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Increase YouTube RPM to Boost AdSense Earnings

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Adam is a Master in Digital Marketing from the Bradford University and has also done numerous Google Certification courses. she is not only a professional blogger but also providing his expertise in marketing to the online academic writing companies who provide the assignment assistance online to the students in need.

Digital marketing is the name of the game which is not only making the rich richer but also helping the newbies to earn more. With the help of digital marketing, numerous businesses are reaching out those customers whom they cannot reach physically. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media websites are the preferred platforms of the digital marketers to build their business. Moreover, these websites are also providing assistance to digital marketers by introducing new and helpful updates in their algorithm. Though, YouTube is a website which is winning the game by offering great opportunities for earning with the help of AdSense.


Since the YouTube made earning money easy for everyone, many people are in search of finding the ways through which they can increase their earning. Being a digital marketer, I also get such questions from layman a lot. That is I decided, to write an article in which I can help you people by mentioning the ways through which anyone can increase YouTube RPM to boost AdSense earnings.

Improve Your Videos:
You must be doing your best for making your videos different and unique from others and entertaining. That is why I am not asking you to improve your videos but suggesting to improve the environment of your videos. You have to manage your videos in a way that it look to be a well-organized page which you can make by below points.

•    You have to make YouTube-friendly videos. Your videos should look raw instead of too much formal like the movies or TV series. People like to see raw footages from which they can relate themselves. That is why your videos should be YouTube friendly.

•    Do not upload your videos randomly. You have to schedule your post. If you have the subscribers, then they should know your pattern and schedule of posting the videos. This will not only make you keep your channel subscribed but also will help you in earning from the AdSense. If you post 50 videos in the first month, you will not earn anything due to low views. But if you plan it and post according to your subscribers then you can earn through this.

•    Describe your videos in detail. Use some SEO tactics by giving the right tags to your videos so it can be shown on searching on the search engines.

•    Create a catchy thumbnail through which the YouTuber gets attract and click your video.

Improve your YouTube AdSense Ads:
The best way to improve your earning through YouTube RPM is to get the ads which are most willing to pay you. You are a YouTube partner, and the first thing you can do to increase your ads is to get listed on the search engines result page. You should use high ranking keywords in the description of your channel or your videos so the Google or any other search engine can show your channel at the top of its result page. The better your keywords would be, the more traffic you will get. More traffic means better ads showing which will ultimately transform into your earning.

Build a long-term viewership YouTube Channel:
Your luck can work in a couple of videos which could be a bedrock of your channel. However building a long term viewership YouTube channel is not an easy task. For this, you have to do a complete branding of your channel. If you have any blog, website or company, then you should carry your logo and colors in your videos too. This will help your users to connect your presence in different places. If you only have your channel, then you must carry your style throughout in your videos, thumbnails and the theme of your channel too. You can do this by completing all of your profile information, by using a customized cover photo or by customizing your background by using a color which suits the style or branding of your company.

Social Shares:
Using all the social media platforms can make you earn a lot. Not every Internet user visit the YouTube daily. Many use Facebook, many who are on Twitter and many only have an account on LinkedIn. Use these platforms as well to divert the users of these platforms towards your YouTube channel. This will not only help you in reaching out a broader audience but also help you in getting more views which are the most basic need to increase your AdSense earnings.

Getting the social media shares and likes is a viral sign for the YouTube that a particular channel is getting the better reach which means this should deserve better ads which in turn increase YouTube RPM. Try to increase engagement on your videos on the social media platforms because this is the only factor which increases the YouTube RPM and can help you in earning a lot.

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Why Marketing is Essential in Today’s Business World?

author-pic About author
Author Bio: James Hunter has been working in a leading marketing company and has been associated with several marketing related projects in his business career. He loves to blog and help other individuals learning new skills. In his leisure time he writes and you can follow him for Custom Assignment Writing over at his social profiles.

Products don’t sell themselves today. They require awareness among the target market for the consumer benefits of a certain products and how consumers can extract the most value from them. Products require effective marketing strategies that can sell them among various competitive products in the market. In this dynamic era where there are numerous new products and services coming up to fulfill the consumer requirements businesses require new techniques to sell their products effectively.

Though, business students should understand all core functions of their firm but marketing requires specialist individuals, to implement techniques to increase awareness of their products in the market. The need of new marketing strategies have increased demand for more marketing graduates serving the business industry. Marketing has a tremendous impact on global business and therefore carries opportunities for businesses to shine through its effective utilization. In this article we will look at some ways why marketing is essential in today’s world.

