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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

author-pic About Author
Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

At the creation of the first blog in 1994, it was just used as an online alternative to the normal diary and was mostly limited to same. But as time progressed, the use for blogging started to expand from just sharing one’s life experiences online to other facets of life.

Internet penetration rate as at 2016 in Nigeria was at 46.1%. That means that, 86,219,965 of Nigerians had access to the internet that year via smart phones or PCs. Blog reach also expanded rapidly such that one of the most popular blogs in Nigeria has a daily reach of over 2 million. Though there is no exact record of the number of Nigerians who read blogs, the huge patronage of blogs such as LindaIkejisblog and Bellanaija goes to show that blogging thrives in our clime and could be incorporated into the marketing strategy of your business.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog

These are 5 reasons why your business needs a blog.

To Boost Website Traffic

Typical business websites may be made up of only 5-10 pages and are usually just enough to sell your proposition, but might not be enough to attract potential customers to your website. This is why you need a blog. Blogging is an immense source of traffic to business websites.

With a blog on your business website traffic from search engines are drawn to your website. But this happens only when the contents on your blog are well optimised and are indexed on the search engines. This means that getting search engines to drive traffic to your website, requires the use of core content marketing tactics and the ability to answer the questions and queries of your target audience using your blog. For example, if your business is in the fashion industry and your blog contents are well optimized with keywords, your blog can show up on the first page of search engine results when those keywords are searched for. Since most people do not go beyond the first page of search engine results, they will get to visit your company’s website more if it is found on the first page. Here, it is advised that you build a blog into your business website as against having a standalone blog.

For Thought Leadership
Imagine having a problem you intend to resolve quickly, but couldn’t find help and the few people who did come around didn’t provide any reprieve. But then a guy appears, and not only provides the help you needed but consistently comes back to check on you. That’s what having a business blog does for people who come online to research for answers to their pressing needs in your niche. They want solutions to their problems. For this reason, they expect to have that one source that they can always rely on to provide them needed solutions. This is where blogging comes in.

A blog helps you maintain a thought leadership position in the minds of your audience. With a blog you can position your business as a subject area expert and thought leader. But there’s also need for the provision of quality, consistent and frequent content that’ll make them trust you and keep them coming back for more of your offerings. In the long run this leads to sales.

To Tell Your Brand's Story
Though a business website provides necessary information about your business. What you do, mission statement, contact details and the rest, it does not comprehensively say all about you.

When a brand fails in telling its own story, there’s a tendency that it’ll be mis-understood, painted in bad light and dis-trusted.

A blog provides you an avenue to share your brand’s story with the world. You can share the story of your completed projects, clients you’ve worked with, or achievements. Publishing information such as these, positions your business in the minds of your readers as an experienced industry expert who’s capable of handling their jobs. It helps in making them trust your ability to deliver on projects.

To Generate Leads 
Usually, the main goal of business websites is to convert visitors into customers. Using the inbound strategy, this means that you should find a way to keep in touch with your website visitors until they are ready to buy. A blog helps you do this better. By creating specific types of content on your blog and merging them with lead magnets like e-books, you can get visitors on your blog to release their contact details like emails and phone numbers for a more targeted marketing and this is more likely to convert them to buy.

For Easy Communication With Visitors
Every post on your blog provides your audience another opportunity to interact with you. Some visitors to your website might not think that their question warrants an email or message through your contact form, but finds it convenient to drop their queries via the comment section of your blog.

Having a blog perfectly solves this problem and helps gain more leads and customers for your business. With a blog you can start a discussion and assist them, and equally use the opportunity to further demonstrate your knowledge, and expertise in your niche.

Have you learnt anything? 

Do you have other points to add to the list? I would like to read them. Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

His main strength is in writing search engine optimized contents for web, editing and proof-reading, search engine marketing, social media marketing and Pay Per click ads.

He can be reached via sopuruegbodo@gmail.com or through mobile number +2348111524247. You can also follow him on facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
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Fundamentals of SEO-Copywriting

author-pic About Author
Sopuru Egbodo is an exceptionally good freelance content writer and digital marketing expert. He has worked with two different Nigerian digital marketing companies where he wrote contents for their blogs and also managed their clients’ online accounts. 

