS

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Private Email Hosting
  • Migrate to Namecheap

  • FreeDNS
  • WhoisGuard
  • SSL Certificates

  • Organization Validation
  • Domain Validation
  • Extended Validation
  • Single Domain
  • Wildcard
  • Multi-Domain


  • SSL Certificates
  • Reseller Hosting

and Affiliates

Now just follow the steps below and build your responsive WordPress site

Step 1
First you need to visit www.namecheap.com and then move your arrow to the top and click on  hosting.
How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog using Namecheap

Step 2
Now after clicking on hosting you will be given different options just select just select shared hosting or any you preferred.

Step 3
Now click on compare plans after that you will given different plans which you will like to use for your WordPress blog or website.
How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog using Namecheap

Step 4
Now if you have cash in your account already just go on and click on Add to cart.

Step 5
Now you will have to select your domain name or if you have existing domain name already on another server then just click on Use a domain name I own from another registra. Then insert your domain name without www and the extension too.
How To Set Up A Wordpress Blog using Namecheap

Step 6
Just click on the continue button. And make your payment all your hosting  details will be sent to you both WordPress details and cpanel details too.

So now you read this article for more explanation or if you don't want to stress yourself then contact namecheap customer care online for quick assistance.

Start a Wordpress Blog For Your Business

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Earn More Money On Your Blog With Sponsored Post/Content

Making more money on your blog is not just placing ads alone but with promotion of products and content you can increase your income.

Blogging has become a money making idea for young minds in the community today using their skills to sell what they can do but you don't just blog without having a creative idea on how it works most especially when you don't understand how to reach your audience at large.

Make Money on your Blog

Recently we at zealmat received an email inviting us to participate in thier net work and we were very strict about it and we made a little research that lead us to our final conclusion and today we will show you how to make money from this network.

This platform allow you to earn money aside from just sponsor post alone. We have different opportunities like video sponsorship, social  media and even referral too which could increase your chances of making more than you expect.

Step 1
First you need the following Or if you don't have some you can skip it.

Facebook Account
Twitter Account
YouTube Channel
Pinterest Account
Instagram Account

Step 2
Sure if you have them all you are good to go just click HERE then click get started at the top

Step 3
Now sign up and then upload your details like profile image and the rest.

Step 4
Then you will be given opportunity to select your favorite category for your blog and then just select and click continue till the end and that's all you need.

Step 5
Now this network has a referral program too. you can take part too thanks and have a wonderful blogging day cheers. 
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Backlink Methods That Are Profitable In 2017

Getting backlinks from high authority sites is the best strategy. You can also consider niche based guest blogging, web2.0 creation, high social bookmark etc.

Permanent back linking is honestly a hard task. It will so much hard when you wanted to practice it in different forums and blogs or other authority area. If you wanted to do high and permanent back linking then paid able way will be best for you.For qualityful free backlinking you have to acquire knowledge about On page SEO, OF page SEO, Google anlitis etc. Of page SEO is best for more traffic collection.

Backlink Methods That Are Profitable In 2017

There are some qualities to make good Back-links for SEO. The first quality is Relevancy, the search engines want to understand that your website is a trusted site within its category, and links to your site from theme related websites help the search engines decide that. This is not to say that if you have an automotive blog link to your cookery website it is a bad thing, though a large volume of links to your site are from unrelated websites is suspect.
Another quality we can say is Autority. You know Google have a system called Page Rank which measures the trustworthiness of a web. There are more measures used by SEO exponents to grade a pages authority, such as the Page Authority and Domain Authority metrics used by tools such as Moz and AHRefs.

Here are a few methods which are commonly used to build high quality backlinks:

  • Guest posting, Participation in questions and answers sites, Social bookmarking, social media, YouTube video submission etc.
  • Internal linking to your website.
  • Create an Infographics.
  • Content Re-purposing. (Convert your infographics or blog posts to pdf, ppt, doc, video etc. and share it over relevant websites.)
  • Submit your RSS feed to RSS directories.
  • Blog commenting on .edu and .gov websites.
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Namecheap: How To Use My Domain With My Blogspot Blog

Namecheap is a strong web hosting company which has been in existance since 2000 and has over millions of users. Namecheap is an ICANN accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration, and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

I still recommend namecheap for those who are on WordPress most especially those who use to upload heavy data like music and video it is very essential you buy any plan or get the ultimate plan on namecheap so as to make your business fast and easy for your visitors. Site like primesong.com are on namecheap. Today we are going to be talking on how to mapyour domain name to your blogger blog

How do I use my domain with my Blogger account

Set up your domain in your Blogger account.