It Delivers Value
Marketing bridges the gap between the consumers and the firm. It enables the consumers to learn the products values and its offerings to them in an effective way. A good marketing strategy helps businesses to transform their value to their target market, developing a reliable consumer base to increase both their sales and profitability. Many times consumers don’t know a certain quality product is available to fulfill their dire needs. With the aid of marketing consumers can be made aware for a products high quality features which they were always searching for. Thus befitting both the buyer and the seller simultaneously.

It Helps Economy 
Marketing helps boost up trade, both locally and internationally. It open doors for businesses to fill the gap between the demand and supply by effective publicity of their products or service offerings. Effective marketing strategies can open doors for several trade agreements between two large international organizations where they can take benefit from their exclusive products and sell them in their local markets. Likewise, marketing creates awareness amongst local businesses where they take advantage of a product which is available in their own country instead of importing them from foreign sources where they will be required to pay heavy taxes. Thus helping grow the local economy.

It Offers Good Career Opportunities 
Marketing produces a link between producers and consumers. Its main aim is to transfer product awareness amongst clients and describe their features and benefits. Additionally, how consumers can maximize by using their products and how the product is superior over others. As marketing is such an expensive part of a business and is so critical to its success companies actively seek good marketing professionals to provide optimum support to sustain and grow their market value. There are various jobs available in the marketing profession from which various young individuals can have a successful career ahead. The opportunities available in the marketing field include:

Sales, Advertising, Digital Media, Event Marketing, Merchandising, Product Development, Direct Marketing, Marketing Research, and many others… In today’s competitive world, marketing plays its vital part for the up growth of many businesses and open career opportunities for many young graduates. It’s impossible to ignore the importance of marketing while it brings several benefits to the overall economy of a region.
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How to Gain more Traffic from Facebook

Facebook is one of the highest traffic websites in the world, and it’s the best social media powerhouse as of the writing of this guide. With this much clout, is it any wonder marketers are still clamoring to discover new ways to use the site to generate traffic?  A lot of social sites have lost traction recently. YouTube, for example, has lost a significant amount of traffic in the past year. Facebook, however, is still going strong. It provides a large amount of traffic, and it’s productive, too. 
But marketing on Facebook isn’t as easy as it might seem. To market effectively on Facebook, there are a number of different things you need to be doing, and a lot of people ignore these things or just don’t realize how important they are.  In this guide, you’re going to learn about some of the biggest mistakes people make when marketing on Facebook. You’re going to learn how to avoid these mistakes, and how to turn them around into the most effective marketing campaigns you’ve ever seen.  So let’s get started. 


1: Depending on Paid Advertising 
It’s true that Facebook has a relatively effective ad setup. A well thought out ad can definitely perform well, but many marketers seem to think paid ads are the be-all and end-all of Facebook marketing, and that simply isn’t true.  For one thing, many people are “ad blind” and no longer pay attention to “Sponsored Posts”. They have learned what they look like and simply tune them out.  For another thing, Facebook makes it incredibly easy to get traffic without paying for it. So if you concentrate solely, or even mostly, on paid ads, you’re ignoring a huge potential for traffic. (And traffic that costs nothing!)  One of the best things you can do with a portion of your paid ad budget is to spend it on more likes for your page. (Do NOT make that your ONLY ad type, though!) Every “like” is another person you can market to for free through your page instead of having to pay for the ad impression later. Bottom line

Paid ads are great, but you should put just as much effort into building your page.   

2: Forgetting the Social Aspect 
Facebook is, above all, a social site. Too many people forget that aspect, and it causes them to miss out on a lot of potential traffic.  You can’t expect to just post, post, post and get results. You need to constantly interact with your fans. When people comment, respond! Be friendly and courteous. This will win fans over quicker than you think!  Also, you must remember that the thing that will get you the most traffic, by far, is for your fans to interact with your page in various ways, such as: 

1. Liking your posts
2. Sharing your posts
3. Commenting on your posts 

Not only will these activities ensure that they see your posts more often (due to Facebook’s newest methods of content delivery), but their friends will also see this activity and potentially get you more likes to your page and your content seen by more people.

