Monday Most Secured Online Help Scheme 2017


This is for legit people who have lost so much money in Ponzi sites, and would like to recover all and make some extra profit. Are you looking for how to get cool returns on your spare cash up to 200%? GiverzHome is your one stop point as it launchesMonday  27th . Get ready to sign up.
Image  would be launched Tuesday 28th march 2017 and its a LEGIT donation exchange platform where the Admins do NOT scam Nigerians but instead actually help and connect people to recover their cash in the shortest possible time.

A platform where you get upto 200% of any amount of money you donate within 5 minutes to 48 hours. Prepare your soul spirit, body, mobile banking apps and pockets yea!.

Our technical team have looked into reasons why such Donation Exchange Schemes similar to ours FAIL and WHY participants lose money and we are doing EVERYTHING within our power to overcome them and we have had a very HIGH success rate so far, so fear of your losing your money shouldn't cross your mind..

Just before I go, here are the Top 5 Reasons WHY people lose money to those fake, scam donation exchange platforms:

1. Greedy Admins who ONLY Get Help without Providing Help

2. Poor bandwidth which makes their websites go offline

3. Lack of support to members issues such as Fake POP

4. Poor participation of members who don’t re-cycle

5. Very low members because Admins do NOT advertise online.

We have solved all the above issues on our platform.

Thank you and see you in the members area.


Disclosure: “This is a sponsored post for []. I have been compensated tthrough. All opinions remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.”

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Transfer Domain Name From Web4Africa To GoDaddy

Web4Africa is a leading web hosting company in the Africa region with presence in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa. Web4Africa Nigeria offers professional reseller and shared web hosting on linux and windows platforms, as well as affordable domain name registration
Today we are going to discussing on how  to transfer domain name from web4Africa to goDaddy.


How to Pay for the transfer

You will need to initiate a transfer payment at Godaddy for your domain name.

You will be required to log into your existing account, and or create a new account and complete the checkout process. After, you will be emailed with the Transaction ID and Security Code since they will be required. These will be sent to your email address.

How to Initiate a Transfer

Step 1
Log into your Godaddy account.

Step 2
Go to Domains.

Step 3
Select Transfer and click on Add new.

Step 4
Enter the Transaction ID and Security Code you copied from your email address and hit on next.

How to Get the EPP code

Step 1
Now log into your Web4africa account.

Step 2
Select the domain you want to transfer.

Step 3
Click on registra lock and lick on disable.

Step 4
Now go to EPP code and copy it.

Step 5
Paste EPP Code.

Step 6
Now once you have the EPP code, go back to Godaddy account and enter the code and finish. You are now done.

Just wait for the confirmation messages which will come from Godaddy letting you of the approval request, and the message from Web4africa letting you know about the domain name transfer request.
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How To Stop Wireless Hostednetwork In Windows 10

author-pic About author
Abubakr Abdulfatai A. a passionate enthusiast blogger at Zealwisetrends Blog and also an I.T Technician, With the dream of spreading the world with tech updates.

When setting up wireless Hosted Network in Windows 10 is not very hard, Microsoft doesn't make very straightforward to remove the configurations setup whenever you wish to discard it.

Although using the ‘stop or disallow’ commands will only stop the wireless device from connecting to your windows 10  but it will not delete the entire Hosted Network setting in your windows 10. All you need to do is to modify the system registry.

NOTE: Before you proceed or change any settings on your windows 10, you need to make a complete backup of your files or system restore point before continuing his guilds because editing windows registry can be risky and dangerous that can cause some damage to your system if you don’t follow the steps well.
Be warned!!!

Step 1: Open the start menu on your windows 10 click search and input the word “regedit” click enter and open the program to enter the system registry


Step 2: Follow this following path in the registry


Right-click HostedNetworkSettings and select Delete, and click Yes to confirm deletion.


Step 3: Restart your system

Now you have successfully deleted the WLAN Hostednetwork.