When it all comes to content marketing, the aims usually are to enlighten your blog or web audience by feeding them with contents that speaks to their pain points and equally solves their problems. The actions that follow, like purchasing from the business often comes as a reward for doing those well. In doing this, there is the need that web contents are optimized to rank high in search engines. This ensures that your content reach the intended end users.
Fundamentals of  SEO-Copywriting

But then how can a web content writer write contents that combine solving customer problems and as well rank high on search engines? This is the aim of SEO-copywriting.

What then is SEO-copywriting?
To understand this properly we need to separately explain the two terms involved. – SEO and copywriting.

SEO. Search engine optimization is an online marketing practice that involves efforts at increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or blog through organic search engine results. To achieve optimization for your website or blog there are various SEO tactics to use. SEO-copywriting is one of them.

Copywriting. Copywriting on its own involves the strategic delivery of words that get people to take some form of actions. It is a form of marketing technique that educates, engage, and move people to actions that benefit a business.

SEO copywriting then means, a specialized type of writing that involves the creation of useful contents which rank high in keywords searches in search engines. Neil Patel  describes it as being all about the creation of useful, compelling and valuable contents that targets specific key phrases which moves people to engage and share your content. When people engage with and share your content, it increases the authority and relevance of your content and improves its ranking in Google for the selected keywords.

SEO-copywriting services are one of the highly paid services rendered today by writers.

Elements of SEO Copywriting
Though search engines do not reveal how they rank websites, SEO experts know that there are certain procedures that get web contents to rank on search engines. To be able get your SEO content or SEO articles ranking high on search engines, there are certain procedures that SEO experts apply. They are:

Increasing Site speed. The site speed of a website affects the ranking of websites. According to an Akami study referenced by Neil Patel, 47% of end users expect a website to load within 2 seconds or less. This means that users who attempt to read content on your website bounces off once the website takes more time loading.

Use of Keywords. This perhaps is the most popular of all the SEO copywriting techniques and involves the use of key phrases which people search for on search engines. These keywords help websites appear on search engines when specific keywords related to them are searched for. A deficiency of keywords in contents renders them non-rank worthy for keywords in their niche.

Increasing the number of inbound links. To get your website ranking on search engines, linking to contents on other websites gives search engines the nudge that your website interacts with other websites and can serve as a resource for people needing information online. Search engines rewards websites like that with high rankings on their platforms.

Crafting attractive headlines. Who could ever think that a headline could wield any impact on the rankings of a website? But it does. Search engines reward seo unique content that has search-able headlines. But most importantly, seo articles with captivating headlines attract readers to your website organically.

No matter what topic or niche a copywriter is writing on, there’s need to do a thorough keyword research and write unique contents that would gain traffic for your website and make sure to stay away from sharp SEO practices that will lead to search engine penalties.

He can be reached via sopuruegbodo@gmail.com or through mobile number +2348111524247.

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How do i Start Blogging and How Much to Start With

Building a blog has to do with thinking and putting every idea you have in place like choosing a niche, also selection of platform is one thing you must be ready to do so that you won't be stressed out.

Writing a blog has easily become one of the most famous methods for interacting and growing facts and details. There are basically large numbers of weblogs online (don’t fear, you could create yours get noticed and get noticed!).

How do i Start Blogging  and How Much to Start With

The biggest question you will have to answer is what kind of content will you provide. Are you going to write about internet marketing? Are you going after a particular niche? I think once these questions are answered you will be well on your way to knowing your target market, audience, etc.

If you are going in the general field of make money online "mmo", then I suggest getting content ideas from places like this forum, and other similar forums that you can find with a quick google search. If you are going into a specific niche, make sure your offers are congruent with your blog type.

The last piece of advice is to leverage your time. As much as you can automate your business do it. As much as you can post, do it consistently. Start out with 1-3 posts a week and make sure to post your articles on syndication platforms and follow what leaders in your niche do.

It’s a great way to show yourself and also a amazing way to discuss details with others.
You become a better individual and a better author.

The best reason? You can generate income doing it!