Social media networks could increase your site lead

3: Being Overzealous  
Being overzealous is a huge problem on Facebook. In fact, so many pages have become overzealous with their posts that Facebook had to add new algorithms to combat the problem.   Users were complaining that their feeds were being clogged up with dozens of daily posts by the same pages, so they made it so that only a small portion of a page’s posts are actually seen by a particular user.   And yes, this benefits Facebook in the form of “promoted posts”, but this wasn’t the only reason they started limiting the reach of pages.  The fact is, if you post too often, people either won’t see all of your posts or they will eventually “unlike” your page and you’ve just shot yourself in the foot as far as marketing goes.   Post often, and consistently, but don’t inundate your fans with more content than they can handle. Three to five posts per day is generally more than enough. Even one a day is fine.    

4: Ignoring the Rules 
Facebook has a number of rules that you must obey if you want to market successfully without risking your account. The sad fact is that most marketers, or even individual users, don’t read the rules, thus they miss a lot of important ones and break them inadvertently.  For example, did you know about these rules regarding cover photos? 

1. You cannot include any pricing or purchase information on your cover photo. This includes text such as “buy it now” or discounts like “25% off this week only”.
2. You cannot include any calls to action whatsoever. You can’t ask people to like, share, comment, etc.
3. You cannot include any contact information on your cover photo. That means no URLs or email addresses!  Most users simply don’t know these rules exist.  Admittedly, the rules are daunting. The terms and conditions are very long, and can be time consuming to wade through. However, if you’re serious about marketing on Facebook, it’s vital that you become familiar with the rules and obey them carefully. Take the time to learn the rules before you lose everything you’re working for!

5:  Being Lazy 
Laziness is the kiss of death of just about any venture, but if you fail to adequately complete your company’s page, you might as well not be using Facebook for marketing at all.  If you’re going to go into this halfheartedly, you might as well not go into it at all. 
Be sure to fill out your profile completely. Yes, it takes time to add your company’s URL, add information to the “about” section, create and add a cover photo and profile picture, etc. But it’s well worth it to ensure the information your fans care about is accessible when they need it.  Also, don’t get lazy with your socialization. I know this was mentioned earlier in this guide, but it cannot be overstated. If people take the time to comment on your page or your posts, respond to them! Taking the time to respond to each and every comment will show your fans you care.  Take a look at the pages of brands like McDonald’s and Olive Garden. These brands take the time to respond to user comments, and they are rewarded with passionate, loyal customers who buy from them again and again.  

6: Caring Too Much About Likes 
Sure, likes are a great metric to pay attention to, but if you focus solely on getting more likes to your page, you’re ignoring the big picture.  Likes are but one aspect in a large number of factors. A page could have a million likes, but if those users aren’t properly cultivated and managed, they could be all but useless.
Whereas a small loyal following of just a few hundred could be invaluable if they have been treated properly,  Don’t focus so much on how many likes your page has, or on how many likes your content receives.  
Instead, focus on results, such as: 
1. Are users sharing your content?
2. Are you seeing more traffic to your website?
3. Are you seeing more sales? 
Likes will always be an important metric, but ultimately if they aren’t benefitting you in some way, they’re pretty much useless. 

7: Too Much Text 
One thing you should always remember about Facebook is that it is an increasingly visual media. Facebook users aren’t big on reading walls of text. They like things short and sweet.  Use photos to attract attention and keep text to a maximum of a couple of paragraphs. If people see too much text, they may not read it at all (even part of it) because it seems too daunting.  Have you ever seen someone comment on a post? That means “Too Long; Didn’t Read”. This is a very common acronym on Facebook, because people just don’t have the time or desire to read that much.  Focus more on visual aspects, and condense your marketing messages into the shortest, most concise text possible. Ensure that your marketing message isn’t lost in a sea of unnecessary words. 

8: Not Focusing on Branding 
Too many people post irrelevant content simply to get attention, but this is a mistake. You need to keep at least 90% of the posts you make focused on your brand.  Does that mean you need to ensure 90% of your posts are marketing? Absolutely not! In fact, that would be counterproductive, because people would eventually start to tune you out. They might even “unlike” your page. But if you’re running a page to market your internet marketing eBook, don’t share a bunch of kitten pictures or political stuff. (In fact, don’t share anything polarizing like political or religious posts. You may endear one side to you, but the rest will potentially be offended.) Whatever you are selling, try to stick to things that really fit your brand. If you’re selling a pet related product, it’s ok to share cute animal pictures. If you’re selling a cookbook, post recipes and pictures of food, Just try to remain consistent with your brand.   