Step 1
Once you log into your Blogger account, click on the name of your blog you wish to map a domain to

Step 2
Then click on the Settings tab and choose Basic

Step 3
In the Publishing section, click on the link '+ Set up a third-party URL for your blog' to add a custom domain
Namecheap: How to use my Domain with my Blogspot Blog

Step 4
Type the URL of the domain you've purchased, keeping in mind that it must begin with www (or any subdomain) in order to work. Input the domain name and click on the Save button

Namecheap: How to use my Domain with my Blogspot Blog

Step 5
Note: Blogs are not to be placed on bare domains (like yourdomain.tld), so you need to input a subdomain, for example, www.yourdomain.tld or blog.yourdomain.tld.

Step 6
Once the page refreshes, you will see two CNAME records which should be created in your domain’s Host records:

Step 7
Each CNAME is composed of two parts - Name, Label or Host and Destination, Target or Points to.

Step 8
The first CNAME is the same for everyone, Name being "www" and Destination "ghs.google.com."

Step 9
The second CNAME is particular to your blog and your Google Account, and is therefore different for each person.

Create records for your domain in your Namecheap account.

Step 1
Sign into your Namecheap account (The Sign In option is available in the top hat of the page).

Namecheap: How to use my Domain with my Blogspot Blog

Step 2
Select Domain List from the left sidebar and click on the Manage button next to your domain

Step 3
Click on the Advanced DNS tab and find the Host records section > click on the Add New Record button (not able to edit Host Records?)

- A Records for @ pointing to

- CNAME for www mapped to ghs.google.com

- CNAME with values provided in the Blogger account

Step 4
Once all details are inserted, save them using the Save changes green icon.

Step 5
Please make sure that there are no conflicting records set for the same host and remove them, if there are any. The records you need to check may be of URL Redirect (Unmasked/Masked/Permanent Redirect), A or CNAME record types.

Step 6
 Before you move onto the final step, wait about half an hour for newly created host records to take effect. If you attempt the final step before your settings are activated, a warning message will show up in your Blogger account.

Step 7
After your settings have been activated, you need to make sure Blogger knows about your custom domain so that Google can direct readers to your blog. Just get back to your Blogger account and save the information on your Basic tab

Step 8
Click on the Edit link to make sure that your bare domain redirects to www subdomain and that is all.

That's it!
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Off-Page SEO Strategies 2017

The biggest off-page SEO factor is the number and quality of backlinks to your website. Guest posts is still an effective technique. But you should do it right, create and maintain relationships with industry news sources and blogs, produce high-quality content and make sure that you link back to your site in a useful and relevant way.

Off-Page SEO Strategies 2017

Also Directories link building technique still works, but you need to be mindful with how to approach it. Directory link building requires judgement and critical thinking! so do not be tempted by low-quality directories, they will cause you more damage than good.

It doesn’t matter if its 2017 or 2020. All you have to know the algorithm and track the algorithm change.
Based on 2016 results, in my opinion..

  • Guest blogging (I do not mean blog commenting)
  • Socializing (post your business updates immediately on FB, Twitter and Pinterest, in addition, bookmarking the pages to 15–20 sites (not more than that)).
  • News Journals (Post your business news/updates with appreciate stats weekly or bi-monthly)
  • Article Submission on Ezines for sure! (Do not duplicate articles on multiple sites. A BIG NO!) Post on 1 and make it the best.

1. Guest blogging

2. Social Media Sharing

3. Press Release

4. Article Submission

5. Blog Posting

6. Blog Directory Submission

7. Classified Submission

8. Video Submission and Sharing

9. Infographic Submission

10. PPT Slide Sharing

11. Local Business Listing
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Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Mp3 Tag is one of the best tool used by most entertainment blogger and mostly those in the music niche but the issue is that most don't know how to install this script into their cpanel[file manage] but with this simple steps today you will be able to do that yourself without much stress.

Having a music site is a very nice idea but have you ever thought of it expenses in managing and promoting? it takes much fund but if you can do the needful you can scale through and ,make money than you ever spent.