To be sure of this, open your command prompt and input this:
 NETSH WLAN show hostednetwork
You will notice that the settings is not configured.

If you need wireless hotspot settings again in future, kindly read How to turn your windows 10 to a wireless hostspot

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How To Buy Recharge Card From Uba Account

A rechargeable calling card is a type of telephone card that the user can "recharge" or "top up" by adding money when the balance gets below a nominated amount. In reality the rechargeable calling card is a specialised form of a prepaid or debit account.


Use the code below ⬇

To top up your phone,
dial *919*amount#

To top up for others,
dial *919*phone number*amount#

For you to be able to recharge airtime on your number, the number on which you will dial the code must the phone number that is registered or linked with your UBA account.

If you will like to purchase airtime for others, the phone number you enter should be that of the person you want to recharge and not your number.
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Vote Zealmat.Com For Best Nigerian Online Magazine 2017 is an organization that has brought more value to our community by helping and supporting blogs and some bloggers from Nigeria have being nominated and this set of bloggers were been chosen based on their knowledge and passion which they have shared with the rest of the world through their inspiration post.


Click here to vote has being nominated to be among the listed 2017 best online magazine blog just use this link below

Scroll down and click on logo then tab the vote button and that's all..

Message from zealmat team
Hi friends we at zealmat say thank you for your time and love shown during the nomination please just vote.
Thanks for the love and we hope to be the winner thanks.

Vote for by clicking on this link
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How To Write A Save Copywrite Post For Your Blog

author-pic About aauthor
olawoyin toluwase is a Nigerian base blogger, passionate tech writer, webdesigner , IT student. You can meet him on Facebook

Hello reader it’ has been a while today I will be sharing with you how to write a blog post and keep you self abstain from copy write

N.B this post is first on net so I would like to see your comment below
Years back I personally, found it difficult to write posts and I hate copy and paste meanwhile I write tech, blogging, hacking, how-to, and related stuff. i made research to learn how to write post But throughout the research I made then, on how to write a post it all proved futile, none of the post could proffer solution to my problem until I come up with this very idea I`m giving you and I`m very sure after you read this post you must be able to write your own post and be free from copy and paste Without wasting much time we go with the step below 

1. Choose a topic to write on : the first thing do in writing an effective post is choosing a topic and understand the topic you choose : choose a topic your reader will love to read and be passionate to practice just as I have chosen this topic.

2. Let other write for you : Do make research on the topic nothing new under the world that still worth of cracking brain in this days of advanced technology : the best thing for a writer is to be a searcher ; read many post on that very post you are writing on at least read up to 5 post.

3. Do jutting in your research: Draft down some things out of your research take out the key (main point) of all you read even if you will not use them. relate them together, see how it look and set a book.

4. Extract out the best point : after your research, write your point in a book and mark the most relevant point you got to build your own post.

5. Arrange your point : the next thing is to arrange you draft develop it and make it meaningful.

6. Make your post vocabularies free : be mindful of this while writing post : don’t use too much grammar in you post so your reader will understand all you`ve done also let your post be typographical error free it also matter take note.

7. Do review : this is the overall main point you must consider before you lunch you post for publication, let other in that field of your write up review the write up and aft all review then you are good to go with the publication.

incase you have any question you can contact me on olawoyintoluwasee@gm­

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Reviewing Zoranga – Features and if Trusted

Zoranga is a Nigeria online airtime converter to cash discovered in the year 2014 to help businesses send money and receive money using airtime and today we have set a Review for zoranga so as to let our visitors know more consigning zoranga. In 2016 we the zealmat team made a research about zoranga and we have seen all it positive and negative effects but let’s just answer some questions.

Is zoranga a fraudulent company?
No zoranga is not a scam, zoranga has being the major way for airtime converter in Nigeria today but we have received complaints from our visitor consigning this company but I must say that you don’t have to bother because if you have any suspicious issue you can easily contact their boss.