Mistake #9: Ignoring Insights 
Facebook offers page owners Insights for a reason. It’s useful data, and it can be invaluable. The data they offer can tell you a lot about your fans and what you can do to reach them.  One useful metric is the “Friends of Fans” metric. This tells you how many total friends your fans have altogether, which is ultimately your potential reach unless a post goes viral in a big way. For example, you may have 4,000 fans, but if those fans have a total of 1,200,000 friends, you have the potential to reach all of those people when your fans like and share your content. 
Did you know the average consumer is more than 50% more likely to purchase something if they know their friends have bought it? That’s one thing Insights can tell you – how many friends you can potentially reach through your fans. (People who are more likely to buy, or at least become a fan, because their friend is a fan) Another useful metric is the “People Talking About This” metric. This will tell you how many people are talking about your brand recently, which tells you whether or not you’re doing a good job with your branding. If people aren’t talking about you, you’re probably doing something wrong. 

10: Being Boring 
If all you’re doing is posting generic marketing messages every day, chances are you’re going to fail miserably on Facebook. People want to see posts that are interesting or exciting. They want to share that type of content with others. And sharing means a larger reach! 
List o of content you can share: 
1. News (specific to your market/industry)
2. Videos
3. Pictures
4. Memes
5. Educational posts, tutorials, and how tos 
You definitely don’t want to share a lot of stuff that people aren’t going to pay attention to. It’s just a waste of time.  Instead, focus on brand-centric content that will grab attention and encourage sharing. Make posts that are funny, shocking (but not offensive), or useful. This is the kind of content that will really bring attention to your brand.

Facebook marketing really isn’t all that difficult if you know these mistakes to avoid, but can be very tricky if you don’t!   Most people know what they should do to market their business on Facebook, but so many just don’t know what they should NOT do. Hopefully, now that you’ve read through this guide, you’re one of those who know what to avoid.  Why waste your time posting on Facebook if your posts end up ignored, or worse, you end up banned because you mistakenly broke a rule you didn’t even know existed?  Take the time to read and understand the rules. Be sure you’re posting content that is interesting and relevant to your brand. Focus on the things that matter, like traffic and income, not just likes.  You can get a tremendous amount of traffic from Facebook if you really take the time to do it right.     

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Increase So Many Downloads In A Short Period

In order to increase so many downloads in a short period, App Store Optimization may help you.

Paid CPI Advertisement is just one kind of promotion methods. You can try it and just need to pat once these is install your app gets.

But if you want to get 4K-5K once, you only can buy installs from install providers which can gather real users together.

1. Buy installs directly can help you on app ranking with targeted keywords related to your App. ASOtop1 is offering this service to help it on keyword search&install from real users. When users do search the keywords you choose, they will find your app. With this method, your app will rank top in App Store search results.

2. Gain positive reviews--If one app will get reviews, it must be installed firstly. BestReviewAppis one site to offer organic app install, play, rating and positive reviews from real users all over the world. This method will help a lot for app overall ranking.

While if you have enough time to wait for more installs, you can try these free methods.

SEO Landing page: You may create an landing page for your app. Then you will get some keywords related to it with SEO campaigns.

Social networks: Post the download link, website, landing page address on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, etc.

Press Release: Press Release will obtain very positive results thanks to the “newness” factor associated with Apps. You will post your app features on the press release sites, related column, etc.

Cross promotion: Once you published your app in Store, you can market it with cross promotion with other apps by installs and reviews exchange. It is free while it is still hard to find that publishers like you. You may try some Cross-promotion networks (CPN), Facebook group or exchange forums.

Make a video: Videos shows great ability even just 30 seconds, it has power to show users why the App is worth a try. Make up a story of your app? Show the real life? Yeah, both OK.

Offline promotion: Make connect with your friends and families. You may ask them to help you spread your app in their relationship circle. Also, participate in meetings or conferences that are relevant to your App, and make full use of it to build partnerships.
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What is a Blog and choosing a Niche

A blog (also called a weblog or web log) is a website consisting of entries (also called posts) appearing in reverse chronological order with the most recent entry appearing first (similar in format to a daily journal). ... Blogging: The act of writing a post for a blog. Blogger: A person who writes content for a blog.

blogging has being fetching money for so many Nigeria and it has being one of my major source of earning as a student in the university but in this game of blogging you cant succeed without passion .

passion is the strong and barely controllable emotion we have different things and problem to handle everyday of our life but when we see they feature we wont look back and we struggled through the pains of posting and updating on our blog.

first my question is what niche would you like to start with? here is a link to decide wich niche then comment immediately


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Blogging (Over 500k readers every month)
Fashion (Over 400k readers every month)
Cooking Tips (Over 100k readers every month)
Affiliate Marketing Tips (Over 200k readers every month)
Weight Loss (Over 200k readers every month)
Web hosting (Over 200k readers every month)
Phone Reviews (Over 200k readers every month)
Wedding (Over 200k readers every month)
Relationship (Over 200k readers every month)
Real Estate (Over 200k readers every month)
Politics (Over 200k readers every month)
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Choosing the Best Power Bank

author-pic Author Bio:
My name is Usman Haq. I'm currently an engineering student and I love to write about tech. Take a visit to my website ChargerHarbor.com to know more about what I write about.