The mp3 tag perform many task to handle in your music site like:

  • Changing the name of the artist 
  • Changing the name of the album
  • Changing the name title of the song 
  • Changing the name the background image

You can also get some mp3 tag that has voice tag embed in them already. so it make it more easier.....example of this voice tag is {more music at primesong.com} so this will promote your site more.

The cPanel is an online (Linux-based) web hosting control panel that provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. Inside the cpnel you will find your File Manager.

Step 1
First you need to Login to 'cPanel' and open the "File Manager".
Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Step 2
Choose to open Web Root and Show hidden files.

Step 3
Navigate to the folder where you want the upload to be located which is "public_html".

Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Step 4
Click on the Upload icon from the top toolbar above

Step 5
Click the Browse box (Some web browsers will have a Choose File box instead).

Step 6
Locate the file on your computer or smart phone that you want to upload.

Step 7
Once the file has been selected, it will automatically upload when it reach 100% then.
Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Step 8
Then go to "public_html", upload and extract the file into the "public_html" directory

Step 9
After extracting the script, now refresh the page with the refresh tool above and then you will see a folder labelled  'Tag'
Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Step 10
Then carefully open the  tag and locate index.php, edit it to your taste but try to avoid some codes.

Step 11
Get a good graphic designed image and then Upload your image to the tag folder and then rename it to music.jpg then replace the previous one.

You can Access your mp3 tag  page with your site domain.com/Tag example below
Mp3 Tag For Your Wordpress Site [Upload to File Manager]

Example: http://Primesong.com/Tag

 If you need this script and also our service for installation contact me us a little token HERE

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The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

First of all, getting a niche related forum is hard these days, because many of them are just general. The specific niche ones are so small it just doesn't matter.

The Ultimate Guide on Profile Backlinks for SEO

But one things that is truly important is the quality of that backlink you create. And yea i know quality is also from relevance, but it's also about how many backlinks your backlink have. Think about it ! The common mistake is creating a profile on some random forum and setting there homepage and whatever, and forgetting all about it.

You can create backlinks on forum that have 'like' functionality and than you can participate in discussions. Because everytime you get involved in this kind of activities, it creates a link to your public profile page, and there you can have your homepage link ( have you notices those kind of links like "the following people find these useful " ? ). You can also add friends to some forums, and lots of other things that create backlinks. Not to mention that you can have a signature and get natural clicks.

And the same things applies to blogs from tumblr or blogger ( where you can follow people or comment with your own profile, reblog etc ) , and any other social profile you can think off. It's all in the quality. Quantity is nothing these days. Just like eating in a restaurant

Yes, social media Profiles give benefits in the rankings if you use accordingly. Like first you need to create a blog post or article on the high PR article directory after live then you can share this on all social websites using your profile and get direct traffic on it. You can promote your back links by these profiles and get quality traffic on it.

Creating backlink profiles for generating tons of backlinks is very profitable. i saw two sites rankings in the 2nd and 3rd position for a very competitive keywords based on backlinks generated through profile links only ... and this user did not even post one single post on that forum ... it was all coming through the same profile but i could see (through backlin watch) that there were more than one link pointing to their money site ... i think it is very important but just don't over do it ... try to use the mix of forum posting, blog posting, social media posts, youtube videos, and blogging, and commenting to make it as natural as possible .

Let's look at a specific profile: Google+. Whenever I write a new article, I immediately post it to my Google+ profile. Sometimes within minutes, that article shows up on Google's first page if I search for my title's keywords. The SERP result is not directly to my new page; it is to my Google+ profile, where I can click the link and go directly to my new page.

Opinion and Experience for profile backlink and link building

1) It always good thing if it’s WHITE HAT and related to your industry.

2) Avoid too many backlinks (at least in short period)

3) Always get backlinks from niche specific sites and be sure about quality like Page Authority, Domain Authority & Page Rank etc.

4) Try to avoid automated software especially for backlinks

5) I prefer to use tools for Social Media marketing, ranking checker, ranking position, traffic updates, SEO suggestion etc. but never use for link building.

6) Content is KING So, always use content for marketing as well as update to sites.

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How to Rate the Quality of a Web Directory Website

When evaluating any other web site, you might first try to determine what it's purpose is, then make an assessment as to how well it serves that purpose.