Zoranga is not managed by only one person and most times your airtime might just vanish without being credited but I assure you if you can contact they  main CEO he can trace the issue and then credit you properly.

Is zoranga owned by a Nigerian?
Yes zoranga is own by a Nigerian and also the staff are also Nigerians but fir security reason the might be a non-identification of it owner and also it staff so as to prevent much issues.

Can I contact zoranga?
Yes you can contact them through the email or phone number on their portal and if you are a good social media addict you can just visit their Facebook page and then chat with any of their staff with our past experience the will give you a feed back within 24 hours and we have always being served better.

Does zoranga work for other country?
No zoranga is meant for Nigerians alone and operates with some telecommunication companies like MTN, ETISALAT, GLO, AIRTEL.

How long does it take to receive payment?
24hour, because they might get huge amount of withdrawal request which needs more careful attention so that no error will be encounter.

Charges for deposit?
30% of what you deposit through MTN and AIRTEL.
32% of what you deposit through ETISLAT and GLO.

Charges for bank transfer?
It is totally free of charge to any bank of your choice.

What is the duration for bank transfer?
For any bank transfer it takes not more than 12 hours and transfer is absolutely free.

Zoranga is a non-fraudulent company and which has being saving it user’s fine  since 2014 but if you have any issues with this company you kindly visit there Facebook page for assistance or email us than you and have  a nice day.
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Does a Blog Speak Volumes About The Blogger?

author-pic Author Bio:
Shawn is a blogging expert. he specializes in the domain of digital marketing and has devised certain strategies in the past for businesses to flourish in an online world. he can be contacted for Assignment Help. You may follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

If so, does it make the blog or blogger attractive?

An attractive blog speaks a lot about a blogger. So to make a blog attractive is essential. And that can be achieved via the use of right blogging tools and efforts. But the real trick is to make your blog stand out as everyone is involved in the employment of certain tools and considerable effort.
Therefore, in order to make your blog stand out from the crowd, create the necessary pull and attraction.


1. Email opt-in forms placement
The quickest way to achieve the objective of making your blog look attractive is by building anemail list and how exactly you do it? By having the visitors sign up for your blog and filling in relevant form(s). Why would the visitors sign up? (The next logical question). Offer them links to your subscription via guest blogging.
Another way to do it is by placing opt-in forms but their placement is of critical importance. List building can also be achieved by means of tools like Feedburner, Aweber, Getresponse and the likes thereof. As for the opt-in forms; place them above, at top of sidebar and below each of your posts. Experiment and see which suits you best.

2. Design of the blog
Don’t fall into the trap of attracting visitor by using cheap or free themes for your blog. So be very mindful when selecting themes. Because with cheap or free themes visitors feel their time is being wasted since you haven’t invested your time to make the overall feel attractive then why should they waste their valuable and stop to go through your posts/content?
Thus, purchase themes and yes I’m telling you to spend money. Once purchases make sure the theme is optimized for SEO and has all the necessary support features/updates to continue seamless working in thelonger run. Also, work on faster loading times. The world has gone mobile and nobody these days waits for a site to load that lags and takes too much loading time. They would rather prefer to browse another.

3. Content is king
Now we have heard this a countless number of times. But the importance of it cannot be argued with. See you have made use of the email building list, you have put in efforts for a great web design but what’s the use of bringing in traffic/visitors when you have nothing of value to share with them?
Hence, comes the need for impeccable content. The content starts with killer headlines/titles that hook the visitor. The examples could be “3 ways to get rid of your old boring life”. That the hook I’m talking about. But there is a fine line between killer title and a mere click-bait. So, make sure the relevance is present.
Second, comes the CTA (call to action). Ask the readers/visitors to share their feedback in the comments section. It could be suggestions or some criticism that you would want to look to avoid in your future posts. Simultaneously ensure that your post has images to complement that text.