5 Actions on How to Start a Blog

There’s five primary steps you need to go through in to set up your weblog. If you adhere to this information and the five steps, you’ll have your own weblog set up in Half an hour or less.

Get a domain for less than 12$ then your hosting plan  and get started but you don't need any hosting on blog all you need is just a domain name.

  • Choose your chosen weblog platform
  • Choose web hosting service for your blog
  • Setting up your weblog on your own domain
  • Design your blog
  • Useful useful blogging

Irrespective of anything few things you have to do else you will be in the loser category of blogging starting and ending in few days.

1. Good domain name.
2 dedicated quality server - most important
3. Don't get any paid theme or plugins downloaded for free and installed.
4. Change your Admin panel name from admin to some other.
5. Read ways to bring traffic.
6. Consistent but dedicated postings is the key to success.
7. Social share plays a major role.
8. Last backlinks , backlinks and backlinks else your blog will end within a month for sure....Personal experience which no one will till you...I too came to knw much later.
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Primesong: Best Music Site for Live Streaming and Instant Download

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Primesong it’s all about music especially Nigerian gospel music new releases. You will find in our gospel music achieve lots of good and Spirit filled gospel music, from Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Jamaica, America and more.

Primesong has been the best place to get any traditional music like Igbo music, igala music, tiv, music,  edo music, Hausa music, French music, and any more....

Download Latest Naija Music. Primesong has all the current Nigerian Music, new releases in current year(2017). However, the still have 2016 songs as the year is still young. You can just use the navigation button to navigate pages. If you want to know the Most popular Nigerian Music at the moment you can click HERE. Download are available in mp3 for every music on the site.

At primesong you can get your music featured  and this website is based or created by a Nigeria and has been the best site ever.

Songs category at primesong.com

  • Nigerian Gospel Music
  • Ghanaian Gospel Music
  • Gospel Rap
  • Prayer Points
  • Yoruba Gospel Music
  • Foreign Gospel Music (US)I
  • gbo Gospel Music
  • Nigerian Entertainment & Gist
  • Naija Evergreen Songs
  • Naija DJ Mix
  • Most Popular Naija Gospel Music
  • Free Naija Beat
  • Sermon
  • English Gospel Music (NG)
  • Afrobeat & Hip HopTrending Music

Primesong has a good ranking on Alexa in Nigeria  visit and enjoy more music at primesong.com thanks. 
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Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

author-pic About author
Okon Joseph is one of Nigeria’s best freelance writer and founder of BLOG-O-LOGY. A free WhatsApp community where he teaches bloggers how they can generate traffic, make passive income, build an email list, and much more. Why not click to join while it is still free.

Today, I want to talk to all these bloggers that have been making me angry these days with the way they handle blogging business. I have been blogging for years now and every day I see bloggers make one mistake or the other regarding blogging.

Why You Will Never Get Rich As A Blogger

Every day I get approach by newbie bloggers or bloggers that have been blogging for years but are not seeing the fruit of their labour in the blogosphere.
But, before I go further with this post. I want to let bloggers know that they will never get rich with blogging if they continue to do the wrong thing. And this is one problem, they don’t even know the wrong thing they are doing.
Here is why you will never make money from your blog if you continue like this:

Your Only Goal is to Make Money
This one is very common. I do get so many inbox messages from bloggers asking me how they can make money as a blogger. They do complain about their Adsense earning being too low and how they can increase their traffic so their Adsense earning will increase.

They don’t spend time to see why they are not getting traffic to their blog. They spend time doing keyword research and when they find a particular keyword ranking high, they quickly go and create a post around the keyword so they can get organic traffic to their blog hoping to increase their blog earning.

They have forgotten that they are writing for human beings. They don’t even care if the keyword is related to their blog niche. The passion is not the driving force but the money is.
They just splash advert everywhere. I remember someone asked me to check out his blog. When I did, I close up to 3 pop-ups. I was mistaking advert content from his blog post that I clicked two advert contents thinking it was blog post.

I visited his blog because he asked me to check out one of his post so he can hear my input. I ended up not even reading the post because I was so angry with closing pop-up upon pop-up and the close button were very tiny.