Power banks are fastest growing charging electronics on the market. The main reason for that is because power banks are portable chargers that can be taken anywhere and everywhere. Before power banks existed, we were forced to use USB wall chargers and the thing with wall chargers is that our devices that are charging must stay close to the USB charger in order to charge.

Power banks have solved that problem though, as we’re able to charge our devices while we’re on-the-go. With that said, since power banks have become so popular, there are quite a lot companies that now sell power banks. This is both a good and bad thing. The part of this is that there’s more variety to choose from among power banks and there are more innovations. However, the major flaw of this is that there are lots of companies that sell low-quality power banks.

Ultimately, it can be difficult to know what power banks are right for you and what you should be looking for when you purchase a power bank. In this article, I’ll be going the major points that you should look for in a power bank when you’re about to purchase one.

The Kinds of size and Power Capacity that you’re searching for 


A power bank is built on its power capacity and the reasons that I say that is because that’s what makes it a portable charger. With that said, the power capacity is in control of two major things. That would the amount of full charges that your devices are able to get; as well as the size of the power bank.

Which means that there are two main types of power banks are the market. These two types are basically present with every type of power bank on the market and that means you’re going to have to have a little bit of sacrifice when you choose one over the other.


Power banks that have Low Power Capacities - Power banks that have low power capacities are ones that are used the most. The reason for that is because since they have low power capacities, it means that there are fewer batteries being used. In most cases, with power banks that have power capacities of 3,000mAh to 5,000mAh; those types of power banks just use a single battery. As a result, they’re able to fit into your pocket and you can hold them.

Of course, with many things in life, there’s equivalent exchange when it comes to Mini power banks. And in this case, it would be that you’re only able to charge most smartphones once or twice before they’re fully depleted of their power. So they’re not long lasting.


Power banks that have high power capacities - However, there are power banks that have higher power capacities and these ones are not used nearly as much as those Mini power banks. The reason for that is because they have many batteries that are larger; so the power bank itself is larger. For what these power banks lack with their portability, they make up for it with their powering. That’s because they have power capacities that are high enough to charge most smartphones and tablets to full power many times.

Charging Power


Charging speeds are very important for power banks because it’s the way that you can actually experience a power bank. If get a power bank with slow 1 Amp charging speeds, then it’s going to take a while for your smartphone to fully charge and even longer if you’re charging a tablet with that kind of speed. Which is why it’s vital to purchase a power bank that has fast enough charging speeds that your devices charge to full power at a good pace and then you can stop relying on the power bank.

Which is why it’s best to own a power bank that has a charging speed of 5V/2.0A or higher. The reason for that is because most smartphones are able to charge at their max charging speeds at 2 Amp. For tablets, a 2.4A charging speed is a max speed.


With that said, it's also important to know about special charging techs like Quick Change or USB-C ports that some power banks may feature. Since there are lots of power banks on the market that feature such charging technologies and it’s best to use those devices with the technologies that they’re compatible with; because that would result in faster charging speeds.

Another important part about charging is the recharging speed of a power bank. A fast recharging is vital because it’s basically how fast you’re able to use the power bank again. Most Mini power bank has somewhat slow recharging because they have low power capacities and they’re fast to refill anyways. As for high capacity power banks, those are the ones that are the most important to have fast charging speed with. The reason for that is because you don’t want a high capacity power bank to have a single Input port to have a recharge speed of 5V/1.0A. Since that would result in a very long recharge time.

Instead, most good quality power banks have a 2A Input speed, some of them use two Input ports for double the recharge and some even use Quick Charge or USB-C for recharging.

 Brands of Power Banks

Since there are so many companies that sell power banks on the market, it’s vital to purchase from companies that know what they’re doing. I say that because there are quite a lot of companies that sell power banks, and they state how their portable chargers are among the best. Yet their power banks have slow charging, larger sizes than needed and they have short warranties.