To sum up, improve your writing skills to subsequently improve your post’s quality by applying the feedback and reading more. Don’t stuff your blogs with too many ads. That’s a turn-off! Add credence by providing links to facts/figures. Credit the images and infographic used (if any). Above all, the posts should serve a takeaway to the readers.

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How to Fix Google Play Store Error 495

author-pic About author
Yogesh Sharma is working as an SEO personnel and technical content writer for Systweak. He likes to talk about various threats to cybersecurity and cybercrime awareness in his blogs.

Google play store error 495 may prevent you from updating, downloading or installing apps from Google Play Store. This is one common error which affects users very often. It occurs when one of the connectivity options doesn’t work efficiently to download an app. It happens more often when you try to download or update the app via google play store using Wi-Fi. Whether it works fine with your mobile data connectivity. There are many ways available to deal with this issue. Let’s discuss some of these solutions here.

Solution 1: Restart device: This is the most common solution to deal with many of your device and system problems. Try to restart your device as a quick fix and see if it works. Simple restart process sometimes helps you fix many issues which you can’t even understand. Restart your device and try to update or install the app to check whether it works.

Solution 2: Reset Wii-Fi Router: Next is to check your Wi-Fi router as the problem relates to Wi-Fi. Try to reset your Wi-Fi router to check if the problem persists. You can also try to shift to a different network.

Solution 3:  Clear Play Store Cache: Since the problem relates with the connectivity, it could be a cache that is playing spoilsport, thus clearing the cache may solve the problem. To clear cache in Google play store go to Settings of your device > and head to Apps > All >Google Play Store. Click on it to open settings for the Play Store. Now click on “Clear Data” and “Clear Cache” buttons to clear cache files and other unnecessary data. Exit the Settings and restart the device. Now go to Google Play Store to download or update the app, see if it works fine.

Solution 4: Clear Cache & Data for Google Play Services: If clearing cache & Data of Google Play Store doesn’t work try this step. To do this go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > All > Google Play Services. Now click on “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data” buttons. Do the same with Google Services Framework and Download Manager.

Solution 5: Remove and Add back Google account: This is the most working solution to Error 495 as resetting your account settings help Google Play Store take a fresh start. To reset your account settings, you need to remove associated Google account using which you are trying to install or update apps on Play Store.

  • To do this go to System Settings > Accounts > Google > remove your Gmail account. 
  • Now clear cache and data from Google play store, Google Services Framework and Download Manager (as discussed above). 
  • Next is to reset your Gmail account and to do this go to Settings > Accounts > Google > Add your Gmail account. 
  • Once you have added back the Gmail account restart your device and rerun the google Play Store and try to update or install the app to see if it works. 

Solution 6: Wipe cache partition via Recovery: To do this reboot your device into Recovery mode by pressing mix of volume down, power and home buttons (works differently for different devices). Now select Wipe Cache Partition option by navigating between options with the volume rocker. Confirm it using Power button. Now restart your device and try to update or download the app from Google Play Store.

Solution 7: Activate Access Location in Google Settings: It happens sometimes when due to location restrictions the app couldn’t download. To change it go to Settings > Location > Location Access > Enable access to my location and then activate GPS.

Solution 8: Reset App Preference: This is another effective solution to Google Play Store error 495. To follow this step, go to Settings > Apps or Application Manager > All > go to menu by tapping on the top right to see the dropdown. You will find an option called “Reset app preferences” there, click on it and confirm it. Now go to Google Play Store and try to update or install the app.

You can try these different solutions to deal with Google play store error 495. As a last resort, you can try to reset your Android device to fix this issue if everything else doesn’t work.

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5 Blog Pages That Will Rank Your Blog High On Google

author-pic About author
Akinbola Ilyas A, aka the easy-made, is the founder of Tech blog on Easy-made tutorials | Easymadeblog where he teaches newbies about tech with easy-made tutorials. He is a young and talented blogger that blogs with great passion.