Probloggers don’t make money that way. If I am to give you my two cent advice, I will tell you to go and study your readers and check out the kind of post that get the highest views.

Do not publish contents for content sake. Do it because you are writing for an audience.

You don’t Promote your Content
I know of many bloggers that spend up to 90% creating and publishing blog post and only spend 10% promoting their blog post.
If you don’t share your blog post, who will read it?

It still amazes me when bloggers spend hours crafting beautiful post and can’t even spend 20 minutes to promote that same post. Some still go as far as publishing up to 3 contents a day and don’t even promote them.

For crying out loud, good content needs good promotion.
What makes you think because your content is SEO friendly, you don’t need to promote the content? Google will crawl your post right? Continue!

You Are Not Asking the Right Questions
Do you want to know the most popular questions I get asked weekly? Here they are:

  • How do I make money with my blog?
  • How can I get more traffic to my blog?
  • How do I monetize my blog?

These are the questions I always get from newbie bloggers. They don’t ask the right questions.

You want to know what the right question should be?
What about if they ask me, ‘Is my blog capable of getting traffic?’ ‘Can I make money from this kind of blog?’
If your headlines are not engaging, why will people want to click and check out your post? Because you know that almost all blogs (excluding mine) do have content like “How to make money”, you still went ahead to write yours hoping that people will still check yours out.
Do people still read such kind of content online these days?
The headline rule still applies to your content. If your contents suck, nobody will come back to check on your new post no matter the topic.
You want to get rich with blogging? Learn how to ask the right questions.

You Are Simply Too Lazy
It is normal when I see bloggers fantasize about becoming the next 6 figure blogger. Yet, they don’t do what those 6 figure bloggers did to attain that position. Some bloggers are just too lazy. They won’t guest post at top blogs so their blog can gain good visibility.

They are ready to spend the whole day on online forums looking for the next SEO techniques to copy and try on their blog. Instead of them focusing on creating good contents for their blog, they are out there at another person’s blog downloading free eBooks they think will solve their problems.
To become a problogger, you just need to spend time creating good contents for your readers, create good network with top bloggers who can help you with counsel, drop guest post on niche blogs with your potential audience, and study what contents your readers read more so you know how to create more of such contents.

You Don’t Have a Product/Service
Bloggers, please stop this idea of just depending on Adsense as your only means of earning income from your blog. It will kill you as a starter. You will need to have a mass of traffic to be able to pull consistence earning from Adsense.

If your posts are solving problems for your readers and they are liking it and have come to trust you, why don’t you create a product or offer a service that can help them solve a particular problem you know they are experiencing regarding your niche of blogging?

I don’t need Adsense, maybe not yet. I provide freelance writing services and help success driven people start and run a successful blogging business. I render services, I sell products too and I also make money through affiliate.
With these, I rake in good amount of cash monthly.

Stop doing these things I mentioned above and make a change on how to make your blog life easier by working with a mentor or coach that can help you.

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How To Find High Paying AdSense CPC Keywords In Your Blog Niche

author-pic About Bio
My name is Mustapha Owolarafe the CEO of dguruzland I am a blogger but also studying Accounting.

There are several ways of boosting your AdSense earnings some of which includes =Focusing on a high paying niche, proper ads placement and optimization and also one of them which is a very great determinant is the proper use of high CPC keywords

We the use of an high CPC keywords you get more than $50 for just a single click. It all depends on how well you implement the keywords in your posts in order for it to optimize the ads.

So, we are going to focus on how to find these keywords. For this we are going to be using A popular keywords research tool called semrush. This tool has alots of great features. And all these features depends on your subscription plan. But they also offer free account but with very limited access.

Some Key Features Of Semrush
See your competitors’ organic positions
Domain specific keyword ranking
Study your competitors’ Ads texts
Position tracking
Find good long-tail keywords
Comparison of domains by keywords
Compare various SEO metrics
Crawl Audit Tool
SEMrush line graph and pie chart
Organic Research
Compare several sites together
Advertising Research
And Much More

Now let's get started on how to find High CPC keywords in your blog Niche

Firstly, you have to find the top 3 high ranking domains in the same niche with yours. After this goto semrush.com, tgen register for a free account, you can upgrade to a pro subscription to enjoy more features but you can mange a free account for this.