Companies that sell good quality power banks are ones that know what their product is capable of and they know what they’re selling. This means they have special techs like USB-C or Quick Charge, their power banks have good reviews, and they have long warranties that basically affirms that the company stands behind their products.

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How Would you Beat Competitors?

Since Internet offers many possibilities for development and advertising of your business I think you should use its potential. You mentioned the weakness of your competitors - online marketing. Using communication channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, also Google Adwords, etc. will help you gain better positions than your competitors.


If you are not enough experienced with advertising in these channels or with SEO techniques at all you can hire an external company to do it for you.

1) Low price
2) Good quality
3) Good service

Choose the TWO that are most important to you and FOCUS on them. If you try to focus on all three, YOU WILL FAIL since it is IMPOSSIBLE to do all three at the same time.

In general, it is ALWAYS better to focus on QUALITY and SERVICE. Buyers will remember your quality and service long after they have forgotten your higher price. Playing the low price game with giants is usually the losing position to be in, but giants have a very hard time playing the quality and service games, so a small competitor can usually run rings around the giants there.

Use social media, enhance your website, use Google Adwords or whatever lets you reach your target market in the most effective manner. It can be quite costly, but that's just a matter of allotting the right budget on the right campaigns. But I suggest you really get the best use out of social media; pal, that's free!

About inviting more customers or enticing the competitor's customers to your business, well, give them the best value out of their purchase! What can you offer? Can you give out discount vouchers or a certain amount off when they do it online? That sounds a great idea. 
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Top Hacks for Safe & Quality Online Shopping

author-pic About author
James Hunter is one of the most prominent thesis help provider to the students, not only from the United States but from all over the World. He is also pursuing his PhD in English Literature from the University of Michigan.

This world is gone past the era when the word “global village” is the best description to define our world. Now this is the era of the internet, and our earth has converted into a digital world where you can get anything on the screen of your computer, laptop or smartphone. Just like the internet has impacted every other aspect of our lives, it affected the methods of shopping too.


Those days are gone when before every festival, the markets and shopping malls get saturated by the humans. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to stay away from the stores and their hustles and toils and doing online shopping. People find online shopping the easiest method of buying and selling things, but most of the people don't know the risks involved in it. Since hefty money is involved in it, you have to take some precautions in it. If you don’t know any, then keep reading this article because in the next line I am going to tell you the top hacks for safe and quality online shopping.

Private WiFi: Be careful while using any private wifi. It is important to wait until you are connected with any secure or trusted network or else your information can get leaked from it. That is why it is important to avoid doing any online shopping on the public network or entering your private information and credit card details. However, you can do window shopping on any network.

Compare Prices: Do you know that Amazon is not the website that claims to be the lowest prices offering online shopping website? You can get anything you want from the Amazon but not on the best prices. Before buying anything, it is important to do some online comparison shopping. Just write the thing you want to buy in the Google search bar, and it will show you numerous websites from where you can buy your thing. Check every website and keep bookmarking the websites and noting down the prices to get the best product at best prices.

HTTPS: Do you know what the “S” stands for in any website URL HTTPS? This S means secured, and this also means that you should not do any online shopping from the website which doesn’t have this S in its URL. Moreover, also check the lock icon in the address bar. This denotes that you have a Secure Socket Layers (SSL) connection which is standard in the browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Online Scams: There are many scammers out there who are hungry for your information. Many of these scammers pretend themselves as the original companies and will inquire about your personal data or credit card details. They will try to reach you through emails and will act as the company you have dealt with and will ask you to change your password by clicking a duplicate URL that will take you to a duplicate page just to know your password.

Use Credit Cards Only: Do you know that the credit cards are more secure than the debit cards? Most of the banks offer purchase protection that means that you are not liable for the purchases made from your card if it is stolen. There is no such option in the debit card, and if you lost it or its information gets leaked, anyone can clean your bank account in just the matter of seconds.

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56 Tips To Improve Your Website

Foremost priority is to get your website regular quality content updated... Initially you can add twice or thrice a day and after 6-7 months get a post per day. This will add Google authority to your website and finally one most important thing is to get backlinks regularly and from quality sources.