With a web directory, the first part of that is pretty easy. A web directory is supposed to direct someone to something useful on the Internet. Of course, we also use web directories for their SEO value. But, to the extent that Google's algorithms make sense (and they don't always), a web directory that has sufficient content to be useful to a directory user, and which is organized well enough that someone might be able to find that content with ease, should do well in the SERPs.

That is not always the case, as relatively good directories are sometimes penalized, while some pretty horrid ones enjoy high PageRank from Google, but the fault there lies with Google. Often that gets straightened out in time; not always, but there's not much you or I can do about that.

Are there a large number of useful links in the directory? Is the directory structure sensible? Is it unique in some way, or is it simply another DMOZ clone? Think of a few topics at random, and check to see if the directory includes useful sites relating to these topics.

Does it include other features that might make it useful? In recent years, some of the better directories have begun adding other features, providing content other than categories and outgoing links.

Frankly, I wouldn't pay a lot of attention to Google PageRank as Google itself has deprecated its PageRank, and seldom updates it anymore. On the other hand, I would want to notice if it has no PageRank at all, if none of its internal pages have PageRank, or if it doesn't show up in Google's index, since these things might indicate a recent penalty imposed by the search engine gods.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a joke. There are several sites available for sole purpose of gaming Alexa's Traffic Rank, and they are quite effective. Once you approach 100,000, it gets more difficult and I didn't want to invest any more money in it, since it kwas just a curiosity on my part, so I dropped it at that point. My point is that two trained monkeys clicking on the refresh key of a browser with the Alexa Toolbar installed can earn a reputable Alexa Traffic Rank score.

The Moz number, supposedly, are a bit more reliable. It can take a long time for a new site to rank in Moz scores but a web directory that has been around for a while should have a reasonable score. I think the Majestic score is also worth looking at, as far as SEO metrics go.

In my case, before submitting to a directory, I do some home work such as checking the directory's
1. content quality
2. google serp ranking
3. alexa, moz or compete rankings
4. backlinks
5. dmoz presence
and finally the price for listing.
for example: digitalpoint forum also has a directory which has a good ranking in search engines even though it's bit expensive but worth investing.

Mostly though, I would suggest evaluating a directory for what it is. What is its purpose, and how well does it serve that purpose?

For the past couple of years, I have been reviewing 20 web directories each quarter, and I am always looking for ideas on how I might be able to do that better. I am pretty stuck on the idea that I want to look at each directory from a user perspective though, rather than from that of a site submitter. As I stated earlier, it is my opinion that, where the search engine algorithms are working properly, a directory that does well from a user perspective should also do well in the search engines. Usually, this seems to be the case but, over the past couple of years, I have seen a couple of my top ten directories dinged by Google, and I have found several simply horrid directories with PageRanks of six and seven. Is this a fault of my review criteria, is it a fault in the search algorithms, or is Google targeting even the better web directories? I'm not sure, but I am always looking for suggestions on how I might better review them.

I believe that web directories have served a purpose in the past, and that there is a place for them in the future. Like pretty much everything else in life, they may need to adapt to changing situations, however.


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10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

author-pic About author
Anyaogu Ikechukwu is a blogger and editor at PassionEntrepreneurs.com. He loves helping young people start and grow their business. 

Have you created a blog? If yes, welcome to the blogging world. When people tell me they are bloggers, it gives me joy because they have decided to escape the “dangerous” unemployment in Nigeria.

Blogging is a passion and a business (to me). So you don’t have to joke about it. It may not be paying you now, but give it time. However, if you’ve decided to own a blog, that means you will be competing with more than 152 million blogs in the blogosphere.

10 Blogging Mistakes You Must Avoid

Mistakes can ruin any business. Even in blogging, they are certain mistakes you must avoid if you really want to be a successful blogger.

In this post, I will share 10 blogging mistakes you must avoid.

#1: Having No Business plan
If you want to leverage blogging, you must be willing to make it a business, and writing a business plan is the starting point.

To be frank, I started blogging without a business plan.
Do you know what happened?

· At a point, I was fed up. I can’t move on again.

· I had no vision. I couldn’t determine the future of the blog

· I knew nothing about Niche. I was blogging about everything

In fact, my first post was a plagiarised content. I copied it from Google and posted it on the blog. I deleted it when I discovered that I might cause trouble to myself.

What are my trying to say?