After a successful registration, enter the one the top ranking domain then click search results. In less than seconds you will get a full report of the site, with the lists of their top ranking keywords including their CPC rate.

So you can do this for the three doamins and then with the results you can compile a list of their keywords with high CPC rate.

Note; It will be advice able for you to upgrade to a better plan to get more search results and more keywords because a free account will only bring limited keywords.

That's all you can comments below if you have any question.
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Reasons to Start an Online Business

Online work has become a lucrative alternative to mainstream jobs for many persons. To some, it has proved to be a great lifeline because it is becoming increasingly difficult to get jobs in some areas.

Online business

While it may be somewhat easy to obtain one, you may not achieve a considerable success level if you are not prepared to work very hard at it. It's a process that you may not easily master at one go, there may be a number of trial and error situations and you should be able to work with a learn-as-you-go-along process.

10 reasons to start an online business

1. You don’t need a huge start up capital

- Online business is different with “real world” business, it takes very little money to start.

- All you need is an idea, a domain name for your website, internet access, hosting… which are less than $100!

2. You are your own boss

- You might have been hearing this a lot, but it is a fact that you can’t deny. People who are not Internet Business owners work from 9 to 5 everyday. In fact, they have to wake up few hours before 9am, which makes their schedule even more hectic.

- You can start work at anytime since you choose when you work, the statement “working from 9 to 5” is no longer true to you!

3. Work from the comfort of your own home

- Will you be surprised if I tell you that you can save at least 730 hours a year? Yes, you can get that by not having to travel to and from your work place during rush hours when everybody else is going to work or heading for home.

- Since where you put your computer is where you will be working, you can always choose to work from home instead of wasting 730 hours a year doing nothing productive.

4. With the internet, the whole world is your market

- Sometimes, you don’t even need to sit in front of your computer to reach everyone. Other than computer, everyone is connecting to the internet through smart phone which bring convenience for the users and benefit for the Internet Business owners.

- You leverage on free or low-cost software, hardware and the Internet Infrastructure, all of which when combined will give you leveraging power that far exceeds any conventional business, allowing you to achieve more with less work.

5. You can fully automate your online business

- Some Internet Business models can be fully automated with proper set up.

- Once you can automate your Internet Business in some way, you can use the time you saved to start another Internet Business, improve your existing business or spend anyhow you like.

6. You only need to work less than 4 hours a day

- An 8 hours working day is no longer needed for online business when you just spend the time checking your email consistently, promoting and expanding your business all in front of your computer or by using a smartphone!

- This is definitely required less than 4 hours to spend online.

7. You can spend more time with family and friends

- Imagine you have more time to create more memories with the important ones instead of busy working with your whole life until you realize it’s too late to wish for a time machine.

- Owning an Internet Business gives you the privilege to have more time to spend with your family, especially for busy parents. After all, you don’t want to regret missing those important moments as your children growing up.

8. Your passion and dream come to life

- Passion might be the most important component of any kind of business. What is more exciting than earning income from your passions and hobbies? The Internet Business allows you to achieve the goal of turning your passion into profit.

9. Online business has very little expenses

- It is very possible for you to start an online business with a zero or low cost of setting up and running.

- Some other Internet Business can run with monthly operational expenses so low that they are insignificant!

10. You can own more than one!

- The low cost of setting up & running and automated operations allow you to have various Internet Business.

- The best part is, you are not necessary to hire employees since your Internet Business system and automated operation are doing most of the job. It works 24/7 for free!

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How To Add Labels To Blogger Posts

Blogger.com is one of the most simplest platform and easy to use base on how it was being built.

Having a blog is very important  and also adding a label  to your post is a nice idea that allows your visitors to be able to get the right information properly without any issues.

So today we are going to be talking on how to add a label to your post on blogspot and make sure you add label to those  post which you haven't add to before.

Step 1
First  you need to create a new post or you can just click on an already published post to edit. On the right hand side you will see “Post Settings.” Click on “Labels.”