  • Include relevant content, relevant to your page description and Meta keywords.
  • Instead of changing your URL or redirecting from your old URL to your new URL, follow Google's procedure on URL changes to make sure your new site doesn't get skipped, or just avoid URL changes if you can.
  • Don't post duplicate content on your site, so if you quote another page only include a small excerpt and don't repeat your own content on multiple pages.
  • Avoid flash, even though it looks cool, flash and animated banners and intros annoy visitors and search engine bots don't read them.
  • Submit to quality directories.
  • Make sure your robot.txt files are not blocking destination URLs that you do not want blocked.
  • Choose your Meta keywords wisely and include them in your content.
  • Strive to obtain quality links into your site.
  • If you use icon or image links, include a text link.
  • If you operate an affiliate site, make your site a valuable resource, so people chose your site rather than go straight to your affiliate.
  • Add a site map.
  • Don't use link schemes.
  • Write specific content, so searches can find applicable results. Instead of writing "books," write "medical text books" or "organic cookbooks"; be specific.
  • If you include low quality links on your site, block them from being scanned by Googlebot.
  • Don't break up your content too much, like loads of banner ads and so on in the middle or your text, irritates readers and bots.
  • Write unique and compelling content.
  • Don't forget to include your page descriptions.
  • Don't bury text content in images.
  • Look for un-indexed URLs, URL with more than a few parameters or dynamic links, they may be skipped.
  • Stay up-to-date on SEO, your strategies need to constantly evolve.
  • Deliver what you promise, don't drive readers to inapplicable or irrelevant pages.
  • Carefully consider your titles, make sure to include targeted keywords.
  • Don't forget humor or other devices that attract and keep readers.
  • Add text links with anchor links.
  • Keep links out and in up-to-date.
  • Start a blog or forum if it makes sense on your site.
  • Join BBB or your local Chamber of Commerce or other reputable business associations.
  • Submit articles to respectable and active article sites.
  • Add Alt tags to images for people that disable images.
  • Validate and 508 your site for accessibility.
  • Submit your business description to Wikipedia or other popular information sites.
  • Consider adding maps or mashups.
  • Submit to multiple search engines.
  • Consider marketing some of your subpages or articles that have less competition.
  • Don't forget good old-fashion PR.
  • Start a little controversy.
  • Consider adding an RSS feed.
  • Write "top ten" lists, which are popular with article search sites.
  • Build a good site that others want to link to.
  • Eliminate grammar and spelling errors.
  • Publish a privacy policy.
  • Send out press releases when it makes sense.
  • Avoid hidden text and links.
  • Keep your content up-to-date.
  • Don't employ redirects or "cloaking."
  • Don't create pages with bad content, like viruses, trojans, malware and so on.
  • Steer clear of empty, unoriginal affiliate pages.
  • Make sure every page is assessable through at least on static text link.
  • Use text, instead of images to relate important content.
  • Check for broken links.
  • Don't put too many links on one page, even if it is a resource page, keep it well under 100.
  • Test out your site with a text browser.
  • Be leery of badly placed session IDs and arguments.
  • Employ the IF-Modified-Since HTTP header to let Google know if your content has changed.
  • Don't use "&id=" as a URL parameter, they are not indexed.
  • Avoid deceptive or manipulative techniques
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Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking is now considered a very traditional way of promoting a website. But if used properly it still can be very effective. So what is social bookmarking? It is ideally just a way to organize, search, store and manage the bookmarks of different web pages.

It is normal for users to save links to various web pages that they like and want to share. And for this, they use the bookmarking site to store such links. Usually, these bookmarks are public and anyone can view them. Some examples of such bookmarking sites include digg.com and del.icio.us.

Social Bookmarking Listing Can Attract Traffic

Social bookmarking can help improve traffic to your website. Sites such as mentioned above give you an opportunity to attract lots of traffic to the site. Research suggests that these websites offer best types of visitors in the form of viral traffic.

Visitors reaching your site through bookmarking sites generally visit because your website appeared during their search for a particular topic they were looking for. It is very important that you choose the right strategy for bookmarking the sites and also pick up the exact sites that allow such practices.

Because there are certain bookmarking sites that also mark your links to other websites as ‘nofollow.’ If such a thing happens the search engines stop following these links and you will not be able to get any benefit.

Search Engines List Bookmarking Sites

Search engines are known to list results that come from bookmarking sites. Hence if the links to your site are bookmarked, they have the maximum probability of showing up in the search results.

It is quite possible that people who are used to bookmarking may mark more than one bookmarking site increasing your chances of promoting your website.

Add Social Bookmarking Buttons

Many websites have social bookmarking buttons to their website. With a social bookmark links to the website or blog, it becomes easier for the readers to share and save your content. So, others can easily find it.
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How to Install WooCommerce on WordPress

WooCommerce is an open source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. Launched on September 27, 2011, the plugin quickly became popular for its simplicity to install and customize and free base product.