You are going to agree with me when I say excellent blogs are the relevant blogs you found on the Google’s first page when you search a keyword. Every blogger who blogs for passion (and of course for profit) would want to make his blog looks outstanding in the sense that the blog is clearly different from a newbie blogger blog. Almost all the blogs that you might have come across when you search for queries on Google can be classified as excellent blogs. Why? Because they have these top 5 blog pages:


What are blog pages?

Blog pages are pages on your blog that you write content, just exactly like "posts pages," but they are referred as static pages. They are static because contents added are not usually edited, unlike post pages that are dynamic and need to be regularly updated. An example of blog page on this blog is my "write for us" page while an example for post page is this post you're reading.

Before you read on, do you know how effective it is to have the top 5 pages on your blog? What should be the content of the pages we are talking about? How can you get the pages created?

You're going to find the answers to the questions above in this post. Keep reading.

Top 5 Blog Pages:

1. The "About Us" page

I want to believe that many blogs have this page. The "about," "about us," "about this blog" - any name you call it - is an essential page every blog should have. It gives your blog readers overview of what you or your blog is all about; what service(s) your blog offers (like niche), when the blog was found, the blog mission and vision, what products can be purchased on your blog in case you use the blog to sell products) and anything related to your blog that you think you can let your readers know about.

You may also want to talk about to yourself or the blog authors on this page. Add professional pictures of the blog authors and describe how your readers can benefit from the works of the authors.

This can also give you the privilege to get subscribers when you add a subscription box to this page. It isn't a bad idea.

Tip: Search for this keyword on Google >> How to Write Killer "About Us" page

2. The "Contact Us" page

How does it sound if I visit your blog, I like your content, and what you offer and I'd like to get in touch with you - but there's no contact page on your blog? A contact page gives your readers access to contact you the blog author(s) whenever the need arises.

You can add up as many or little contact information that you're comfortable sharing out. It could be your office address, your home address, your office or home phone numbers, your business email address, your blog social media links, and anything that can get people directed to you.

It is also ideal you place a contact form on this page, for readers to contact you immediately without leaving this page. They can simply send you messages on this page by filling the contact form and submit.

3. The "Sitemap" page

A site map, as the name implies, is a map that takes your blog readers to their destination (what they come to your blog to do) without much stress.

Let's say you sell skin care products, and you use your blog to write about each product. A potential buyer of yours will want to know more about a certain product before he places the order. He then comes to your blog to read information about the product. He can easily view the site map to see all the information you've written about that particular product.

Another instance is when you're looking for blogging topics on my blog.

Tip: Read the recommended articles at the end of the post

4. The "Privacy Policy " page.

This is one of the pages that you must have if you want your blog to be approved by Google Adsense.

You need a very detailed privacy policy about your blog. What do you do with readers information you collect? How is their email used? Let your readers know whether you use cookies or not and some other kinds of stuff about privacy.

The best way to write a privacy policy page is to browse through a couple of blogs of your niche's privacy policy so that you can get a detailed content on the privacy policy. You can also generate a standard privacy policy and paste it into your page.

Tip: Search this keyword on google >> "Privacy Policy Generator."

5. The "Write for us" page

If you're a blogger that accept "guest post," sponsored post," "eyewitness news" or you even allow freelancers to write for you, you need this page.

The "write for us" page lets your readers know what they can write for you. In this page, you let people know which kind of content you accept as a guest post or eyewitness news - your terms and conditions. How to get started writing for you. You can also give details of what kind of post you accept as sponsored posts and how to get started.

You can provide links to hidden pages for each category of posts on this page as well.

Tip: The "write for us" page on blogs like eazymadeblog, and zealmat can serve as examples.

Conclusion :

If you really want your blog to stand out and be counted as a professional blog, you need to create these top 5 blog pages and provide a button where your readers can link to them.

Do you have these pages, and wonder the best place to put them? You can simply Add Horizontal Navigation Link List To Footer Of Blogger Blog.

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