Blogger label

Step 2
Then add or write all the labels that you would like to categorize your post and Make sure each label is separated by a comma and a space then before publishing your post.

How To Add Labels To Blogger Posts

Step 3
Finally  try to view your published post, you will see your labels appear at the bottom of your post.

Step 4
Then for additional  purpose just click on layout and add a gadget that has many options to list your labels on your sidebar for easy reference and that's  all. 
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How To Recharge Your Sim Card Online Using Bitcoin

author-pic About Bio
My name is Mustapha Owolarafe the CEO of dguruzland I am a blogger but also studying Accounting.

In these modern days everything has been made more easier with the presence of the Internet. You can do almost anything online from buying stuff, downloading and even recharging your Sim cards without moving am inch from the comfort of your home.
How To Recharge Your Sim Card Online Using Bitcoin

There are several ways to recharge online, we can recharge from our bank using their respective mobile app or banking code and also recharge using Quick teller app or visit their  website but we will only discuss how to buy recharge card online using bitcoin using a popular website Bitrefill. Cool right? 

Bitrefill is a website where you can buy recharge card by paying with bitcoin. They're available In almost all countries including Nigeria. 

Step 1
To buy visit Bitrefill.com, you ip address with be automatically detected as that of Nigeria

How To Recharge Your Sim Card Online Using Bitcoin

Step 2
You will be ask of the number you want to recharge, below is the logo of the various networks we have in Nigeria - Glo, Mtn, Airtel and Etisalat, select the one you want to recharge 

Step 3
Next, you will be ask of the amount you want to recharge with the amount of bitcoin you are expected to pay besides it. 

How To Recharge Your Sim Card Online Using Bitcoin

Step 4
Lastly, you will be given a special wallet address to pay in. After paying in less than a minute you will be credited successfully.
How To Recharge Your Sim Card Online Using Bitcoin

That's all, you can recharge up to 5000 and more but the higher the amount you want to recharge the higher the amount of bitcoin you will have to pay.

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How to Find Keywords for Easy Rankings

Now you need to find out how competitive your desired keywords are. Armed with an understanding of how competitive your desired keywords are, you can discover keywords your site can realistically achieve rankings for in Google.

Let’s say you are a second-hand bookseller and you want to target “book store online”. It's unlikely you are going to beat Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
But, maybe there’s a gem hiding in your list very few people are targeting—maybe something like “antique book stores online”.

How to Find Keywords for Easy Rankings

You have the advantage if your competitors haven't thought of targeting your keyword. You simply have to do better SEO than they are doing and you have a really good chance at beating their rankings.

You need a way to wash this list and separate the ridiculously competitive keywords from the easy keywords no one has thought of. There are many schools of thought on how to do this. The most popular competitive research practices are listed below, with my thoughts on each.

1. Manually going through the list, looking at the rankings, and checking if low-quality pages are appearing in the top results. This is good for a quick glance to see how competitive a market is. However, it is unreliable and you need to supplement it with real data.

2. Look at how many search engine results are coming up in Google for your keyword.   
The amount of results is listed just below the search box after you type in your keyword. This tactic is common in cheap online courses teaching SEO, but completely unreliable. This is my least favorite strategy.  The reason? There may be a very low amount of competing pages for a particular keyword, but the sites ranked at the top of the results could be unbeatable.

3. Using the competition score from the Google AdWords Keyword Research tool.
Don't be tempted. This is a common tool, lauded on the Internet as an easy way to judge SEO competitiveness for keywords, and it just simply doesn't work!

The competition score included in the Google AdWords Keyword Research tool is intended for AdWords only. It is an indication of how many advertisers are competing for the particular keyword through paid advertising. Completely irrelevant for SEO.

 4. Using a competitive analysis tool, such as Moz’s Keyword Difficulty tool.
To get a realistic idea of your chances of ranking high for a particular keyword, you need to understand the strength of the pages in the top 10.

A great tool for this is Moz’s Keyword Difficulty tool.

With Moz’s Keyword Difficulty tool, you can simply enter your keyword into their tool, click “check difficulty”, and then click “view serp analysis reports” and it will show vital stats for pages appearing in the top 10. 