You need a business plan for your blogging business. A business plan will include

· Your executive summary

· Your blog objectives

· Analysing your competitors and the keyword they are ranking for

· Sales and marketing plan

· Strategies to make money from your blog

· An exit plan

Yes, I included exit plan because I discovered a lot of bloggers don’t value it.

It won’t take you much time to write that. It took me four days to write mine.

#2: Not investing – Always looking for ‘freemium’
I am sick and tired of seeing so many .blogspot.com, .wordpress.com and .tumblr.com blogs. If you want to go for a blogger blog, get yourself a domain name and connect it to your blog.

If you want to go for WordPress, get yourself a domain name and web hosting and then install WordPress as easy as that.

A domain name is not more than $12 (N4k). You can even get web hosting at NameCheap for as low as $10.

#3: Not posting often
Yes, you have to post often if you want to build a successful blog. Not just any kind of post, but a high-quality contents that give value to your audience or can push them to take action.

If you have no visited Linda Ikejis blog, do it now and Learn from her. She posts more than 10 articles per day.

Although it’s not easy for someone who is just starting out. But just try and post at least 3 times a week.

#4: Posting articles without promotion
Many bloggers hit the publish button, log out and then sleep. This is a blogging mistake that cannot fetch you any traffic.

In fact, more work needs to be done after you hit the publish button. What I do when I hit the publish button is

· I go to Google webmasters tool and index the post

· Go to Buffer and schedule the post to all my social media platforms

· Use pilot poster and schedule to all Facebook groups

Doing this constantly will increase your blog visibility and get your more traffic.

#5: Plagiarism
This is a blogging mistake you must avoid in your blogging career. I have discovered that Most Nigerian bloggers are very lazy to write their own posts.

In fact, if you can write, then no need to blog (Unless you have the money to pay people to write it for you)

This is what plagiarism can do

· It will tarnish your image online

· I can lead to an arrest.

· Google AdSense will ban you from using their platform

You need to desist from this, Even if you need to copy, do it professionally. Cite the blog you copied from and add a link to the post.

#6: Neglecting Email marketing
If you don’t have an email marketing account, you are losing. It has been proven that email marketing is the best marketing strategy on the internet.

This is because people value their emails more than any other thing. You can’t even do most things on the internet without your mail.

When you want to create a facebook or twitter account, they will ask you for your email.

When you want to buy web host, you must enter your valid email. Now imagine when you have 100,000 email subscribers, that money.

Bear in mind that it is better to have 500k subscribers thank 500k followers on twitter or facebook.

#7: Not building a social media audience
You have to start creating value on social media if you want people to know you and your business.

Don’t post too many links in your in your updates. Learn to post updates that people like and can make them take action.

You can add me on facebook. (fb.com/AnyaoguIkechukwuJosh)

#8: Neglecting SEO
Search engine optimisation is very important in online business. Don’t ever do without it (Although GT Igwe Chrisent said it's for broke bloggers - link: https://www.entrepreneur.ng/seo/seo-broke-bloggers-ad-campaigns-rich-bloggers/)

How do you get started?

· Index your posts in Google, Bing and Yandex webmasters tools

· Use SEO plugins like Yoast

· Writing quality contents.

· Build Backlinks

I want to let you know that SEO takes time to work. You have to give it time.

#9: Not networking
If you don’t get connected to your fellow bloggers, then how do you think you will succeed? Join blogging groups on Facebook. Follow popular bloggers on twitter and you will see how you will improve.

Don’t also forget the power of team work. Form your own team of bloggers with a similar mindset.

#10: Depending only on AdSense
Let me talk about money making. I don’t understand the reason why many bloggers will depend on AdSense. They are many ways you can make money online, You don’t rely totally on AdSense. Wrapping up Above all don’t ever quit.

Blogging is a big business that can make you richer than many bankers, Doctors, Engineers and even politicians (lols).

You can check out Pat Flynn income report for last most at Smartpassiveincome.com.

Your Turn

Which of these has really affected your blogging business? Share with us.

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5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

author-pic About author
Moses Dzarmah is a blogger and Founder of Techslize.com. He Lives to write, when not writing, he's listening to Hip Hop.

Many people would agree with me when I say:

It takes more than just good writing to be a great blogger. Apparently, a good blogger should know how to write for people and at the same time optimize the article in a way Google will understand the topic.
That is why I have always being for the notion that Good writers are bred and not born.

Now, some readers may disagree with me but we should at the very least come to a compromise.