WooCommerce is built to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, making it the obvious eCommerce choice for existing WordPress users and connecting you to the fast-growing WordPress ecosystem.

Installing WooCommerce in your dashboard.

Step 1
First login to your dashboard

Step 2
Then simply go to Add Plugins.

Step 3
Now search for WooCommerce.

Step 4
Once it comes up, just click install.

Step 5
Uploading to your computer

Step 6
You can go to WooThemes site and download the plugin directly to your computer.

Step 7
After you have downloaded it, now go to Add Plugin and Install

Step 8
Then make sure the plugin stay compressed or zipped when downloading. You will be able to tell by seeing the extension at the end of it .zip[/box] Once you have uploaded it to your computer, you can now activate the plugin.

WooCommerce is now the most popular eCommerce platform on the web (stats from Builtwith), so you can rest assured you're in good company.

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How To Create a Vitual Credit Card with GetBarter.co

Virtual Card is a limit Debit card, which can be created using the State Bank Internet Banking facility for ecommerce (online) transactions. The Card can be used to shop online at any merchant website that accepts Visa Cards, without any difference from a regular plastic Card. Barter makes it easy for Finance for developers for startups for individuals for sales to track team spending.

Create virtual cards and give them to your business partners and colleagues. Keep track of upcoming expenses and manage your teams spending all in one place.

Step 1
First you need to visit their website Here

Step 2
Then signup and fill correct details and make sure you kept your email and password save.

Step 3
After successful sign up now login to Your account wallet.

Step 4
Then click on Cards at the Sidebar.

Step 5
Then finally Click [+] Virtual Card to create new card.

After successful creation of card, you will be prompt to make payments with your choice of card! Select NGN from the Tab there, Type in amount in USD you want to load into the card, minimum amount is 1 USD, follow the rest process and violaa your card is created and ready for use!.


  1. Virtual Credit card created uses the expiry date of the card used for its loading

  2. If you want to get your CVV code, simply hoover on the created card. They are three in numbers.
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How To Register USA And UK Adsense In Nigeria

Google ads is one of the best online platform to make money or make your product spread far through advertising. The Google AdSense has being the major issues our bloggers in Nigeria are facing. google ads approval has become hot cake today that even when you have all it takes Google will still bring you down and this has made most people to leave the blogging sphere.


Today we will be sharing with you a little tutorial on how to register usa and uk adsense in nigeria just follow the steps below but before you start make sure you have not less than 15 post with a total traffic history not less than 3000 and you must be 18+.

Step 1
First you need to visit Google Adsense official website by clicking here.

Step 2
Now carefully click on SIGN UP button at the top.

Step 3
You will be prompt to a page were you will have to insert your website URL and select content language which is to be English.
Then, under Country/tterritory.

Step 4
Choose Select united states (US) or united kingdom(UK) and enter your address.

Step 5
Finally, on submit application button.

Step 6
Now, paste the generated verification HTML code in your website and your account will finally be opened.

Step 7
Kindly wait for the first second approval and create an Ad unit to run adsense on your website.

I hope you enjoyed it.
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How To Receive Payments With Uk Or USA Google AdSense Account From Nigeria

Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider of MasterCard Incorporated. The company is headquartered in New York City.

AdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program is designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads.


Most times you find it difficult here in nigeria to get Adsense approval so you might choose to make use of any preferred country adsense you like and you need a good withdrawal method which is Payoneer and it provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services easily without restriction like PayPal.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1
First log in to your existing Payoneer account or if you dont have you can check here on how to create one.

 Step 2
Select the option of “Receive Payments from US companies"Copy the details of the account.

Step 3
Fill in the appropriate details to were the belong like the "Name of the Bank account Holder"  "Type of the Account" aways checking,  "Routing Number" "Account number".

Step 4
Then log on to your US Google AdSense account 

Step 5
click on “Payment Setting” From the next menu, select “Banks

Step 6
A form will appear into which you will fill in the details gotten from your Payoneer account. In the field “Action Type” select “Checking

Step 7
Now to complete the process of linking the two accounts, Google will like to verify your Payoneer account. It will do this by sending a very insignificant amount there $0.38.

Step 8
This amount is to ascertain the authenticity of the account and the person AdSense is dealing with.If there’s no error hitch, your Payoneer account will credited with the sum within 3 days.

Finally you are now  a boss well it depends if your earnings is fast.. next time your AdSense payment is due, say 21st of next month, be rest assured that your AdSense payments will be received with your Payoneer account.
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