Of these stats, the most important are # root domains linking to the page, and # root domains linking to the root domain. These two stats tell you how many unique sites are pointing to the specific page ranking, and how many unique sites are linking to anywhere in the site in general.

Next up, if you enter your own website into Moz’s Open Site Explorer tool, you can see these same stats for your site, and then know how many links you need to beat the competition.   Armed with this knowledge, you can hunt around to find easy keywords with weak competition, and set targets for how many links you need for a top listing.

You can use Moz’s Difficulty Tool by signing up for a 30-day free
trial. There are not many alternative keyword tools out there providing a decent level of accuracy in my experience, however, another tool I have found useful is Market Samurai, which offers similar reports to Moz.

Moz - Keyword Difficulty Tool https://moz.com/researchtools/keyword-difficulty

Moz – Open Site Explorer https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/
Market Samurai http://www.marketsamurai.com/
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Computer Science: Application Software

APPLICATION SOFT WARE This addresses the multitude of tasks for which people use computers application software are classified based on what tasks they can be used to perform. example are word processing, database management, desktop publishing, spreadsheet, computer aided design etc.

Computer Science: Application Software

Word processing package: this is the use of word processing for preparing  documents .these feature many edition function including insertion and deletion of selected areas of text search facilities and access to a variety of fonts the user could make multiple changes to a document without extensive retyping and could check it before printing. example Microsoft word note pad, word star, word pad.

Desktop publishing package: The ability to design and lay out a printer page is know as desktop publishing. example  are corel draw page makerprint artist, Harvard etc.

Spreadsheet programs: this program has become essential in many business operations since its introduction. It is named after an accountants spreadsheet, in which numerical or text data or formulas are displayed in row and columns .used spreadsheet program information's can be introduced that automatically and swiftly affects entries across the enter spreadsheet complex program exist for the transfer of spreadsheet information through word processing techniques.examples  lotus Microsoft Excel money accounting etc.

Tip: do you know that there are two additional categories of software that are neither system nor application software although they contain elements of both are network software , which enable group of computer to communicate and language software, which provide programmer with the tool they need to write programs. 

BOOSTING: booting simply means the process of starting or resting  a computer and allow it to load the operating system and needed driver into the computer memory before use.
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Suggestion On How Seo Effert Not Getting Improving Result

If  you are doing local seo . So you should add your site in google my business. add schema in your site. add some valuable content that cover your keywords and need to refresh regularly if you have some news about your products because it is so much effective. Google will give you good response and rank your keywords google will consider you are updating content something wanna show new things so google rank your keywords easily .... In off-page get some local backlinks.

Suggestion On How Seo Effert Not Getting Improving Result

It depends on how much efforts has been put onto your website's on page and off page SEO. Another thing is how much your competition is doing in terms of SEO and Social Media marketing.

I would suggest doing five things to understand your website's situation better -

1. Ensure all on page SEO is done properly - meta data, page speed, redirects, site structure, internal navigation, structured data etc.

2. Put efforts in high quality off page SEO - work on gaining quality backlinks. 1 High quality backlink can be equal to 100 links

3. Google+ profile?

4. Social media efforts.

5. analyze competitor

These 5 steps are important to ensure that you are working towards your goal!

improve yr website by unique content and try to find out if there is any SEO problem.
open social markting and share it and if possible do facebook paid campaign. do backlinking relevantly. after all of this if u cant get good result thn u should get a help from SEO Expert to complete yr website
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11 Tips on How to Create Good Backlink

Well, what does good back link means.. ? In layman's language it means you have a back link which passes the link juice i.e. the SEO to your site, in order to get a good back link what you need to do is keep a look onto the niche. It means get the back link from the sites having same niche as yours, do keep a look at the Alexa, Page rank, Page authority and Domain Authority of the site you are trying to get back link from.

You can increase your search engine rankings if you create one way backlinks to your website. Below are the steps;

1. Submit articles based on your subjects based on knowledge in a particular field. articles sites like; Ezine, Squidoo etc.

2. Find opportunities to guest blog about your area of interest or your business.
3. Find sites on which you may be able to submit a guest blog.