Can we?
Just imagine William Shakespeare came back from the dead.
And all of a sudden he starts writing plays with the old style of writing while using words that have perhaps gone extinct.
Imagine for a second how hard it will be for the modern age readers. His writing style of then that made a genius wouldn’t be acknowledged in our today.

What I’m I trying to say?

As an amazing blogger, the people you write for, how you write and the way you go about it will determine its acceptance among readers.

Hello it’s 2017:

We write to be understood. Not to display our prowess in literature and end up making our readers bored. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

So to give your writing more vigor to increase the chance of putting a message across. Continue reading the points I will make mention of as it will help spice up the way you write and people and Google love your work.

Cut down on redundant words.

You know that babe you try to avoid every time she calls. The one who sound like a broken record, starting up another out of nowhere. Repeating the same old story in the same manner without introducing something new.

She doesn’t just get it.
As Humans we tend to block out messaging we find redundant.  It goes beyond repetitive –As a matte of fact, repetition is regarded as an effective persuasion technique. Redundancy is said to be saying more than what is required without introducing anything new or compelling.
For example: An average Nigerian would say “but yet” you say But or Yet. But you don’t use both. It’s like saying babies are children– it’s already implied.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The picture above shows you how to avoid redundancy.

Using apps like Grammarly will help you avoid using redundant words. It also gives you an alternative for sentences which appear unnecessary.

Keep Your sentences short & Precise

It’s one thing to write for books and another for devices.
This is because when we read on a screen it becomes harder to track a chunk of words. It is important to use short text & paragraph. It creates a navigable pattern for readers to digest.

For example:

Infinix is a Chinese led company known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia in 2017.

That sentence can be changed to, Infinix is a Chinese led company. known for their business approach of targeting the growing market in Africa and East- Asia.
A good rule for concise writing demands you try to keep words around 20-30 words per paragraph.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Use Transitional words and Phrases
Yoast – A WordPress plugin which helps users optimize articles for readers and search engines in their latest update included Transitional words as a metric for a good readability.

After all, transitional words & phrases help your writing sound fluent and less robotic.
Below are some examples:

Words which show an example: as shown by, to illustrate, for example etc.

Words which show event: First/second/third/ lastly, finally.
The picture below shows examples of transitional phrases and words.

5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

Furthermore, try to use transitional words in your article as I’ve done in this article.

Reduce the Use of That

When the word “that” appears a little too much in writing, it kills the brilliance of your work.
For example.  It’s the same woman that we saw yesterday in the market Square” you can say it’s the same Woman we saw yesterday in the market square.

I use an old trick of reading through the copy and purge superfluous use of “that”

Cut out Long words.
Apparently, readers get bored of the longer version of words.
If a short word can describe a word then forget how professional you may sound. Go for it.
For example. Instead of redundant, use surplus sympathetic for tolerant etc.
5 Power Writing Tips to Rank On Google Search Engine

The Moz about page is a perfect example how short should be used.
Tip: Short words are often effective for infographics.

When it comes to SEO, optimizing your post does little to take your post up the SERPS. However, good writing keeps it there.

When try out all the power writing tips I have listed above, you stand a high chance of getting loyal readers which means few people would bounce off your page.
I’d love to hear from you.
What are your favorite tips to make a perfect copy?

Use the comment box.

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How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

The internet  is starts  and end with domain name, buying a domain name has much advantage than using free blogspot, WordPress,  wapka, and many more extensions.

Recently we created a tutorial on how to Buy a domain name from garanntor which is the first step to take before you configure it to your wapka site.

First before you start you need to read on how to Buy a domain name from garanntor which is very simple and easy  the come back and follow this steps.

Remember you have to equally configure the domain at the Cpanel on garanntor or any web hosting company you are using.

and ns2.wapka.mobi

Step 1
Now you need to Log in to your Wapka Account .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 2
Then Enter to the site which you want to park the free domain .

Step 3
Now Under the "Basic Functions" Click on the "Domain Manager" .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 4
Just click on the "Own Domain" .

Step 5
Now Enter the free domain address which you used to register with Garanntor.com and click on the "Add Domain" .

How to Setup or Park a Domain on WAPKA

Step 6
Now I think we are done, You need to wait upto "24 hours" for refreshing the domain name server ,

Step 7
If successful your old wapka subdomain will redirect the visitors to you new free domain .
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