4. Post Comments on external blogs in your industry so that you can able to give the quality ans.

5. Use PR networks or post/submit press releases for your industry you will get good backlinks from PR sites.

6. Submit videos related to your product. Choose popular sites like YouTube for post videos.

7. Search some good Q & A sites and create 100% catchy profile or bio for those sites. Participate in Q & A sites like. Yahoo, Quora etc.

8. Submit URL to link-building directories from directorty sites you will get some backlinks also.

9. Participate in social bookmarking and post urls in SBM sites. For example, link on Reddit, Digg or StumbleUpon, folkd, scoop it, diigo etc. Try to find out site with high page ranking.

10. Submit RSS feed to RSS directories.

11. Make profile in G+ with Anchor text and comprise the link. Go for interaction on Social net working site like; Linkedin, FB, Reddit, Hubpages, Twitter.

12. Try to keep update yourself. You need to listen what Google tell us.

Content based backlinks will really work great for you. It is important to select good websites related to your niche for posting the articles. Also, make sure that the article content is unique and useful to the readers.
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How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

author-pic Author Bio
Joseph Carey is the writer of this blog. He is head ofthe writing team of an online enterprise. As a researcher and writer at www.finestassignments.co.uk , he also assists students with their papers. Nowadays he is focusing his writing on science, technology and new media. You can contact him on Google Plus.

The advancement in technology is transforming the way we live our lives. Today, scientists are rapidly developing innovative devices that are empowering people to accomplish their work easily and speedily.

How Technology Will Change Our Lives By 2025?

As a matter of fact, many scientists and researchers have predicted that in the coming years we will be taking help robots to do our day to day chores. In this post, we will share some predictions about how technology is going to change our lives by 2025. Some predict the prevalent of smart homes and connected cars, while some anticipate that augmented reality will introduce a new idea of shopping.
Without further ado, let’s find out how technology will change our lives by 2025:

  • Delivery Drones

This will be a great technology gift that we will experience in the coming years. This hi-tech machine makes the delivery process more easy and convenient for both business and customers. Delivery drones will enable the business to deliver ready orders at customer’s exact location in rocket rapid manner. It means in coming years you will get your pizza delivered in an incredible way that is beyond your expectation. Isn’t it an amazing idea to grab oven hot pizza rapidly?

  • Flying Taxi

Do you get stuck in high traffics queues on a daily basis? Don’t need to worry because in the coming years flying taxi will help you reach your destination safely in a hassle-free way. Yes, scientists have developed a flying taxi model that will be very soon available in developed countries. Flying taxi model is designed to overcome rising traffic issues.
 In addition, customers need to choose their destination on GPS as flying taxi will be operated without any driver. The driverless cab will follow the route and transport you to your prescribed destination.

  • Hyperloop One System

Like broadband has boosted internet speedy Hyperloop One will boost traveling speed. This is just an incredibly fast track method of transportation that is already installed in many cities. It will enable people to move from one place to another especially in cities at aircraft speed at affordable tickets.

Hyperloop One is a safe and fast track transport system for people who very often need to travel from one city to another. If your car takes 10 hours to travel from Sydney to Melbourne than Hyperloop One will enable you to travel the same distance in 55 minutes.

  • Self-Driven Robots

According to a recent scientific research, it is revealed that future robots would have an artificial mind like humans. That’s means that by 2025 robots would have a mind like super humans so they could easily perform multiple tasks without any instruction.

The hi-tech programming software would empower the robots to think and act like real humans so that they would easily perform domestic and professional workplace tasks. Self-driven robots would speedily analyzes the current requirements of their work and accomplish them till the end.

  • Control Home with Apps

In the nearby future, all of us need to install an app for controlling our home appliances. This technology is already introduced in some countries and people are benefitting from it. Home controlling apps enables users to switch on and off home appliances in a remote manner. Some innovators are engaged in developing devices that will allow you to communicate with home appliances like talking to humans.
In the end, it could be said now that surely these hi-tech devices not only make the human task easy but also save an ample amount of time. Share this information in your network as well to amaze everyone with the incredible perks of advancing technology.

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